Official Review: The Colors of Me by Maya and Jello

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Official Review: The Colors of Me by Maya and Jello

Post by Jgideon » 03 Jul 2019, 05:45

[Following is an official review of "The Colors of Me" by Maya and Jello.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Poems have a way of opening the eyes of the soul in a very special manner. They lead the reader to a higher level of understanding seasons, situations, and life itself. Colors of Me by Maya and Jello (the author’s pen name) is a collection of beautiful poems.

The book contains 38 well-written poems. The author used each poem to pass a specific message to the reader. The things that inspired the author to write the poems include nature, real-life events, Biblical teachings, people, and the mystery of love among others.

I loved the writing style used by the author. The words used in writing the poems were very simple, yet carried a profound message in a very special way. For instance, The Hem, one of the poems in the book, teaches people to be a channel through which goodness flows into the world like the hem of the garment of Jesus. In one of the stanzas, the poet says, “You see the garment all of it/Clings closely to the Master’s girth/But it’s at the hem/His virtue flows/And touches a bleeding, dying earth.” That was lovely.

Another aspect that I really liked was the opening of every new poem. The author used a picture that gave me a clue of what to expect in the poem. There is also a note by the author about what inspired her to write the poem. These aspects set the mood of the poem, rather than rushing into a flow of words without a clue for the reader. I believe other readers will enjoy this feature. The author’s creativity is amazing.

I also loved that in one of the poems, the author chose to add a very spicy twist. Call it a game. In the poem, the words were “spelled just like you would pronounce them.” It was fun reading it. I even reread it aloud to make sure I got it correct. I loved the challenge.

My favorite poem was Relax. Just like its title, it urges the reader to take life easy because we are all “just fish in a bowl” so there is no need to try too hard to outdo each other. Life is not a competition; we should embrace and live out each moment to the fullest.

Evidently, every poem in Maya and Jello’s Colors of Me is an amazing piece of artistic poetry. The book was professionally edited. I only noted one minor error. Therefore, I gladly gave it 4 out of 4 stars. I recommend it to everyone who loves poetry. For those who are looking for a light yet very informative read, this book will not disappoint.

The Colors of Me
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Post by kandscreeley » 07 Jul 2019, 06:52

I love that the author shares the inspiration behind the poem. That's special. Still, poetry and I are not friends. Therefore, I think I'll skip this. Thanks.
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Post by Mangata » 07 Jul 2019, 10:39

This collection of poems sounds like a profound read to enjoy in the night's silence. I love the author's complex poems, but yet, simple and creative. I'll definitely add it to my shelf. Wonderful review! Thanks!

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Post by BrittaniDJ » 07 Jul 2019, 16:21

I love poetry and I am always looking for new ones to inspire my own imagination and appreciation for how people see the world around them. Thank you for a great review and recommendation.

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Post by kdstrack » 08 Jul 2019, 16:25

Thanks for including that quote from "The Hem." That was very moving. I think her poems would be very emotional. The poem that is written as you pronounce would be fun. Thanks for the wonderful recommendation.

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Post by Dee_218 » 09 Jul 2019, 00:02

I love poetry. I love how the author expressed her creativity. Sounds like a great creative piece. Thank you for the lovely review.

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Post by Chrystal Oaks » 09 Jul 2019, 21:18

I like it when an author includes a picture and a brief explanation about why the poem was written. It sounds like Maya and Jello is very creative and has fun with words. I enjoyed reading your awesome review. Thanks!
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Post by LinaMueller » 12 Jul 2019, 06:16

One of the main reasons these poems are a must read is that they are deep and well-written. Thanks for your great review, Jgideon.
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