Review by Ander Carlos -- Skills of the Warramunga

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Latest Review: Skills of the Warramunga by Greg Kater

Review by Ander Carlos -- Skills of the Warramunga

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Skills of the Warramunga" by Greg Kater.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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The novel Skills of the Warramunga by Greg Kater is a historical fiction that tells the story of Jamie, Jacko and Sarah who are on a mission to save Colonel Johnny Cook from a criminal gang operating from the Malaya jungle. Jamie and Jacko are members of the Commonwealth Investigations Service in Darwin, Australia. On the other hand, Sarah is an aborigine who is from Tenant Creek, Australia and is Jacko’s half sister. She is tagged into the group due to her excellent bush craft tracking skills. Colonel Johnny Cook is captured in a case of a mistaken identity by a criminal gang in the Malaya jungle. The man supposed to have been abducted was Samuel Martin, the aide of the governor general of Malaya who was supposed to be passing there at that particular time. Johnny cook and his driver happened to be passing the jungle at that moment and is mistaken for the real target. Its unfortunate that his driver is killed on the spot. Jamie, Jacko and Sarah experience and skill are thus needed to save Johnny Cook from the hands of his abductors.

This book is action filled with thriller and adventures that was nice and easily relatable. Jamie, Jacko and Sarah must intervene to save Johnny Cook who has been captured in the case of a mistaken identity. They must traverse the deadly Malaya jungle to get to the criminal gang responsible for the abduction. I was looking forward to their encounter with that gang and whether they would save Johnny Cook.

Another interesting feature I loved in the novel is the depiction of the theme; power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The criminal gang responsible for Johnny Cook’s abduction had been allies with the British during the war and together they had defeated the Japanese. However, after the war has ended, they are willing to wrestle power against the newly formed Malaya government and drive away the white foreigners. That just shows how thirsts for power could transform individuals overnight. It is the thirst for power that pushes them to kidnap Johnny Cook in a case of mistaken identity in the hope that he is the governor’s aide and thus would improve their bargaining power with the government. Power surely corrupts.

I loved the beautiful relationships that is shared by the leading characters in the novel. Jamie and Jacko does not think twice or even hesitate to help Johnny Cook upon learning that is in danger. They had developed a close bond back from their days during the North Africa Campaign when they fought the German troops. Their relationships continues after the war even though they come from worlds apart. Johnny Cook is from Britain whereas Jamie and Jacko are from Australia. They are concerned about the well being of one another. That was lovely of them.

In conclusion, I award this novel 4 out of 4 stars. It has an amazing content that is relatable and is easy to read and understand. I had no trouble reading it all. I recommend it to all persons interested in adventure ans thriller fictions. They would enjoy Jamie, Jacko and Sarah’s mission to save Johnny Cook from the hands of the criminal gang in Malaya jungle. Persons with no interests in adventure and thriller fictions may look for other novels. This book is exceptionally well edited and I enjoyed reading it.

Skills of the Warramunga
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