The Human Mind Feefs

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The Human Mind Feefs

Post by Butch Acuna » 05 Dec 2018, 03:00

In reality the Bible is not a mysterious book, it actually make things very clear. The Bible defines man as a duality. The human body was recreated in God's own image, since 6,000 years ago when the world was recreated from the ruins of the war in the heavens that was triggered by Satan's rebellion. During the recreation man was gifted with an element not given to any other creature, a spiritual element, that gives man the intellectual and communicative ability. This is the reason why written history appeared only six thousand years ago because that was the only time a physical creature came into being with the ability to process information and communicate through spoken or written words.

But intellectual man's history began in darkness because Satan was allowed to continue his reign over the world for the first six thousand years of the spirit bearing man's history, to show man the fruits of rebellion. All other signs of civilization before 6,000 years were the work of aliens. Yes aliens, the Bible confirms it. Angelic beings coming from the Kingdom of Heaven under a super angel named Lucifer were placed on earth before man.

How do we prove it? Man's body according to the Bible came from the ground so that it must be nourished by foods that sprouted from the ground. On the other hand as the Lord has commanded, man's spiritual element must be feed with " every word that came out of God's mouth ". By partaking of this spiritual food, man will be imbued a character similar to God's own. This explains the parable of the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good Evil, both bear fruits, the Tree of Life represent God's words while the Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil bears lies and deception. Because man choosed the latter, God temporarily severed His connection with man to demonstrate the fruits of rebellion.

The first 6,000 years of spiritual man's history shows the results of eating the fruits of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Below is a list of the Evil effects of feeding the human mind with lies and deception.

The Mein Kampf -

This book was written by Adolf Hitler during his imprisonment after his failed putsch in a beer hall. He also narrated why he believe that the Aryan race is superior to all other races and why Germany sholud rule the world thereby fulfilling the Pope's dream of ruling the world through a militarily powerful Catholic nation, a revival of the Holy Roman Empire, in Hitler's own word " A Thousand year Reich " Their own version of The Millennium, which has been designated by God as a Millennial Sabbath under the Lord Jesus Christ, immediately after Satan's reign of another 6,000 years to demonstrate the fruits of the Tree of Life.

Hitler also pronounced his plans to exterminate the Jewish nation, the disabled and other non productive members of society. His book became a bestseller in Germany and was generally accepted as morally correct.

Thus, in conjunction with the objective of Japan to conquer Asia, he moved to subjugate Europe. He was initially successful, even in Russia where a large part of the population welcomed the Germans as liberators from communist oppression. But Hitler's own mouth betrayed him. He announced plans to eliminate the Russian population and convert the Russian landscape into a " Lebensraum " for the Aryan race. His announcement pushed the Russian masses back to the arms of the waiting communist party. Further, Hitler's pride brought him nearer absolute defeat when he prioritized the conquest of of Stalingrad simply because it bore the name of Josef Stalin!

If the Germans did not divert from their original plans to take over the oil rich Caucasus Region and industrial areas, Russia would have been deprived of much needed resources. Because of his mistake Hitler lost his only chance to conquer Russia, he also lost almost one half of his army that he sent to Russia, snd gave way for the conquest of East Germany by the Russian army as the retreating German Invaders were methodically pushed back to it's place of origin.

Meanwhile, the Aliies also seized the initiative by systematically destroying German infrastructures through carpet bombing. As the end of the Reich approaches several kilometers long of civilian vehicles aiming to reach West Germany, which was already occupied by American and British forces, moved slowly towards the West, some in carts pulled by animals.

Some parents brought along handguns, instructing their children to shoot them in the head especially the women in case of imminent capture by Russian forces, the children begged their parents to shoot them first. Vengeful Russian fighter pilots strafed the evacuating civilians scattering them along forested areas adjacent highways, turning the scene into hell on earth. This is just a normal event in Hitler's Reich. In one of the aerial attacks by some 2,000 allied planes using incendiary bombs, they destroyed a whole city by widespread conflagrations resulting to over 100,000 German casualties. The populace cannot even utter a single word of protest but some vandals painted the words " thank you Fuerher " in a wall.

Total German casualties were over seven million killed plus several hundred thousands wounded, missing or captured, throughout the world over fifty million died in the conflict These are the fruits of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, symbolizing man's choice to decide for himself what is right and what is wrong, ignoring God's commandments.

There are other forms of Satan's leavening that tricks man in following false ideologies resulting to untold suffering, such as the Communist Manifesto and books that inspire mass shootings, hese books, documentations and numerous social media accounts were found by investigators to have inspired mass shootings by the perpetrators. I will discuss these later in subsequent articles, due to lack of space.

How do we feed our spiritual self? We must surrender our will to God and accept His own will. Then we must carefully study the Holy Scriptures. Take this as an appetizer.

" The fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom."

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