Review by Mjgarrison -- First Family by Alice Langholt

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Review by Mjgarrison -- First Family by Alice Langholt

Post by Mjgarrison » 21 Oct 2018, 22:45

[Following is a volunteer review of "First Family" by Alice Langholt.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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The First Family is a beautifully written, fictional story about Adam, Eve and their family. It gives insight into what Adam, Eve, Cain, Able and God might have been thinking on the first 40 years after creation. It starts with Adam as he wakes up in the garden and experiences life for the first time, he explores everything from his new body to all of the garden. However, after all his exploring and naming all the other animals he finds himself longing for someone like him. Then he goes to sleep and when he wakes Eve is laying there sleeping, his prayers have been answered. He immediately becomes her protector and teacher, as he shows her everything God has shown him in the garden, as well as the aspects he has discovered on his own. Which berries are ok, which ones make you sick, which plants make you itch and most importantly the one tree they are not allowed to eat from. While Eve knows Adam is just looking out for her best interests, she gets discouraged because she wants to experience everything good and bad. Most everybody knows the story as it continues and Eve is convinced by the snake, and her own curiosity to eat the forbidden fruit and tricks Adam into eating it as well. Along with the knowledge they gained though, they felt pain and hardship and were no longer able to communicate with God in the same way Adam once had. How did Eve feel when she finally became a mother? How did Adam cope with not being able to communicate with God the same? How do the first brothers ever to live, get along? Find the answers to these questions and so much more as you explore life through the eyes of the first family.

The intricately described details made me feel like I was right there exploring the garden along with Adam and Eve. I felt the flood of emotions as Eve gave birth for the very first time, and learned how to be a good mom without guidance. I felt the pride along with Cain as he learned to create life from a little seed, and yearned for his father’s approval. I felt overwhelming love as I experienced Adam with Abel as they went to the pasture and basked in God’s glory.

I didn’t find any mistakes in the story, however the writing was extremely choppy. I believe the text was presented choppy to allow readers further insight into the minds of the characters with an extremely limited vocabulary. I’m not sure how some people will view the fact that it has made up words and thoughts from God, but I personally just reminded myself that it was fiction and they weren’t claiming that God actually had those thoughts.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 as a result of the flawless text, the heartwarming storyline, and the elaborate details used to describe their surroundings.

I would recommend this book to anyone that would enjoy entertaining thoughts on how life might have been when it all began. This one is definitely going to be added to my library. So go jump into your hammock, or find your favorite tree, so you can relish in God’s creation as you enjoy this story.

First Family
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