Pumpkin Pie and a Ghost

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Pumpkin Pie and a Ghost

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I am thinking about two things: pumpkin pie and the paranormal. It seems strange to combine these two things, doesn't it? That's exactly what I thought until one fateful, frigid November night.

It was two days after Thanksgiving, and I had just returned home from a Thanksgiving dinner with my family. I was putting away leftovers, which included but were not limited to pumpkin pie. I was putting away the leftovers in the gray stainless-steel fridge, reminiscing on exchanges with my family, when I heard a yell of what sounded like joy. Happiness? Excitement? I was perplexed because I lived alone, as alone as one can be when they have a huge gray fluff ball of a cat that accompanies them almost everywhere. Anyway, I searched around the kitchen but saw nothing. Strange, I thought, but disregarded it as I finished putting away the leftovers. Before going to bed, I closed the refrigerator door and locked the house doors.
I was lying in bed when I heard the floorboards creak in the hallway. My breath was held in my chest, and my heart was racing as the floorboards began to creak throughout the corridor, getting closer and closer to my bedroom door. I admit I was afraid and not thinking straight as I grabbed my TV remote from the nightstand and tiptoed silently towards the door.
I gulped and took a long breath before throwing the door open, holding my television remote up as if it were a baseball bat and I were a batter about to swing. However, I soon realized that not only did I look dumb, but I also felt stupid, as no one was in the hallway except for my fluffy cat, who sat at my feet, looking into my eyes as if he were asking me, "What the hell are you doing, woman? Are you aiming to cause me a heart attack? And what will that TV remote do to anyone?"
To be honest, I had no idea what I was doing at 11 p.m. standing in front of my bedroom door, wielding a small paperweight of a television remote around like it was the equivalent of a powerhouse boxer throwing the knockout punch, but I did know that if there was an intruder, the remote would have given me at least two minutes to flee, assuming I hit the person with it.
I sighed and shook my head before wandering through the house and making a short sweep before feeling safe enough to crawl back into my warm and cozy bed. Unfortunately, I left my bedroom door open, and my cat took it upon himself to grab my spot on the bed. I have only myself to blame for leaving the door open. I come in, glaring at my cat as if he'd just committed the greatest act of betrayal, before closing the door, sliding into the bed next to him, and attempting to sleep. Sleep soon came, and it was a new day. I awoke and went to work.
After completing a lengthy day shift, I arrived home at 4 p.m. I kicked off my shoes, shut the door, and strolled into the kitchen, eager to have some easy-to-warm Thanksgiving leftovers, particularly a big slice of pumpkin pie. I went about preparing my plates and warming them before settling down to eat at the table. I ate my plate, which contained leftover ham and turkey, as well as all the traditional Thanksgiving side dishes. I finished that plate and reached for my dessert, which included a slice of cheesecake, a whole scoop of banana pudding, and a large slice of pumpkin pie. But as I reached for my dessert plate, I realized my pumpkin pie piece was nowhere to be seen. I was so perplexed as to where it could have gone that I briefly considered whether I had imagined putting it there in the first place. I got up and walked to the fridge, opened the door, and took out the pumpkin pie to inspect it and see if I had taken a slice from the container. I had four slices left in the pie container when I went to bed last night, but now I only have two. I was perplexed; did I begin imagining things or start sleep-eating?
The next thing I knew, my cat was meowing like crazy at me, or so I thought. It turns out there was a ghost standing behind me, staring so intensely at the pumpkin pie I was holding in my hands that I was scared both my hands and the pie would burn from the heat of his stare. I'm not sure what happened next, but the next thing I knew, I was carrying my cat instead of the pumpkin pie, and I'd managed to climb atop my dining table in the process. I peered into the kitchen through the archway and saw the ghost seated on the floor, completely enjoying the rest of my pumpkin pie. I was astonished, stunned, and worried about myself, my cat, and that poor pumpkin pie, who had no idea what was coming.
I finally gathered the nerves of steel that I am still not sure where I got them from, climbed off the dining table, and marched up to the ghost in the kitchen and demanded some answers as I asked him, "Excuse me, but what in the world do you think you are doing eating my pumpkin pie and making a mess all over my kitchen floor?". The ghost raised its head, looked at me with dead eyes, and said, "I'm sorry, miss, but I just love pumpkin pie and haven't had it in twenty years." I had no idea how to respond because it sounded sorrowful, and it crushed my heart. I stared at the ghost and told him, "I don't like sharing my food." The ghost responded by saying, "I am truly sorry again, but please do not kick me out; I have nowhere to go, and I have no family left to talk to.”
My heart continued to break, but I remained strong as I said, "I don't like sharing my food with others, but I will share with you because my family taught me the value of sharing good food with others, especially those who are now alone." The ghost appeared startled, leaving a mess of pumpkin pie on the floor and flying right through me. It was a feeling that I never want to experience again. The ghost turned and apologized profusely for passing right through my body, saying, "Sorry, I forgot I can't touch or feel people anymore." I just wanted to hug you and thank you." He wanted to thank me, but I was not sure what for, so I asked him.
He responded by saying, "For being kind, for not screaming like a banshee, for not trying to kick me out, and for offering to share your food with me." With a grin, I said, "You do not have to thank me for being kind or offering to share my food with you, because if I didn't, my parents would probably be disappointed in the way I forgot the manners they raised me with. Also, I could not kick you out even if I wanted to because you lived here first; you are a ghost, so physically, I cannot touch you, and I am not paying for someone to come ex-ghost my house." He laughed and thanked me again. I was having a great time with him and said, "Now, why don't I call up my grandmother and ask if she will be kind enough to make another pumpkin pie, if she says yes, then I would like to get to know your story?" He stated, "I would like that very much."
After that, and another pumpkin pie thanks to my wonderful pie-making grandmother, I got to know the ghost who I later discovered was named Kai who lived in my house and enjoyed eating my food, specifically pumpkin pie from my kitchen. Who would have believed that something as simple as pumpkin pie could bring together and spark a lifelong friendship between a living human woman and a ghost man named Kai?
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Post by Zoba Ejike »

Sad and somewhat funny and with solid lessons on kindness and sharing. Well done.
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Post by GOPAL LAHOTY 1 »

"A whimsical tale of friendship sparked by pumpkin pie, bridging the gap between the living and the paranormal."
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Very impressive some little bit of kindness can bring two people from different worlds making both come out of their cacoons and overcome their loneliness
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Post by GOPAL LAHOTY 1 »

In a whimsical tale blending pumpkin pie and the paranormal, MIKAGLA YOUNG crafts a heartwarming narrative that proves even ghosts have cravings for a slice of comfort. With humor and warmth, Harper invites readers on a delightful journey where unexpected friendships blossom over shared desserts and the simple act of kindness.
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