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Saint Bruno
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Review of The heaviest calm

Post by Saint Bruno »

[Following is an official review of "The heaviest calm" by Sherine Anniruth.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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I don't think anyone can ever understand the grief of losing a child without experiencing it. Losing a loved one is always hard to bear, but I think it's on a whole different level when it's one's child. In Heaviest Calm by Sherine Anniruth, we get to feel a mother's grief for her son's death through touching and inspiring poems and quotes.

Sherine lost her eldest son, Nadeem, when he was just 25. The author tells us that living without him is a struggle that she faces each day. She, therefore, dedicates the book to everyone who has lost a loved one and encourages them to continue to cherish the memories of their lost loved ones.

Aside from encouraging readers to take advantage of the therapeutic effects of writing when in grief, I think the poems in this book would help readers who have lost someone understand that they are not alone. I appreciated the author's message of hope and love. But what I like most about this book is the author's message that grief is not a bad thing but a price of love. Through the poems and quotes, readers would also understand that grief is different for each individual and learn to accept the loss of their loved ones and hope to reunite with them again in the afterlife. I also love how the author reminds us to love one another as if there's no tomorrow.

Furthermore, I enjoyed the colorful pages in the book. The pictures of exotic flowers formed the background for the texts, which made the book appealing. I also liked some of the poems, especially the ones with rhymes. Some of them were so touching that I struggled to hold back my tears. I must also commend the author's use of metaphors and personification to breathe life into her words. More so, I found some quotes in the book to be very inspiring. My favorite one reads: "You cannot always be happy, but you can always be brave. And that would be the beginning of everything good in your life." I concur!

Nevertheless, most of the poems and quotes in the book didn't have titles, making it hard to easily allude to them or even tell prospective readers my favorite one. Also, some of them appeared more than once, thereby detracting from my enjoyment of the book. The book's editing leaves a lot to be desired, as I also found over ten errors during my read. Honestly, I wish the author would look into these issues so that the title can live up to its promise.

In conclusion, I enjoyed most of the quotes and poems in the book, and I loved that some of them were from the author's husband. However, the poor editing and uninspiring organization let the publication down. I wish I could give it 2.5 stars because that's the rating I think it deserves. But since that's not possible here, I am rating the book 3 out of 4 stars. I recommend it to readers who have lost a loved one, especially those who enjoy poems and short quotes.

The heaviest calm
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Iqra Rafiq 1
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Post by Iqra Rafiq 1 »

I read her novel Thee Ultimate Love which was on the same topic.
Anyone who wants to read the story can go through that as well .
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Niens Now
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Post by Niens Now »

Grief is never easy. I can not even imagine losing a child. Thank you for the review.
🕉Be Here Now⌛
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Post by Priya_Singh »

Writing is a way to let out the grief and this books is a classic example of this. I really loved the quote, " You cannot always be happy, but you can be brave." Thank you for your through review!
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Post by RHD »

Loss of a loved is not an easy fit. Losing a child is a whole other story. I like that the author focuses on love, hope and bravery in the midst of grief. Good job, Saint Bruno 💯
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Post by Reader-247 »

This one is too real, thanks for an honest and informative review. :)
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Post by Nazzy_ »

Losing a child is really a painful experience. Good review by Bruno.
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Recee Ann
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Post by Recee Ann »

So sad! I can't even imagine losing a child if I had one. The book is like a kind of encouragement to people to stay strong. Nice job on the review!
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Katie Blackmore
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Post by Katie Blackmore »

I can imagine that losing a child must be the most traumatic experience. I can commend the author for writing about her grief and sharing it with us. I do hope she fixes the issues you mentioned. Well done on the beautifully written review.
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Post by Nkgchidimma080 »

It’s so sad loosing a loved one,a child,the feeling is heartbreaking,beautiful review.
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Post by marba »

This will probably be a heart-wrenching read. Thank you for the review!
Elisa Joy Ocasla
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Post by Elisa Joy Ocasla »

It’s disheartening to lose a loved one. The pain can never be alleviated for some reason. I hope this creation helps the author to be at ease. Thanks for this review!
Tshisikhawe M
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Post by Tshisikhawe M »

The cover attracted me and now reading your review am really going to read it. Losing a loved one is not easy and we all deal it in different ways. I trully hope that writing has helped the author. The quote is awesome.
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Post by Luchris_michael »

The flower cycle is a good illustration for life. Grief is never easy. Good review.
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