Featured Official Review: Eden: A Novel

Please use this forum to discuss historical fiction books. Common definitions define historical fiction as novels written at least 25-50 years after the book's setting.
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Re: Official Review: Eden: A Novel

Post by Quinto » 09 Mar 2018, 00:15

I'm attracted to the well developed character and descriptive landscapes and coastlines. The flashbacks on the family history will be something I would be interested in reading about. Thanks for a wonderful review.

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Post by michael+wonders » 09 Mar 2018, 00:25

This is a very nice concept by the author. And one thing with the book is that it's full of suspense. And anyone who comes across the book won't turn to look at it twice before going for it. Because from the nature it's a family inspiring story

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Post by richdiva » 09 Mar 2018, 00:28

The novel it's quite good but it is abit emotional on how Becca explained her financial crisis being left with nothing in the account by her husband at her old age

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Post by CaitlynLynch » 09 Mar 2018, 00:34

This sounds like what is usually termed 'women's fiction' here in Australia. I like the central theme of the story being the heritage home and the events that take place there.

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Post by tarafarah7 » 09 Mar 2018, 00:43

Your review was well-written and very helpful! Thank you! I have added this to my WTR list because it sounds like a book that pulls readers in emotionally. Whether we are able to directly relate to the situations and events that occur within the lives of these characters or not, it doesn't matter. You said it yourself, "Wealth does not alter the underlying humanity in all of us...we all have the same emotional core." That couldn't be more true! I'm looking forward to reading today's BOTD! Thank you!

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Post by BookishCreature » 09 Mar 2018, 00:44

I love literary fiction full of secrets and mysteries. Family drama always gets me. This looks like a really cool story! Thanks for such a thoughtful review.

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Post by P0tt3ry » 09 Mar 2018, 00:45

Thank you for the compelling review. Reading the sample made me curious about the great secret. Now, you let me know that the suspense will go on well into the book, and that there will be more small secrets after the big reveal. Eden sounds like a mystery novel as well as a family story.

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Post by dragonet07 » 09 Mar 2018, 00:53

I do like a good character-driven story, especially one about family drama (gets my mind off of my family drama for a while). It's also nice to have this sort of story taking place on the coast of Rhode Island; I'm so used to this kind of story taking place in the South or some other form of "country" that I like to see people shaking things up. Thank you for the thorough and insightful review.
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Post by Lg_99 » 09 Mar 2018, 00:55

I don't know if I'll be reading this one or not. A family-driven story sure sounds intriguing but just not enough. I'll finish reading the sample and see how it goes. Regardless, thank you for the insightful review.

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Post by BeccaCharlton » 09 Mar 2018, 01:04

Oh I'm excited about this one! I love cozy, rich language and character arcs dependant on character. I'm thrilled to see some literary women's fiction featured as BOTD.

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Feliciah love
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Post by Feliciah love » 09 Mar 2018, 01:11

An exquisite review... makes one to be drawn in and eager to indulge already in the book and learn of this big secret and all the impacts it will bring to the family....all in all families all go through tough times and it's how they work things through that determines the strength and bond of the family

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Post by Kinkini » 09 Mar 2018, 01:21

This is a very insightful review. Each family has its own stories and secrets. It is the unfolding of the secrets and the reaction of the family to it is what makes the story very interesting. Looking forward to reading the book.
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Post by JudasFm » 09 Mar 2018, 01:24

I read the sample pages and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I'm curious to know what the secret is you mentioned so maybe I'll check the book out at some point.

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Post by berk_sumpter » 09 Mar 2018, 01:28

Even after reading just a sample of Eden: A Novel, I can tell that the book will be heartwarming tale about a family who is experiencing issues in their life that are relatable to the everyday lifes of the readers. The detail about the setting of the book and the hints about what is to come in the book have grabbed my attention, and I am excited to continue to read the Novel.

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Post by SJSharks » 09 Mar 2018, 01:31

I'm excited by this review. I really enjoyed the sample that I read and I can really see myself enjoying this book. I definitely want to continue reading it so I can find out what the big secret is. This is my type of book.

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