Official Review: Peoushi: An American Legend

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Latest Review: Peoushi: An American Legend by Michael F. McWilliams
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Official Review: Peoushi: An American Legend

Post by Ferdinand_otieno »

[Following is an official review of "Peoushi: An American Legend" by Michael F. McWilliams.]
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Peoushi: An American Legend by Michael F. McWilliams is a historical fiction novel. The book follows Major Marcus Reno as he tracks down the Indians on his scouting mission. The book details commonly known historical facts while adding a degree of personality to known historical names like Marcus Reno, General Custer, Dr. Porter, and many others.

The book starts with Reno's scouting of the Tongue River. He insists on setting camp and waiting on the selected scouts to return. Reno is eager to find the Indians in the hopes that this will lead to military advancement. The men in his cavalry have different opinions on what their leader plans to do once he comes across the Indians. Miles Keogh and Captain Yates are described increasingly well in the book. Miles Keogh is volatile, outspoken, rude, and insubordinate. He does not like Major Reno and does not try to hide this. It does not take long for Boyer and the Rees, the awaited scouting party, to join Reno and his cavalry. They come bearing the news that the Indians could not be seen. Reno directs them to eat and then ride to the Rosebud in order to see if they can catch a trail as to where the Indians are heading. Major Reno directs the cavalry to the Rosebud, hoping that by the time they get there the scouting party will have credible news. Mitch Boyer and the scouts, while carefully scouting the Rosebud, discover that the number of Indians travelling is significantly larger than they had previously thought. Will they catch the trail of the Indians? How many Indians are travelling and where is their destination? These questions will be answered in this amazing book.

The story of the Battle of Little Bighorn has been told time and again. What this book did was to give relatable personalities to the men in the seventh cavalry. I got to understand what drove Major Reno to disobey the orders he had been given and direct his men to hunt for the Indians. I also got to see the interactions of different personalities and how this affected the campaign. Marcus Reno is a man who enjoys the feeling of leadership and commanding his fellow men. His pride directs him to speak however he pleases to Mitch Boyer and his fellow scouting party. His insistence on following the trail left by the Indians, against the direct orders he had been given, had well-detailed historical ramifications. This presented a bit of a challenge because the end result of the campaign is detailed in historical books. It was particularly hard for me since I came to understand the personalities of many of the men in the cavalry. I did not know the diversity of the men under Major Reno. Corporal Meyer is a German immigrant who had found advancement in the military. The characters, in my opinion, are what separate this book from other historical books.

I encountered many themes in this book which were used to enrich the plot. The main theme I encountered was conflict. The cavalry is destined for conflict with the Indians. They are following their tracks hoping to report their location. Another major theme I encountered was humour. The author's explanation on how Captain Keogh's sanity being questioned by his men was hilarious. There was also humour when Will Rees complains about the state of his shirt and how it seems like he is even dirtier after cleaning himself. I encountered themes like trust, secrecy, espionage, discrimination, and pride. The author used these themes masterfully to highlight the depth of the characters and to make the plot memorable.

I rated the book 4 out of 4 stars. This is because I found the plot captivating and highly addictive. The characters were developed masterfully and livened the story. I did not encounter a single spelling or grammatical error. This led me to believe that the book was professionally edited. The only thing that I disliked about this book was how short it was. The book definitely deserved a 4-star rating.

I would recommend this book to historical fiction fans. The book would also appeal to fans of non-fiction and educational books. I enjoyed reading this book and I look forward to reading more of the author's works.

Peoushi: An American Legend
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Post by Crazyreader01 »

I feel like this book will allow people to make a connection to the names of the historical figures, maybe even help us understand why they did what they did and see them in a different light.
Thanks for your thorough review. :tiphat:

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Post by Anjali+1 »

Historical fiction books help us to imagine how people felt in various situations. Characterisation of characters (as per the review) insists me to add it to my bookshelves.

Thanks for the review. :tiphat:

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Post by chiefsimplex »

This is an informative historical read,but even better because of the broader perspective obtained from the up close personal accounts of actors.Thanks for a great review.
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Post by kandscreeley »

I love a plot that's highly addictive. This one sounds like a winner. It's great when an author can take historical facts and turn them into something more. When the author can give the historical figures personalities realistically, that's a good author. Thanks!
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Post by Prisallen »

This puts a face to the men in that historical battle, and it sounds as if it was done tastefully and with humor. This would be a good read for those of us who love to read about history. I don't think it is for me though. Thanks for the review!

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Post by sarahmarlowe »

Wow! It sounds as if the author did a great job of putting compelling personalities into a dry history story. I love authors that can do that. Thanks for such a thorough review!
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Post by MrsCatInTheHat »

You know it's got to be good when you wish it was longer! The conflict between Native Americans and the White Man was a critical part of history. This sounds like an interesting take on such conflict.
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Post by Smiley 25 »

I really enjoy reading historical fiction. This book is going on my must read list. Your review makes it sound like a really good read. The fact that you wish it was longer speaks volumes. I especially love that there is humor included with all of the other seriousness of this book. It mixes things up a little.

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Post by Kibetious »

This is an awesome review. As a fan of historical fiction books, I would definitely love to read this book very soon. You have described it really well in such a way that one will want to read the rest of the story. The themes handled are interesting too.
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Post by Kelyn »

I don't normally read historically based fiction, but this sounds fascinating. Learning the personalities of the men behind the history, as it were. I think that would hold my attention!! I just might give this one a try. Thanks for the in-depth review!!
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Post by Nerea »

Sounds like an incredible historical fiction story with numerous themes. I'm impressed that the book didn't have any grammatical errors. You did a good job in your review. Kudos.
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Post by Janalyn101 »

As I read your review, I kept thinking to myself this sounds familiar and then you mentioned little big horn and I was like darn! I love history and historical novels. I really enjoyed your review as I enjoy all your reviews. I will definitely be reading this book. Thanks! :tiphat:

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Post by juliusotieno02 »

I've read a lot about marcus Reno. It will be very interesting to read this book to know more. Thanks for your review
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Post by daviddawud »

This promises to be an intriguing historical fiction to peruse. I specifically love that the storyline is captivating and having flawless characters too! I would probably give it a shot. Great review you have written here.

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