Official Review: The Golden Window by Steven C. Brandt

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Official Review: The Golden Window by Steven C. Brandt

Post by MarisaRose » 25 Feb 2019, 11:33

[Following is an official review of "The Golden Window" by Steven C. Brandt.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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The Golden Window: Poems - Collection I 2015-2017 Self-Reliance to Caregiving is a book of poetry by Steven C. Brandt. This collection includes almost fifty poems and is split into six sections: “Self-Reliance,” “Living Full,” “Nature,” “Joys,” “Sorrows,” and “Caregiving.” As the section titles suggest, the author takes the reader on a journey through his personal experiences and feelings. Some poetic themes in the collection are quiet obvious, while others are cleverly disguised and take time to process.

If I were to choose one word to describe this collection, it would be methodical. Everything about each poem was clearly planned, down to the spacing and formatting of each word, line, and stanza. For example, in “Rapids,” each line is offset to form a pattern that looks like crashing waves. Similarly, in “Intimacy,” a subtle font change sets the tone for a more poignant story to unfold. To get the most out of this collection, one cannot just read the words on the page; one has to explore all elements of the formatting as well.

Stylistically, the poems are all free verse, but there are some that rhyme and some that don’t; some are very short and some cover a few pages. I greatly enjoyed the use of variation. The poems never felt stagnant or contrived; each one added something different to the collection. Whether it be a new rhythm, a new emotion, an unexpected turn of events, or even a different take on a basic theme, I found myself eager to read each poem and unravel new surprises within Brandt’s writing.

The poems cover an array of relatable themes. Firsts, nature, aging, the passage of time, love, and death are just some of the topics the author opens up about in this very personal collection. The author’s writing is incredibly honest, and I appreciated the stylistic story telling methods Brandt utilized. For instance, some of the longer poems tell a complete story, like in the opening poem, “The Golden Window,” where a young boy witness subtle magic by gaining a different perspective. Whereas the short poems tell a different kind of story, like “Penumbra,” which contains only eight brief lines but manages to encompass an entire stage of one’s life.

As a poetry lover, The Golden Window was a pleasant surprise. The intricate nature of the author’s style, the variation throughout the collection, and the nostalgic themes explored in the poems made it a pleasure to read. There is nothing I dislike about this collection, and the collection is professionally edited. I happily rate The Golden Window 4 out of 4 stars and highly recommend it to poetry lovers who enjoy meticulous poems that are easily enjoyed but also make you think.

The Golden Window
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Post by Shielasshi_93 » 01 Mar 2019, 18:45

I really enjoy reading poems and I find it impressive when writers connect them with their lives. Thanks for an insightful review.

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Post by adefbay » 01 Mar 2019, 19:36

It is a most have book for every poem lover, even if you don't like reading poem books you will enjoy this. I LOVE IT

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Erin Roe
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Post by Erin Roe » 01 Mar 2019, 20:37

This is a great review! I know what I am going to find in this collection of poetry, and I know that it is exactly the kind of thing I would like! :D

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Post by EvelynBlake » 02 Mar 2019, 12:21

I've recoiled when I read "fifty poems" in your review (because it sounds like a very weighty collection). However, the rest of your review made me reconsider. I dabble in poetry myself and am always interested in new voices.

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Post by Jessacardinal » 03 Mar 2019, 08:22

I must admit I haven't been a fan of poetry in the past, however, the beautiful cover of this book lead me to read your review. I am intrigued by the personal journey and six categories described in this collection of work. After reading your review, I am thinking I should give poetry another try!
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Post by kandscreeley » 04 Mar 2019, 09:31

I'm not a poetry lover, but I do enjoy that the author uses spacing and fonts to create the atmosphere! It sounds like something that I would enjoy, but I'm still not sure if I would like it enough to buy it. Thanks, though.
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Post by Chrystal Oaks » 04 Mar 2019, 20:55

I have decided that I want to read more poems. I have shied away from poems because so many are obscure, but the idea of reading a poem that portrays the image being written about sounds like fun. I also like that some of the poems are obvious in their meaning. Thanks for your thoughtful and informative review. :)
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Post by Kibetious » 08 Mar 2019, 05:28

I am a fan of poems although at times I may easily get frustrated when I cannot get the scope of a poem after reading and rereading severally. These collections sound fascinating. Thanks for the review.
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Post by nooregano » 19 Mar 2019, 12:40

Methodical poetry! That's wonderful! I'm a little tired of completely free, free-verse style poetry. Thanks for this review!
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Ganiyat Ajibade
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Post by Ganiyat Ajibade » 20 Mar 2019, 13:25

I don't really like reading poems but this one is different from the review I feel like reading more poem.l like it.

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Post by CharlizeGwapa » 18 Apr 2019, 18:45

Freeverses are good to read because they sound more dramatic. I like this one.

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Itz Jentle Brown 123
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Post by Itz Jentle Brown 123 » 19 Apr 2019, 12:56

I really like reading poems and find it so much impressive when writters connect them with their lives ,thank for such a wonderful review

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Post by Cmales08 » 02 May 2019, 06:08

The Golden Window Is an art full, purposefully slow examination of the human spirit. Hope pervades nearly all the poems of the collection. And yet, there is an omnipresent sense that, because we all die, existentialism may rule the day, after all.

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Post by Amy+++ » 25 May 2019, 08:41

I am not a fan of poetry but I did like the September peom.

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