Official Review: Journey of a Bedroom Poet

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Re: Official Review: Journey of a Bedroom Poet

Post by Shrabastee »

The different themes such as depression, toxic relationship, reliance on social media are very prevalent in today's life. I would genuinely like to read the poet's perspectives on those. Based on the topics mentioned, I did not expect the book to evoke inspiration, so I am all the more inclined to read it. Thanks for your insightful review, loved it!

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Post by cpru68 »

I generally do not like poetry, but the opening pages of this one got me, and I didn’t want to stop reading it. Your review just solidified that I need to read the entire piece from cover to cover. I agree that the simple illustrations included do not detract from the beauty of her words. Thanks for this helpful review.
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Post by Samuel Waragu »

The beauty of life is lost in the hustle and bustle of it all.
This is so true. It is a great reminder that in life, what seems not to matter is interestingly the one that actually matters.
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Post by Cher432 »

As someone who doesn't read poems often, this might just ne the place to start.The fact that the poems touch on topics such as identity and depression has got my attention. I will give this a try and who knows maybe I will end up loving poetry. Congrats on BOTD.

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Post by desantismt_17 »

This truly sounds lovely. I can especially identify with the effect of social media on the person. I used to care so much about how my posts were being received, but finding important things outside of social media put that in perspective, much like this book seems to. Thanks for your review!
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Post by heykimmeeeey »

The reviews are kinda amazing. I'm already tempted to actually read this right now. Thanks guys.

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Post by Sahani Nimandra »

Definitely a book that reminds you to love yourself. I love the idea of mix heritage, and I believe children who hail from mix heritage parents are smarter than the normal children because their exposure to cultural diversity is quite higher. This title gave me a different impression about this read. Thank you for your review!
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Post by Dawnks09 »

I am not a fan of poetry but the book looks fascinating to read. This book is good for any kind of relationships. Congrats to the BOTD. Thank you for this review.

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Post by Britty01 »

I enjoyed reading the review for this delightful and evocative collection of poetry. I also like the artwork that appears throughout the pages. The words are inspiring and I believe this will appeal to those who love poetry and also share that passion for writing.

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Post by sonya01 »

Now, this sounds like something different that might appeal to me. Essentially a self-help book, but written in poems and helping the reader to rediscover the essential things in life. A great review, delivered well. Thank you!

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Post by cyanirerivera »

I have to read this book, I can't wait! I love poetry! I am in search of inspiration so thanks to your review this sounds like exactly what I need. I find it interesting as you mention home and it's importance as I'm curious to read whether home is directly that in this book or if it's used less literally as homelessness is such a big issue still in the world.

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Post by asere_maryanne »

At least we have something different today. I love poetry, from the review, this sounds like a beautiful piece of art. Thanks for the review.

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Post by OloladeO »

Great review. I can tell that you enjoyed reading the book and I am sure lovers of poetry would love it as well. Congrats to the author for winning BOTD.

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Post by Zimall »

Poetry would hardly appeaal me but it sounds great for poetry lovers.
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Post by FictionLover »

Thanks for your review.

I didn't notice anything about being of mixed heritage in the sample, I guess that comes later. I liked the sketches and images, but poetry is not my favorite genre.
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