Review of Dread Tribunal of Last Resort

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Review of Dread Tribunal of Last Resort

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Dread Tribunal of Last Resort" by Brian Kaufman.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Decker Brown, a young man, having spent two years at his uncle's place in Boston, arrives in his hometown Richmond with a lot of or rather high anticipations. First in his mind is his father, Brown is excited about the fact that they'll both start crafting their own rockets, he believes this will even call for a celebration when he gets home. Then there is the love of his life , Paula, he hopes that time hasn't changed her, because if it is so, then his and her world will be no more. Brian Kaufman brings his characters to life in the Dread Tribunal of Last Resort in a very simple way that the reader will almost dismiss the book for an ordinary and possibly not captivating book.

The Dread Tribunal of Last Resort begins in 1861,a time when the civil war in the United States began. This was a war between the Northern and the Southern states. After Abraham Lincoln's election victory in 1860, seven southern states seceded and formed the Confederate States of America. This was so because The Northern states were against the practices of the Southern states, to be more specific, they had different opinions over slavery, states' rights and westward expansion. The North had a well established manufacturing industry and most of the agriculture was limited to small scale farming. This, a complete contrast to the South. They practiced large scale farming and depended on the labor of black enslaved people to grow specific crops: cotton and tobacco. Brown's father did not welcome Brown's Idea, his reason being the looming war between the confederates and union states was almost starting.

Brown strongly disagreed, he believed the Yankees, what the southerners called the Northerners, would win the war, or maybe to say the least, the war would not happen. Decker Brown became worried when he visited Paula's home and everyone seemed welcome to idea of going to war with the north. But this did not seem to be the only problem, he had gotten himself a suitor, a certain Whitaker Hill. The son to a rich tobacco farmer who owned vast land of tobacco plantations. Paula's father ,Mr. William Crane, liked Whitaker Hill and this was obvious of the fact that Hill's family was rich. William had been reluctant all along to agree to Decker Brown's request for his daughter's hand in marriage because Brown's family was not as rich. William yet again for another time politely rejected Brown's proposal, his reason too being the coming war between the north and the south. With all this, Brown's dream to start the biggest illumination business in the south and marry Paula was slowly slipping away from the grasp of reality, and it all just seemed more like a dream, far from reality.

Kaufman tells about Decker as one who is not afraid to speak up his mind and will not hesitate doing what he thinks is right. Decker is against slavery, unlike his father ,or everyone else in the south. So when the war begins, Decker Brown joins the union army in the union states, leaving a disappointed Paula and a bitter father back in Richmond. They all expect Decker to fight with the rest of the southern people and defend his home. Decker is regarded as a traitor. Despite his decision, he asks Paula to wait for him till the war is over. Whitaker Hill on the other hand fights for the confederate army, he is held in high regard as a true son of the south. This is somewhat of a plight to Paula, she loves Decker Brown, but she is a patriot to the south. Paula agrees to Brown's request. The war leaves thousands of casualties, many injured and a countless number dead. will Decker Brown survive the war and marry Paula? Or rather, will Whitaker Hill survive the war and marry Paula?

Brian Kaufman gives accounts of the civil war in a thrilling, enthralling and most unique way, the encounters of the war are narrated vividly. Most of the time I found myself laughing without much effort, I must say Kaufman has a rich sense of humor. I did not find a thing that reflects poorly to Kaufman's Dread Tribunal of Last Resort. In fact, in my earnest opinion, the book has been written professionally and I rate it 4 out of 4. For readers who are excited about history and politics, and those charmed with love stories, this is a must read book.

Dread Tribunal of Last Resort
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