Review of The Travels of ibn Thomas

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Blessing Chi Peculiar
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Review of The Travels of ibn Thomas

Post by Blessing Chi Peculiar »

[Following is an official review of "The Travels of ibn Thomas" by James Hutson-Wiley.]
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5 out of 5 stars
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Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful. I'm certain that man has never worshiped anything other than himself as I learn more about different religions. Prayer does not change God; however, it does change the person who prays. Because every religious sect asserts to hold the same fundamental beliefs about what it means to actually have a connection to God, this eliminates the possibility of different ways for other religious sects to worship God.

The Travels of Ibn Thomas by James Hutson-Wiley is historical fiction that centers around the life of Ibn Thomas, a half-Christian and half-Muslim man who felt puzzled by his mixed religious background and felt the need to discover his connection to a supreme being by his own conviction. Ibn Thomas was born in a time of religious conflict where the Christians, Jews, Muslims, Greeks, and Turks were in constant conflict and plotting to destroy each other. This puzzled Thomas to a great extent, and he decided to seek answers and unravel the mystery behind his father's mission to the Holy City of Jerusalem. As time progressed, Thomas was placed under the guardianship of the church for his safety but found himself in great danger. What secrets lie behind the walls of Jerusalem? Did Thomas succeed in his quest? Find out from the book.
I was engrossed as I read Thomas and his Journey to Jerusalem. This book is historical fiction with excellent plot twists that will keep the reader anticipating the next event. I love the fact that the protagonist, Thomas, was an independent thinker who wasn't influenced by the religious conflict that surrounded him. Although at some point he had to be deceitful to save his life, he decided to speak out in truth and honesty in the face of possible death, which showed the character of a truthful man. The author of this book skillfully interweaves suspense, action, and adventure together. I enjoyed the writing style because each page connected you to the next, making it difficult to put the book down. 
My favorite character is Thomas because he never allows the challenges around him to cloud his vision. He was determined to carry out his quest. I learn a lot of lessons from this book, one of which is the determination to focus on my dream, not minding the challenges surrounding my existence. Also, another thing I enjoyed in this book was the character development. The author gave the characters unique voices.
There is nothing I dislike in this book. Each chapter has a lot of lessons. I was not expecting much from the book, but as I followed the story, I was glued to it. I want to thank the author for making this book available for readers to learn from. Also, I want to thank the editor because I didn't notice any mistakes in the book, which indicates that the book is exceptionally edited. I rate this book five out of five stars because it has expanded my understanding of how to handle the challenges of life. I recommend this book to everyone, especially fans of historical fiction. 

The Travels of ibn Thomas
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Nathaniel Sarah
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Post by Nathaniel Sarah »

I can't help but wonder how an individual will be a half-Christian and half-Muslim. As the common saying you can't save two masters at the same time, so I wonder how Thomas was able to do that. Great review.
Oputu Dora Timi-Ebuoh
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Post by Oputu Dora Timi-Ebuoh »

"The Travels of Ibn Thomas" by James Hutson-Wiley tells the story of Ibn Thomas, who is caught up in the web of religion and is a half-Christian and half-Muslim man. He felt puzzled by his mixed religious background, which led him to discover his connection to a supreme being through his own conviction. Hence, Ibn Thomas felt the need to seek answers and unravel the mystery behind his father's mission to the Holy City of Jerusalem.
I’m eager to know how Ibn Thomas pulled through all the challenges he faced while in Jerusalem and all the secrets that lies therein.

Well done on a great review.
Oyedeji Funmilayo
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Post by Oyedeji Funmilayo »

I am of the thought that serving God is a personal relationship and not a religious rite alone. I look forward to reading the book, I enjoyed your review on it.
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Ayilaran Emmanuel
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Post by Ayilaran Emmanuel »

Different people, different religions but same God... Make me remembered what my dad said to me one day, "Don't Force anyone to believe what you believe in, meanwhile everybody is a believer, just what we believe in differs" But yet Thomas didn't loose focus.

Eager to consume the content from this book
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Sophia Damilola Ajayi
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Post by Sophia Damilola Ajayi »

It is a very controversial position for Ibn Thomas and I don't blame him for wanting to find out spirituality on his own terms. This was a great review, well written and informative.
Charles Ashinze
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Post by Charles Ashinze »

I'm intrigued by an individual who is half christian and half Muslim. Those two religions are very divergent so I will like to see his thoughts about it and the common ground he found for them. Thomas's quest in general is fascinating.
Flourish Sunday
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Post by Flourish Sunday »

I see religion as a way of sharing someone's life. It helps you to know what is good and bad. I love reading books on religion. Good job. I will give this a try. Good job.
Chris Rich Nwaka
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Post by Chris Rich Nwaka »

Religion sharpened people especially when practice at young edge. I'm one of the beneficially of religious training. I will love to read this book. Good job.
Temi Book
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Post by Temi Book »

Thomas is quite an impressive man. It’s always good when people look and make decisions outside of their religion. I like that Thomas was not easily influenced.
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Emeka Emordi
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Post by Emeka Emordi »

This would be an exciting read for me. Reading about a man searching for his personal conviction when he had a mix religious background. It will exciting and informational for me. Kudos to you as you write this compelling review.
Omobolanle Savage
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Post by Omobolanle Savage »

I like books that teaches self believes. This book explores how Thomas, having a mixed religious background, set out to examine his believes and try to be independent. However, this journey reveals things he never expected. This wil be a blockbuster.
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Francis Omotayo Aderogbin
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Post by Francis Omotayo Aderogbin »

Standing for what you believe in no matter what even in the face of death is an attribute I cherish. As I read this about Thomas, I know thia work of historical fiction would be a good read for me.
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Main Readar
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Post by Main Readar »

What an interesting read. The life of Thomas in the world of religions is thought-provoking. I hope he finds satisfaction in his quest for a personal conviction about religion.
Blessing Otuokere
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Post by Blessing Otuokere »

I appreciate how insightful and well-written your review is. Your attention to detail and ability to express your thoughts so eloquently is impressive. Good job
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