Review by Ganiyat Bello -- Apollo's Raven by Linnea Tanner

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Ganiyat Bello
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Latest Review: "Apollo's Raven" by Linnea Tanner

Review by Ganiyat Bello -- Apollo's Raven by Linnea Tanner

Post by Ganiyat Bello » 09 Dec 2017, 05:57

[Following is a volunteer review of "Apollo's Raven" by Linnea Tanner.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Apollo's raven is a book written by Linnea Tanner. The book was published by Apollo raven publisher, LLC. It was the first book in the series. Apollo's raven is an historical fiction with fantasy based on a blend of history and mythology of the south east Celtic tribes in Britain before the invasion of the Roman emperor Claudius in 43AD.  

Apollo's raven is an epic Celtic tale of love, adventure, intrigue,  shape-shifting, deception, magic and betrayal in ancient Rome and Britania. This book got me hooked right from the beginning till the end. There is no boring moment when reading this book. It is an amazing story.  

The story starts with princess Catrin trying to figure out the meaning of the dream she had, while doing this a red-stripped sail of a flat-bottom ship driven mainly by oars suddenly appeared. The ship was unlike the deep-hulled vessels of seafaring merchants powered by air currents over their sails. The ship has a strange looking beam shaped like a bird's beak at the bow. Catrin's eye followed her raven's movement beyond the white Cliffs where she saw more stripped sails so she believes they are warships. Catrin connected with her raven to learn who those people are and why they are there.  

Catrin is a celtic princess and warrior who was born with the raven spirit. She is gifted with the power to connect with the raven to see the future,  the past and to shape-shift. Though, she doesn't know the extent of the power or how to control it so that the she will not be controlled by the power. Raven was seen as a bad omen among her people, so she have to keep the secret to herself. Catrin's power was as the result of the curse placed on the king by his former queen and druidess at her execution,  the curse that says Catrin and her raven will join force with the red wolf and bring destruction to her family and people. When Sen. Lucius Antonius visited king Amren with the news from the Roman emperor and Cunobelin, the king of Catuvellauni that king Amren should take back his banished son, to avoid political problem, with that news king Amren thinks the curse as set into motion,  so he had no choice but to tell his daughter,  princess Catrin about the curse so as to work together on how to prevent the curse from coming to pass.  

Princess Catrin was burdened with how to prevent the curse placed on her family from coming to pass but her situation became complicated when she fell in love with the son of Sen, Lucius Antonius, who was staying with her family as an hostage and under the surveillance of princess Catrin,  while king Amren meet with king Cunobelin on how to avoid war between them.  

Linnea Tanner kept tempting her readers with the tips she kept at the beginning of each chapter which helps to increase the interest of the readers and the will to read further. There are some blood, death and sexual scenes in this book,  so prospective readers should know before hand, though the scenes are not too much so there is no need to be bordered.  

Why did king Amren banished his son and heir to his throne? Will princess Catrin be able to lift the curse off her family? Will the love between princess Catrin and Marcellus be able to stand? Who is the red wolf? Find answers to those questions in this amazing story.  

I will recommend this book for readers that love epic tale with a little mixture of romance. But it's not suitable for young readers because of the sexual scenes.  I found little errors in the book like "pubic baths" instead of "public baths" on page 156. Based on the little error found,  I rate this great story a 4 out of 4 stars. I look forward to read the second part of the book.

Apollo's Raven
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Post by kdstrack » 14 Jan 2018, 14:28

Thanks for your review Ganiyat. You made this seem like an exciting book. I really enjoyed your description of Catrin's character. Very interesting comments and questions. Thanks.

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Post by Fozia-Bajwa » 01 Sep 2018, 16:59

I read the review of Apollo’s Raven by Linnea Tanner. The novel follows the impossible love affair between Princess Catrin, the youngest daughter of King Amren of the Cantiaci Celtic warriors, and Marcellus, son of the Roman Senator Lucius Antonius. They were having the different views about the opposite states before meeting each other, but after finding themselves they were totally astonished. What happened in their life , it was totally out of their considerations. Father of princess Catrin advised her to investigate the secret conditions of Roman estate and father of Marcellus, who was from Roman Senator cannot allow him to marry a foreigner at any cost. Its strange situation for the lovers of this story. I liked this book, this story is wonderful.

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