Official Review: Poetic Inspirations by Melody D. Velez

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Latest Review: Poetic Inspirations by Melody D. Velez

Official Review: Poetic Inspirations by Melody D. Velez

Post by AntoineOMEGA »

[Following is an official review of "Poetic Inspirations" by Melody D. Velez.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Poetic Inspirations: My Life in Poetry written by Melody D. Velez-Ortega is a compilation of poems that are about the authors challenging life. There are many poems that I feel anyone can relate to. One of the most relatable ones is titled “Depression”, and while it was written about Melody’s experience with depression, it is easy to relate to when you are just having a bad day. Poetic Inspirations is full of these ballads that we can all emotionally relate to even though the author has gone through what many of us may never experience. This compilation of Melody’s stories is made up of many diverse themes, everything from pain to joy.

The greatest attribute of Poetic Inspirations is how relatable the feelings Melody expresses to us are. I admit that I do not relate to each poem, but out of all the poems, the ones that stand out to me are the ones I can relate to because I have had the same feelings as the author has had. I feel that regardless of who you are, you can find something meaningful in this collage of human emotions. Melody covers a large variety of her life experiences, starting when she was a child and continuing through her years as an adult. Because she decided to cover so many experiences over her lifetime, it is easy for anyone to find her story relatable at one point or another.

Ultimately I enjoyed reading Poetic Inspirations, but there were a few characteristics of the book that I do not approve of. One of these is that the type of poem seems inconsistent. While some of her writings feel like a story, other parts feel more like a chant as you read them. I feel like some of these ballads fit together well, but others just seem more sporadic. I think this was intentional and was simply the way the author chose to express different chapters in her life, but still, at times, it felt off.

I give Poetic Inspirations: My Life in Poetry 4 out of 4 stars because it felt very personal to me, due to how easy it is to relate Melody’s experiences with my own. Despite feeling that a few of the poems were not consistent with the rest of the book, it makes sense that it was arranged and written the way that it is. I am giving it four stars because I feel that I experienced the story that the author was trying to convey to me. It had no technical errors as far as I could tell. At first glance, it may not appear enticing, but I quickly found that it tells a great and very relatable life.

I think this book would be best for middle-age adults because the majority of the poems are about that segment of the author’s life. However, teenagers will also be able to relate to many of the ballads that are about that piece of Melody's life. If you do not like vulgar or sensual content, then avoid “Venom” and “Burning Desire”, but also keep in mind that some of the other poems explore the darkest parts of Melody’s life. And although she shares her toughest situations, the book also covers her progress through life to where she is successful and happy.

Poetic Inspirations
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Post by Kachi_Ejiogu+_ »

Depression to me, is one of the topics in contemporary times that needs adequate handling and judging from this review and how relatable it was to you, I'd say the author did a good job. Thank you for this honest review..!

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Post by Adanna Inya »

A lot of people are struggling with depression without a safe channel to express it. I wish there were enough safe outlets for offloading the mind.

I love poetry. They link together words from the heart that touches another heart as they connect and feel the same things. Beautiful review! Thanks.

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Post by JKO »

I find poetry to be a hard not to crack, and as such, I will pass on this one. Thanks for the review.

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