Official Review: 4 books #1 inspiration #2 never give up ...

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Official Review: 4 books #1 inspiration #2 never give up ...

Post by Anthony__ »

[Following is an official review of "4 books #1 inspiration #2 never give up #3 mayadan #4 anasazi on Amazon @ b2n page pub. need help in selling them." by William S. Sessoms pin name Mister Bill.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Do you long for an inspiring anthology? Then, this 91-page book titled Inspirations by Mister Bill is ideally suited for you. It’s a collection of 58 poems that majorly discuss love and the importance of showing this virtue to both God and humanity.

The book was divided into four parts: inspirations, poems, prose, and pondering. The inspirational section included poems that talked about God’s protection and love and the importance of family, forgiveness, charity, truth, and plans. It warned against hate, critics, control, and many others. The following section talked about letting go of the past and following God’s direction to experience God’s light. The other section discussed old and past lives, how things are made new through attention and God’s involvement. It also examined the reward of hard work and the importance of moving on. On the final part, which is the pondering part, the poet recollects different experiences he had. It also showed the importance of waiting on God, love, kindness, and lastly women. Are you intrigued by the amount of knowledge and virtues embedded in this book? Grab a copy of this beautiful work of art to gain insight and learn more.

Mister Bill is an excellent writer and poet. He employed special devices that made the poems very beautiful. The most exciting device is the use of rhymes. Most of the lines rhymed, and they were regular. Another noteworthy point is the use of simple diction. The words used in the poem made it easier to understand the message. Its symbolic meanings were not very hard to deduce, and these made it more fun and easier to analyze.

The poems taught many simple life virtues such as honesty, patience, love, truth, charity, kindness, humility, happiness, etc. It further went on to discourage evil, pride, greed, selfishness, envy, and malice. Also, the book preached Christ's love for us; therefore, we should extend this to others as a sign of gratitude. Poems contained in this book would inspire you to be the best you can and trust God when dealing with life issues. The poet also used stories to explain these teachings.

I loved the part where the poet explained that God gave us many gifts, but women are the greatest. Also, I thoroughly enjoyed the poems on The Beggar, The Old Man, The Flower, and The Weed. People tend to segregate one another due to trivial conditions and issues. I loved how the poet, through his poems, treated this topic judiciously.

There is nothing to dislike about this book. The poet’s poetry has grasped the teachings of love with sensitivity, depths, and understanding. Also, the poet’s use of poetic devices was excellent and showed professionalism on his part. Furthermore, this is a well-edited book, as I found only two grammatical errors. It could even be ignored based on the poet’s deliberate use of his poetic license. For these positive points, I am rating this book 4 out of 4 stars.

Firstly, I recommend this book to lovers of poems as it would appeal to them. Then, for lovers of inspirational books, I recommend this to you. Also, I believe that its genre as a poem, almost a song, would make the inspirations more impactful. Even children from the ages of ten and above are welcomed to read, as there are many life virtues to learn from the book. Kindly note that this is a Christian book, but other religious bodies can learn one or two lessons from it.

4 books #1 inspiration #2 never give up #3 mayadan #4 anasazi on Amazon @ b2n page pub. need help in selling them.
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Post by Kavita Shah »

The God's greatest gift is women part- that is great. Inspiration's collection of poems will really inspire. Thank you for a great review!
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Post by Shrashti_04 »

This book is divided in four parts of inspiration, poems, prose and pondering. In this book, poet explained wonderful thing which is my favorite part personally that is God gave us many gifts but women are the greatest. There are many things in this book which will inspire you.
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