Official Review: JED by Jim Wetton

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Official Review: JED by Jim Wetton

Post by Acwoolet »

[Following is an official review of "JED" by Jim Wetton.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Jed by Jim Wetton is a beautiful story of a loving young boy with a good heart, who has a wanderlust so great that all he can think about is finding his great adventure. Beginning in the 1830s we are able to follow Jed’s life through his teens into his adulthood, through all his trials, triumphs, and life lessons that he finds himself in.

When we first meet Jed, he is begging his parents to allow him to travel out west with family friends. Even though they have hopes that Jed will follow in his father's footsteps and become the pastor of their local church, his parents agree to allow him to travel to Independence, Missouri. It is in Missouri that Jed finds love, starts his own family, and discovers a whole new set of opportunities to satisfy his wanderlust. As we follow Jed through his life we’re able to see him through two wars that begin to form the United States that we know today. Through all of his trials and adventures, Jed realizes that he is missing a certain type of peace that can’t be found in wars, and exploration. It is through a series of difficult choices that he must make to fight his demons and achieve his peace or to continue on his path of wander.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, so much so that I would have to say that it is one of the best ones that I’ve read in a long time. I was completely enthralled from the very beginning. Wetton’s description of life during the 1800s made me feel as if I were actually on the American frontier. The dialogue was fun, dramatic, and endearing. I fell in love with Jed and the rest of his family, I reveled in their achievements, and my heart broke with theirs with every tragedy they had to overcome.

I’d have to say that there really wasn’t anything that I disliked about the book. It was well written and thought out. It also had the feel of a professionally edited novel, any mistakes were minute and easily overlooked. Other than being emotionally destroyed by several tragedies, which honestly just added to the magnificence of the book, I loved every page of it. There were also many charming illustrations throughout the book that added to its appeal.

I wholeheartedly give Jed by Jim Wetton a 4 out of 4 stars. I was enthralled by the very beginning, and feel that it would appeal to many people. Other than the occasional innuendo after Jed and his wife married, the book is very clean with minimal swearing. The battle scenes and deaths are described with hardly any bloodshed, which flows well with the rest of the novel and will work for those who do not wish to stomach blood and gore. I feel that history buffs and book lovers, in general, would love reading it.

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Post by spencermack »

Do you think the battle scenes were made better by less bloodshed? Or was there just the right amount to properly set the tone for the scene?

Good review! :D
Spencer Mack

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Imdad khan
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Post by Imdad khan »

I have to say that, the story of this book is too much excited because Jed is best character and very very interesting. Story becomes adventurous step by step as someone read the book and the tragedies of Jed.

Thanks for the review. 😊

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Post by Zee_Zee »

I'm pretty sure I'd enjoy this book as well as you did when I get to read it. Just reading through the review makes me want to read it already. It's awesome having to follow up Jed's life story.
Thanks for the review

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Post by Rhianna_offical »

This book will be great readers to understand the uprising for Jed and also the downfall he had. Also don't you think the word tragedies came up a tad to much? But overall the theme for the book is great.

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Post by GPM »

Some point of our life, we are face if to choices: to stay, or to go out of the small world that we currently live in. I like the theme of the book.
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Adanna Inya
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Post by Adanna Inya »

Reading lots of novels in my teenage years, I always wanted to be a nomad. Hahaha. Travel from one place to another and camp wherever. This review made me nostalgic about my childish thoughts.

Well, Jed is absolutely right. You may have everything you need, but your peace is most important. I hope he found it. I hope he also survived the war. Thank you for the review

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Post by JKO »

I look forward to seeing if Jed makes the choice to fight his demons and achieve peace or if he continues on his path to wander. Thanks for the review.

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Post by Nujudee »

Seems like a mystery thriller book that will definitely unfold into more suspense-filled moments.
Nice review

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Post by Harty »

I like Jed's story as it shows how ambition can help map out some ones destiny. Thanks for the review.

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