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Latest Review: Angels on the Mountain by Thomas F. Todd

Review of Angels on the Mountain

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[Following is an official review of "Angels on the Mountain" by Thomas F. Todd.]
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4 out of 5 stars
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A Union soldier wounded at Kennesaw Mountain, struck from his side to his back, receives aid from two sisters, Kate and Maggie, along with the assistance of Dr. Crawford and their parents, Sean and Caitlin O’Brien. Kate dedicates herself to nursing Tripp back to health, leading to a blossoming romance between them. However, Tripp faces the challenge of proving his innocence, as his troops left him behind, potentially leading to accusations of desertion, which is punishable by execution. Setting out on a lengthy journey to Washington, D.C., Tripp leaves with plans to marry Kate upon his return, a process anticipated to take around three months.

Upon arrival at the fort, Tripp finds himself confined in a stockade, his account of being abandoned with a severe gunshot wound deemed implausible without evidence. Only Dr. Crawford's testimony secures his release. However, time passes slowly in the stockade: days become weeks, weeks turn into months, and months stretch into years. Instead of the anticipated three months, Tripp spends two years with no contact with Kate, who interprets his absence as abandonment and moves forward with her life. She becomes engaged and focuses on her training as a teacher. When Tripp returns, Maggie informs him of Kate's engagement, and they reconnect. Despite Kate's lingering feelings for Tripp, she is disheartened to learn of his marriage to Maggie. Meanwhile, Brendan ends his engagement with Kate due to her prioritization of her teaching career. This strains the once-close bond between the sisters. As their intertwined lives unfold in Angels on the Mountain by Thomas F. Todd, questions arise about whether Kate and Maggie can reconcile and if Tripp still harbors feelings for Kate.

Set in the 1800s, the novel initially follows the life of Isham before shifting its focus to his son, Tripp, whose life proves to be more eventful than his father's. Tripp's decision to join the infantry at a young age, alongside his friends during a civil war uprising, shapes his destiny. The narrative unfolds from a third-person perspective, occasionally evoking a sense of being read to. Historical facts woven into the story add depth and intrigue, particularly for history enthusiasts like myself. The depiction of Atlanta, Georgia, and its involvement in the Civil War fascinated me, reminding me of the rich history each place carries. The book features a well-balanced cast of characters, each playing a significant role and being introduced at appropriate moments. The storytelling maintains a moderate pace, ensuring clarity and minimizing confusion for the reader.

While the book presented intriguing lessons, it fell short in terms of generating suspense. The author's direct and concise approach, while effective in some instances, diminished opportunities for suspenseful moments. Additionally, despite containing emotional elements, the book failed to evoke strong emotions in me as I read.

I suggest re-editing the book to address several errors encountered throughout the text. Despite the reservations I have mentioned above, I rate the book four out of five stars due to its numerous positive aspects, which are more in comparison to the negatives.

This novel would appeal to fans of historical fiction and non-fiction seeking insight into the backdrop of Atlanta, Georgia, and its surrounding areas. Additionally, those interested in heartwarming tales centered on family dynamics and immigrant experiences would also find this book to be a satisfying read.

Angels on the Mountain
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Joshua Sawders
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Well, I reckon this review gives us a good idea of what to expect from "Angels on the Mountain" by Thomas F. Todd. It seems like a decent read for folks who enjoy historical fiction, especially those interested in the Civil War era. The book offers insights into Atlanta's involvement, woven in with a heartfelt tale of love and family. However, the reviewer did mention a lack of suspense and emotional depth. So, while it might not be a thrilling page-turner, it could still be a satisfying read for those who appreciate a slower-paced story. Y'all should give it a go if you're into that sort of thing! Emotional depth, tugged at my heartstrings.
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