His beauty

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His beauty

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He loves her but he just doesn’t know yet,
Everyone sees this but him, though deep down he did. She craved his attention more than anything
yet so clueless to see that she already had it.
Two hearts yearn for each other but too blind to see they share the same feelings.

After graduating school the Closer and closer they got. A night of friends and fun turn into a night of drinks and laughter and sex.
Waking up to a empty space next to him broken his heart in two she was gone without even a note
Days turned into weeks months turned to 2 years his sweet beauty was gone.

Standing in front of the door fist raised ready to knock but hesitated as she shook calming her nerves. She grew scared but too scared to admit that she loved him and feared he'd want nothing to do with them. Her time was coming to an end but despite her rational thoughts she just wanted to be his even if it was for a few weeks or moments but she fled for 2 years and was now back after everything she did it pained her to face him. She needs to and not just for her.

Flabbergasted hit him hard to see the love of his life standing before him and once again
He’s falling harder than ever and soon he promised himself he will admit to his love. Unable to control himself he embraced her.
Taken aback by the lack of hate and distastefulness she was expecting she couldn't help but to let the damned tears fall breaking the damn of tears she was trying to hold.

Catching up and talking about what happened 2 years ago was the plan in her mind though of course the importance of the meet was lost in the sea of too many tears, and apologies and like deja vu kisses leads to a night full of love and confession.

Guilt fled her weakening body as she thought about how she is spending her last moments with her love as she tightened her hold on his bare sleeping form, she cried because she wanted more time but wasn't granted it, she reached to the floor where her purse laid and grabbed the 3 yellow medium size envelope inside and placed them on the lamp side table. Pulling up her phone she looked at the picture gracing her lock screen, her rock her angel for the last two long years and more tears dropped. Sniffing she turned over facing her only everything and felt at peace for once in the last 2 years before closing her eyes.

In her last moments she chuckled to herself thinking of their love like Romeo and Juliet but only this time she was the only one leaving though her only regret was not coming back sooner before slipping into an internal sleep. Leaving him alone again. Soon in the late morning he awakes to see his sleeping lovely not awake yet.

Smiling down at her he moves her hair out of her face only to feel her cold as a winter storm and pale as a ghost. Panic fills him as he tries to wake his beauty but she is already gone. Panic was an understatement as to how his soul screamed out for its other half. Everything was drowned out, everything felt numb as the police and ambulance finally left.

Entering the room they spent their amazing night of love and confession he was hit with a deja vu moment from 2 years ago but this time she was really gone. Unable to take it anymore he crumbled to the floor silent heartbreaking sobs hit him like no other. Why was life so unfair to him? Has the universe punished him for something he had done in his past life or current life? Why him?

A knock at the front door broke him from his thoughts clearing his face of tears he got up and went to see who it was. Maybe another cop he thought but how wrong he was. There stood before him were his late lover's tears streaked fathers kevin and a baby girl in his arms.

Opening the door wider to let them in closing to the door behind them they take a seat. Silence echoed through the house before anyone said anything. Shifting the baby girl on his lap the father was the first one to break the silence. Clearing his throat he spoke the words that shook his daughter's lover's world. "This is the last piece of my daughter - " he choked on the lump stuck in his throat trying to keep strong and get this out in the name of his daughter. "She is the v-very last piece of my sweet girl a-and this is Kyiee she's 1 years old and 2 months" he continued crying hugging the girl closer to his chest as she peacefully rested in his embrace.

Confused by the new information he questioned the new information. "She has a kid and didn't say anything about it yesterday evening? Hurt and betrayal hit him like a ton of bricks breathing deeply he asked "where's the father how long have they been together or separated?"

Ignoring his questions kevin continued " when we first found she was sick and only had a few years left she was taking it all to well and cracking jokes. Her normal go get them attitude until a few weeks later she came home panicked and distressed nothing like before. She begged me to send her to her relatives in Oakland to get away for a while. Of course I agreed but it was a shocker to everyone when they found out she was pregnant after a month of being there until she told us the truth." Looking up into his eyes he told him a sad smile on his face. " She's your kid Titus I'm sorry you had to find out this way we didn't expect her to be gone this soon she was coming over here to finally tell you everything but it seems she couldn't get the chance but she did say she wrote letters if it didn't go as plan and she took them with her when she got dropped of yesterday did you get them?" He said adjusting the weight of the sleeping child in his arms.

Blinking holding back tears Titus took the time to stare at the child and the breath was knocked out of him. Shaking his head as to no to the question. She looked just like his lover when they were kids but with his black and white hair. It baffling how he just now noticed the resemblance. She was really his. Clearing his throat; he rubbed his sweaty hands on his sweatpants nerves busting off him. He was itching to hold her in his arms and protect her from everything. Finally unable to resist anymore he asked "may I hold her" he couldn't even care enough to really think about what he asked but he needed to hold her to hold himself together.

And Kevin understood more than anyone since he lost his wife after she gave life to their healthy beautiful daughter who was no longer here but finally with her mother. Nodding he stood up and Titus followed suit, adjusting her completely he moves her from his chest and gives her to Titus who hands shook as he took his little girl into his arms for the first time, she laid on his shoulder her little snores reached his ears and her even breathing slightly tickled his neck hairs. Breathing heavily he tightened his hold a bit hugging her in his arms as tears fell without permission. A sob breaks out of him and he falls to his knees holding on to his baby girl for dear life. Kevin was next to embrace him and they both shared their grievance.
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