Featured Review: The Sins of Soldiers by S J Hardman Lea

Please use this forum to discuss historical fiction books. Common definitions define historical fiction as novels written at least 25-50 years after the book's setting.
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Re: Featured Review: The Sins of Soldiers by S J Hardman Lea

Post by godreaujea » 11 May 2017, 15:32

This book sounds very interesting! I haven't read a book in this kind of perspective before. Great review!
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Post by Ndondo27 » 19 Jul 2017, 08:05

The book is good especially for those who love fiction and those who love history as it covers both genres

Atabon Della
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Post by Atabon Della » 26 Jul 2017, 10:40

Firstly, I don't like reading books about soldiers or wars because I think I won't understand the story and more so the slow pacing in the first half is another limitation for me. U just read a book which had a slow pacing all through and am trying to avoid a similar situation. Thanks though go the review.
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Post by LINA M-EMBER AMA » 17 Sep 2017, 16:35

Great review. It is lovely to be able to walk through the war ridden battlegrounds with the soldiers, feel their struggles and pain. Full character development in a book brings it completely to life. This book must be a great read.
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Post by Job Njoroge » 16 Oct 2017, 10:57

This is a great review and the book sure sounds great since it helps us to connect with soldiers and understand what they feel.

-- 26 Nov 2017, 05:21 --

The book sounds great but I wonder whether the author should have put more historical facts in it since it is a historical fiction book. Also the slow pace of the book is not something I enjoy reading. Great review though on the book, will try to read the book itself
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Post by ahmadusunday » 21 Apr 2018, 06:05

I don't really understand where the story is leading me to. I did not find anything interesting in it.

Kate S
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Post by Kate S » 15 Sep 2018, 00:14

I have a weak spot for good historical fiction. It's difficult balancing historical facts and the human element. I'm intrigued by the human element you mention in this story, and I want to give it a go. Even though you said the first part drags, I think (based on what I'm understanding here) that it might've been necessary for the main character's development. He is a journalist meant to document the daily life of British soldiers, but maybe it was also a little bit of a culture shock to the American? Things that are new tend to stick out more, so maybe that's why there's an overabundance of detail at times. It also could've been necessary to drag the pace in order to establish connections with his fellow soldiers, and make his epiphany about enjoying their company all the more poignant. But that's all speculation on my end. I definitely want to give this a read; I have it marked down in my notebook.

If you're interested in well-balanced (historical facts/human element) historical fiction, you might like The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory. :tiphat:

Sumra Abbas
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Post by Sumra Abbas » 15 Sep 2018, 00:34

Writing about the experiences of soldiers, this book can be a useful guide for any person whether one is soldier or not - by profession. Because somehow we all are soldiers of life, who daily face the situations like winning, losing,loving, hating, earning good or bad reputation, fear of misconception and much more. In this way it covers the broad spectrum of all people's experiences. Really worthy of time!

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