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Review of Two Faces of Janus

Post by El_limitless »

[Following is an official review of "Two Faces of Janus" by Linnea Tanner.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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The book Two Faces of Janus is an ancient historical fiction short story written by Linnea Tanner. The story is set in ancient Rome. It explored the themes of love and politics. Lucius, a young, ambitious man who wants to get ahead politically in the state, needed the sponsorship of Emperor Augustus Caeser to serve as praetor in the Roman justice system.

His father, Lullus, allegedly betrayed the emperor's trust by openly committing adultery with his daughter, Julia. In addition to that, the emperor believes Lullus has plans to overthrow him. Will Lullus be spared from punishment by the emperor? Will Lullus' escapades affect his son's chances of riding on the emperor's back to gain political relevance? or will the emperor overlook events of the past and give Lucius his unwavering support? Find out by reading this interesting short story.

The book has some positive points. I like the author's writing style. The plot of the story was very systematic. Also, he was straight to the point and didn't bore the reader with unnecessary detail. I also like that he developed the characters and events in the book enough to give the reader a basis to connect with them. Again, I love that the story was open-ended. In the end, it leaves the reader desiring to know more about how things finally turned out for the protagonist. That's exactly the effect short stories should have on the reader.

I didn't find anything to dislike in the book. It perfectly fits the profile of a short story. It was concise and direct. It had virtually every attribute that makes up an enjoyable short story.

The book was exceptionally well-edited. I found no spelling or grammatical errors in it. Also, the events and the characters in the book were well developed. Consequently, I rate the book 4 out 4 stars. I didn't give the book a lower rating because I enjoyed every bit of the story. I see no reason to deduct a single star from the book. It was such an interesting read.

I recommend the book to readers who would want to know more about the ancient Roman political system, especially during the imperial rule of Augustus Caeser. Generally, the book is recommended to all lovers of historical fiction.

The book contains one graphic description. In my opinion, the description is not gory enough to disturb the minds of readers who do not appreciate too many graphic details. However, readers who cannot stand the slightest graphic description should pass on this book.

Two Faces of Janus
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Post by Maliha Naveed »

Having a literature background, the review instantly grabbed my attention. Roman empire provides the ground to understand the politics and its manipulations in its true sense. Great review.
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Post by collinsogw555 »

The title got my attention, the book 'two faces of Janus' says a lot about politics, and my love for politics is top-notch. I would love to read this book.
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Post by Eddy E »

This Review is great. The book sounds like an interesting read. Politics, history, betrayal , it's the total package.
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Post by Muna Chizzy »

A power hungry character, seems like an interesting story. Thanks for the captivating review.
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Post by Astral Magi »

The book for me, is absolutely intriguing. Having drama between characters such as Lullus and the Empire can only lead to a magnificent plot.Thank you for a great review.
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Post by DTamara »

Very enticing review and well, ancient Rome, pole, and politics, what more can one ask. Thanks for the recommendation!
Mimidee Vanilly
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Post by Mimidee Vanilly »

Reading the review make me want to read the book immediately. Although this book is fiction but it contains historical, political of Augustus Emperium. So it must be magnificent for reader who like historical fiction genre.
The detailed review also help us to preface the story to be understanded. Great review
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Post by Pandora10 »

I enjoy historical fiction and this short novel set in ancient Rome, which explores the topics of love and politics, sounds interesting. It will be interesting to find out what choices Lucius makes.
Gabriela Contreras
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Post by Gabriela Contreras »

This book sounds interesting, I felt some disappointment by the fact that it has an open ending, but the plot seems captivating enough that I won't mind if I decided to read it.
Duke Nwador
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Post by Duke Nwador »

When I started loving stories about Rome was when I watched "Spartacus" . Looking at the review makes me sure it's going to be an interesting story. Wonderful review
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Post by M Herbst »

This short story sounds very intriguing, but I can never decide whether I like an open ending or not! But my curiosity will probably get the better of me! Looking forward to read it.
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Bertha Jackson
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Post by Bertha Jackson »

This is a perfect book for fans of ancient Roman history. Thank you for your review.
Bertha R. Jackson :D
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Sable Pratt
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Post by Sable Pratt »

I absolutely love the political drama and moral dilemmas that are usually portrayed to perfection in historical fiction books, and based on your review, Two Faces of Janus seems like my kind of read!
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Post by AntonelaMaria »

I'm not a fan of open-ended books. This was a very helpful review. I find neme Lullus extremely funny. I can't take the character seriously. Great job with the review.
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