Official Review: Journey of a Bedroom Poet

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Laura Del
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Re: Official Review: Journey of a Bedroom Poet

Post by Laura Del »

I'm not really a poetry kind of person. I'm going to have to pass on this one. It's just not something I'm interested in.
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Post by Mmg8464 »

"The collection contains an urge from the poet to the reader to step into the unknown and go after their dreams fiercely without restraint or regret."
This sounds like a self improvement book but in poetry form. I loved your review. I've never read poetry but I think I want to give this a try!

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Post by EvaDar »

You did a fine job of reviewing this book of poetry. I will keep reading, as this type of evocative poetry is inspiring to me. Thanks you.
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Debjani Ghosh
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Post by Debjani Ghosh »

I agree with the author that we should live our lives on our own terms rather than getting blinded by the dazzling portrayals of other's lives on social media. Thanks for the review!

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Post by kfwilson6 »

I love the themes of this collection and some of the issues presented. I think a lot of readers would easily relate to the points the author is making with her poetry. I am just not a fan of poetry at all. It seems like no matter how well written, no poet has been able to change my mind on that. Wonderful review though.

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Post by Read_review2018 »

I look forward to real poetry expressing her deepest yearnings in relationship to how others want to define her. I think everyone deals with this situation and has to be true to themselves.

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Post by Asavela »

Iam a poetry lover, I can't wait to start reading this beautiful book.

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Godfrey wanyonyi
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Post by Godfrey wanyonyi »

The poems are too educative and encouraging

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Post by T_stone »

A good collection of poems with great themes. A book the young adults will like to read. Good review.
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Catherine Amarachi
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Post by Catherine Amarachi »

Awww...that was a wonderful review on a great and inspiring anthology. I haven't really read this book but this review have given me a clue and inspired me a lot. I think I would give this book a try. More so , I thank the reviewer, he did a great work.

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Post by Ravinder+Kaur »

Your review is as enlightening as the sample I just read, EmunahAn. The themes touched in the poems are definitely impelling, nudging you to look within your soul, at the same time to expand your perspective in the outside world.

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Post by ea_anthony »

An impressive review obviously motivated by a seemingly impressive read. This also looks like a serious novel dealing with serious themes that affect daily living. This book also hints at optism which I hope it delivers on. Congrats to the author on #BOTD
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Post by sanjus »

It appears like this book is a collection of poems pertaining to poet Faulder's life, in which the poet is a victim of separatism. Moreover this book also warns the readers about unhealthy relations with the social media in poetic form. It seems this is a well written book with humorous images inside it, which gives a lot of fun while reading it.
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Post by Kajori50 »

This seems to be an enriching collection of poems exploring a number of themes pertaining to our everyday lives.

Thank you for the detailed review.

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Post by Tars »

Totally not my genre, never liked poetry in any shape and form. Congratulations on the BOTD and sorry I won't read it.

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