Official Review: Elizabeth Munk's Forest Edge Adventure

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Official Review: Elizabeth Munk's Forest Edge Adventure

Post by KristyKhem »

[Following is an official review of "Elizabeth Munk's Forest Edge Adventure" by Faye McFarland.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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The best kind of children’s stories are the ones which feature animals as the main characters. Elizabeth Munk’s Forest Edge Adventure is a children’s story which features a family of chipmunks. It was written by Faye McFarland. Her story follows Elizabeth Munk, the youngest chipmunk child, who accompanies her brothers to the Forest Edge. According to their mom, they must all work hard to gather food for winter. Elizabeth has a fun time exploring the woods, but what will she bring back to the burrow? Will it be sunflower seeds, holly berries, and pine nuts? Or will it be beautiful treasures of the forest?

This was a fun story. Elizabeth Munk had a sprightly personality. She loved adventure and raced outdoors as soon as she could to begin foraging. Although she had never climbed trees before, she was fearless when it came to doing this. Moreover, she loved nature. In the story, Elizabeth laughed as the breeze tickled her fur and she relished the feel of the cold raindrops on her face. Wesley Lowe’s illustrations also captured Elizabeth’s personality quite well. In one picture, he drew Elizabeth racing out of the burrow in excitement and in another, she was drawn with her paws open to the sky while the rain fell around her. The story definitely showcased a contagious enthusiasm for adventure and nature. I think that this can motivate children to enjoy the outdoors and inspire them to experience new things.

Despite the fact that animals cannot talk in real life, the author and illustrator allowed the book to be a learning resource for children. Although Wesley Lowe designed the animated illustrations using a colored-pencil and watercolor effect, he used realistic colors for the chipmunks. There was also a small section at the end of the book which gave facts about the Least Chipmunk which is the species of chipmunk which was featured in the story. A glossary was included which gave the meaning of some of the bigger words, like ‘omnivore’ and ‘hibernate’. I really liked this feature of the book as I learned a lot about these animals.

Creativity was one of the main elements of the book. In the story, seemingly useless items were put together to create new things. In addition to creativity, this part of the story may also have been a nod to recycling. This was an excellent feature of the story. This concept can teach children to see the value in useless objects. It can encourage youngsters to creatively reuse objects or inspire them to create something totally new.

I was really pleased that this book contained no errors. To me, it seemed as if it were professionally edited. I liked everything about this book and I’m delighted to award it 4 out of 4 stars. Elizabeth Munk’s Forest Edge Adventure will appeal to youngsters aged 7 and over.

Elizabeth Munk's Forest Edge Adventure
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Post by kandscreeley »

I love creative children's books, and this one certainly fits the bill. I'm not really in the age range for this one, but it still seems cute. Thanks so much for the information.
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Post by KristyKhem »

kandscreeley wrote:
18 Dec 2018, 09:02
I love creative children's books, and this one certainly fits the bill. I'm not really in the age range for this one, but it still seems cute. Thanks so much for the information.
You're very welcome, thank you for commenting :)

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Post by SpencerVo »

Your review is so detailed and delightful to read. I think this book is a "serious children's book" which sounds quite contradicting, but what I mean is that this book leans towards the knowledgeable and creative sides while also teaching young children many fun things about nature, exploration, and cherishing small items. I'm over the age of the target audience, but I'd love to read this book. Thank you for this lovely review!
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Post by Alicia09 »

This sounds like a fun story my students will love. Some of their favorite books have animals as the main characters.
Do the characters in this book talk?

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Post by Sweet Psamy »

I love the fact that seemingly useless things were put together to create new things. That was quite innovative of the author.

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Post by gali »

A kids' book revolving around a family of chipmunks sounds sweet. Fun plot, animated illustrations, and good themes make it a good read for kids. Adding a glossary is a nice touch. That it was well edited is another plus. I love books that teach kids about nature and animals. Thank you for the review!
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Post by Kro92813 »

I'm not in the market for childrens books, but this one seems like a really cute story! The pictures were adorable as well. Thanks for the review!

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Post by Emy Katherine »

A well-written children's story that "showcased a contagious enthusiasm for adventure and nature" sounds a must-read for fans of the genre.
I've just read the sample and liked the illustrations! However, I don't think it's for me. I am glad you enjoyed it and thank you for the detailed review!

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Post by Lcastano723 »

I feel this will be a good read. I haven't read it, only a sample, but I would love to read and see what little sister does.

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Post by Rachel Lea »

This sounds like a really lovely and well-written children's book! I'll be checking this one out. Thanks for your review!
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Post by Ferdinand_otieno »

This is an inspirational children's book on family, relationships, acceptance, and a daily adventure to the woods to forage. It has a free sample on Amazon Kindle and has an inciteful OnlineBookClub review. I rated it 4 out of 4 stars, and congrats @brandypublish on the BOTD.

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Post by Lunastella »

What an amazing book!
I believe it's important for kids not only to enjoy nature but to learn to respect it and the best way, in my opinion, is not in a preachy way but a fun one, such as this book.
I find commendable that the author presents a glossary and other learning resources. Books are the best way to expand a children's vocabulary and with a glossary, the author doesn't have to dumb down the vocabulary or rely on the parents to explain the meaning of the words.
Great review, thanks!

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Post by Stephanie Elizabeth »

What a charming book for children! I love that this book teaches kids about wildlife and the importance of hard work. I also am pleased that the author was able to address the environment by emphasizing the need for recycling. Thanks for the great review!

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Post by Falconcrest »

The universe of the writer is infinite. It knows no limits and crosses all borders it brings different ethnicities together. It breaks down barriers and makes us all speak one language. It enables us all to dream and fall in love and really hope for the honesty in all our hearts. It's books like this when we read to our young bookworms that plant seeds for them to grow and be better leaders and caretakers of this planet. When we read stories like this we allow them to dream. Thanks for an amazing review.

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