Review by jeminah28 -- The Warramunga's War by Greg Kater

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Latest Review: The Warramunga's War by Greg Kater

Review by jeminah28 -- The Warramunga's War by Greg Kater

Post by jeminah28 » 05 Feb 2019, 02:07

[Following is a volunteer review of "The Warramunga's War" by Greg Kater.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Are you planning to become a soldier in your country? Check out The Warramunga's War strategic planning which carries out ideas and strong strategies for defeating the enemy.

The Warramunga's War written by Greg Kater is a historical fiction occurred during World War II; the main events of the story occur particularly in Egypt and partly in Australia. Greg's novel inspired from his father's experienced during World War II in the Middle East; his involvement as well throughout the Northern Territory and the Kimberly adds an exotic scene.

Captain James Munro and Sergeant Jack O'Brien met during the terrible siege in Damour Wadi of the 7th Division Unit fighting against the Vichy French Troops. After winning the war in Damour Wadi, they were stationed in Cairo, Egypt, as an undercover agent with the leadership of Captain Johnny Cook. Corporal Matthew Mac Aulay from the 9th Division Unit whom fighting against the aggressive opponent in Tobruk will also join them. The men appear to be recovering from war wounds, but will work as the MI6 Intelligence group in Cairo.

Exploring the place is a bit difficult because of different nationalities living there like French, English, Arabians, Australians, Czechs and even Germans that might be the opponent's spy. The MI6 group helped to investigate some crimes in Cairo while figuring codes of Rommel's Desert Army in Africa. Their group must hire a resident living in Cairo in detecting enemies and even conspirators. They noticed that some women which have the potentials of doing Secret Agents jobs. Why the MI6 group prefers working with women than men in this area?

Meanwhile, the MI6 team startled hearing one of them involved in hilarious crimes. Is this guy having a connection of Rommel's Korps diverting the defense attention? Is this guy, a spy of the enemy, or might be a conspirator? Unfortunately, the Desert Fox spotted near in the Egyptian Border and Cairo's residents were in a terrible panic. Will they configure the coding system of Rommel's offense for winning the war? Will the team figured out who is the criminal in their group? How?

Greg wrote this book full of thrilling scenes of spy movements along with a twist of party events beyond war embarrassments. I like the twist of party celebration where the dreadful war is not the hindrance of their happiness. I also appreciate Greg's inclusions of the music scene as a sort of relaxation of the characters under pressure of chasing fugitives. The characters still manage to be happy while under the pressure of war.

Greg projects the Warramungas morale whereas, "The Warramungas are the masters of song, dance and spectacle and our corroborees are accompanied by costumes and fire which lights up the sky." The song composition summed-up the events which drive the team to be become stronger and stay focus.

Greg Kater has a good sense of plotting war scenes, adventure and romance which made it easy to follow with huge information of World War II. The sequence of the scenes drives-away sleepiness. He is excellent on plotting thrills as it makes me awake on reading. I appreciate the asterisks(*) which indicate a new scene. In contrary, I encountered typographical errors, but it does not hinder me to rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. The book needs a bit of proofreading for some typos like, "girl fren" and "per cent."I observed some curse words, but still, it does alter my enjoyment knowing war events that took place long ago.

Somebody who likes historical fiction especially war history may enjoy reading this book. A soldier and police officers can relate this book as well where they have the same function to secure their own country.

The Warramunga's War
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Post by Ever_Reading » 06 Feb 2019, 01:16

I thoroughly enjoyed this review. Like you, I also loved the music scene. In fact, any scene with the Warramunga included made my heart smile. Thank you for the detailed review!
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Post by Kelyn » 10 Feb 2019, 23:36

I generally avoid war based books like the plague and this one sounds like it definitely wouldn't be a favorite. It actually sounded a bit muddled to me with the detailed descriptions of the war with music and parties added to the mix. I think I'll give this one a pass, but thanks for the great review!
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Post by readandsmile » 13 Feb 2019, 12:45

Awesome! I can't wait to read this book. I love spy stories.
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