Children Story: Three Cats and a Dog

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Children Story: Three Cats and a Dog

Post by Amagine »

There lived a cat lady who loved nothing but cats. Kitty, Kit Kat and Tom Kat were the names of her pets. She loved nothing more than to feel their fur. They would rub against her and begin to purr. Kitty was her favorite, a very sharp witted cat, who liked to sleep on her legs whenever she sat. Kit Kat was a very sneaky one, whose pleasure came from ruining Kitty’s fun. Tom Kat, the fat one of the bunch whose only joy came at the time of lunch.

Soon the day came that the cat lady loved more than just cats. She fell in love with a man named Riley Rat. Riley was a man who loved nothing but dogs and when Riley and the Cat Lady married that’s when they saw… a dog named Blue coming through the door. The cats then realized it wasn’t simply three cats anymore.

“What are we going to do?!” said Kitty as she fussed. “No dogs are allowed here, his leaving is a must!”
Kit Kat smirked as he licked his fur. “Hmm… we’ll just have to get rid of him,” he said as he purred.
“How are we supposed to do that?” said Tom Kat with a sneer.
Kit Kat smiled, “Don’t worry we’ll have him out of here. All we have to do is make him seem like a bad little dog. Then they will get rid of him once and for all!”

Time passed and for Blue trouble started to arise. He was the enemy in the cat’s eyes.
“Bad dog!” said the Cat Lady, “Why, you’re more noisy than the newborn baby!”
“Bad Blue!” said Riley Rat, “Go outside, you’re to sleep on the mat!”
The cats laughed as Blue walked away. He looked so pitiful to them with his tail between his legs! “The plan is working!” said Kitty as she smiled, “That dog is going to leave anytime now!” Eventually the plan did work and the Cat Lady wanted Blue out. The cats rejoiced and began to shout, “Yay! The dog is gone all is left is us cats!” But things weren’t so merrily for Riley Rat.

Riley Rat was upset he had to give up Blue and then he said, “Its only fair if those cats go too!” There were arguments but eventually the Cat Lady agreed. The cats had to go, not one but all three. So there the cats were thrown on the streets. They finally knew the taste of defeat.

“What are we going to do without food?!” said Tom Kat as he whined. Even Kit Kat was silent this time. “I have a plan,” said Kitty with a silent tone, “We have to bring that dog back and then we can go home.”
“What?!” said Kit Kat with a shout, “Do you remember how long it took us to get that dog out?!”
“Do we have a choice?!” Kitty sneered, “Look where we are, do you want to be stuck here?!” Kit Kat then realized they had to get back into the house at any cost. At last Kit Kat was silent for he had lost.

Time went by; Tom Kat and Kit Kat were tired of looking for Blue. At last Kitty said, “I’m tired of looking too!” Suddenly they saw Blue rumbling through the trash. The cats were happy, they found Blue at last!
“Blue!” they shouted, “We’ve come to take you back!”
Blue turned around with a glare that scared the cats. “You think I don’t know what you cats did?” he said with a scary tone.
“We’re sorry Blue!” they cried, “Let’s just go home!”
“Why do you want me back?!” Blue said with a shout, “Because of you, my master wanted me out!” Suddenly there was a loud noise and everyone turned around. Then there came a frightening sound. “Oh no!” cried Blue, “They’re coming this way! Those terrible humans who’re trying to take me away!” Just as he said that a car appeared. When the cats realized they were catchers, they shook in fear.

“Run!” screamed Kit Kat, “Here they are!”
“Are you crazy!” whined Kitty, “We can’t outrun a car!”
Yet there they were the dog and the cats, outrunning a car with a net to attack. “Get them!” yelled the catchers, “How hard are they to get?!”
“I can’t keep running like this!” said Tom Kat in a fit.
“Hurry up, this way!” said Blue with a bark, “Just keep going and we can lose them in the park!” Finally they escaped and the humans were gone. The chase was over and they all had won.

Kit Kat fell silent and then he said, “I’m sorry Blue for what we did.”
Kitty and Tom Kat looked at Blue and then they said, “We’re sorry too.”
Blue wagged his tail and barked happily. He had made friends with them finally. “Let’s all go home,” Blue announced. The cats didn’t argue. They missed the house. The started to walk back home together for they had made amends. Though they were different, they finally became friends.

“Blue!” cried Riley as he saw them arrive.
When the Cat Lady saw the cats, she had tears in her eyes. “Oh my goodness!” she cried, “I missed you so much!” The cats felt warm at the feel of her touch.
“You’re all home, we’re a family again,” said Riley Rat with tears. The cats and Blue smiled at each other, they knew they would be together for years. So now I end this tale and I hoped I entertained all, about the loving story of three cats and a dog.
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Post by Melissa 68 »

I love the point of the story that no matter how different we are there is always a way to become friends and get along. I love using pets for the setting of the story because it helps to keep children interested in the story and learn values without knowing it.
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Post by Emeka247 »

Such is life, we will be attacking people for no just reason but when we finally succeed we will now finally realize that everyone is important in our lives
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Post by Mifayo »

Sending people out of our lives in never the best option
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Post by Dammyc Maiyo »

Moral of the story? Don't try to get rid of someone who did nothing to hurt anyone, because you will never know when you will fall on the same well.
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Post by Sandra Smith 18 »

This is a wonderful story with a wonderful message! Illustrations for this story could be so adorable. I hope that you were able to get it published as a Childrens book.
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