Official Review: Behind the Barbed Wire Fence

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Elvis Best
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Official Review: Behind the Barbed Wire Fence

Post by Elvis Best »

[Following is an official review of "Behind the Barbed Wire Fence" by Jennie Linnane.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Behind the Barbed Wire Fence, written by Jennie Linnane, is a fictional story that narrates one woman’s struggle to find freedom and happiness in her life. Lucy is a naive young girl who falls in love with Eric, a charming man with a dubious background. Against the advice of Sister Casima, her adopted mother and guardian, Lucy goes ahead to marry Eric, and that is when all her woes begin.

Oh, for a while, their marriage was perfect, and Eric was a gentleman, but as time went on, her lovely husband began to show his dark side. He began to come home drunk and accuse her of all manner of nonsensical things. Whenever he saw her with another man, he would throw a tantrum and accuse her of the desire to commit adultery. And that is when Eric began to control and physically abuse her.

Lucy tried to cope with it all, but one day, after her husband had abused her and confessed of having an affair with another woman, she lost her mind and wandered into a nearby forest to try to regain her composure. It was during her journey into the forest that she had the ill-fated accident that rendered her a prisoner behind a high barbed wire fence. What is she going to do now? How will she escape? Who is her jailer? You have to read the book to find out.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Behind the Barbed Wire Fence, as the storyline was simple and captivating. The one thing I liked most was how the author took the time to build the background of the plot. I enjoyed reading about Lucy’s childhood and her relationship with Sister Casima and how she met her husband. The novel also gave the reader a look into the early, pre-war years in Australia, which I found quite interesting.

Furthermore, I found the storyline to be very relatable. Indeed, I sympathized with the main character as she went through various ordeals. I could feel her anger and frustration, and I could understand her. I wanted justice for her, too, and I wanted her to be happy. Written in the first-person narrative, I felt as though as I was in Lucy's shoes, and that increased my enjoyment of the book.

There were also twists and turns, suspense, and drama. At some points, I was left guessing at what was going to happen next. My predictions were often wrong, though, but I guess that was the intention of the author: to make the book unpredictable. Moreover, I enjoyed not knowing what was going to happen next, as it kept me on the edge of my seat.

Considering the aforementioned points, I rate Behind the Barbed Wire Fence 4 out of 4 stars. There was nothing to dislike about it, and I believe it was exceptionally edited, as I found no errors in it. I would recommend it to anyone who loves reading a thrilling novel that has a little bit of suspense and drama.

Behind the Barbed Wire Fence
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Post by rahilshajahan »

Its sad that Lucy has to have a crappy husband and then end up a prisoner. The logic is mad!! The review is on point as usual. Good job!
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Post by mabtard30 »

I feel sad for Lucy, having to deal with the husband and in her desperation to get composure and possibly peace, she falls into captivity.
This story is true of women these days.
And having a 4/4 rate, I will definitely read it.
Nice review!
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Olabode Joshua
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Post by Olabode Joshua »

I knew it, Elvis!
I would have given this book a 4-star rating too. The storyline is just so captivating. Unfortunately, the protagonist's predicament is a common thing in the society I live in.
Again, your review is just too good.
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Post by Kanda_theGreat »

This also seems like a very emotional book. I found myself emphathizing with Lucy after reading your summary.
Good job!
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Post by Tablito »

With the husband abusing her, Lucy must have regretted not taking heed of sister Casima's advice to not get married to Eric.
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Post by Star_and_Buck »

The review was very neat and tidy. But I am not going to read the book cuz I didn't like it's plot.
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Post by Honest-reviewer »

This is a heart-touching story. I surely want to read this book. Thanks for your insightful review!
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Post by BraItu »

The review flowed well... Thank you
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Post by Kirsi_78 »

Oh boy, there are so many people in the world living in abusive relationships... I wonder what is wrong with mankind 😳 Anyway, this book sounds enjoyable, and your review was very inspiring, you did a good job in selling this book to me 😊I hope I get a chance to read this...
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Ada Ling
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Post by Ada Ling »

While reading your review, I feel I was watching a movie about a women and her life. This book sounds having a lot inside it. Thank you for the review!
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Post by jennydelacruz »

"My predictions were often wrong, though"

I love the fact that the author is so creative that he makes the plot so unpredictable! That's interesting. Great review, Elvis Best! I'm quite intrigued as to who captured and imprisoned her.
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Post by Doziesixtus »

It's admiring the author depicted things that happen in the society. There are a lot of ladies out there who find themselves in the shoes of Lucy and has been wanting out with no success.
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Post by TCG »

Most of our woes can be traceable to a relationship decision we made. I like the storyline of this book. It sounds great.
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Post by Anjiney_sr6 »

Wish things worked out better for Lucy but excelent book. It deserves 4/4 stars.
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