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Latest Review: Toni the Superhero by R.D. Base

Review by Rumiza_Shaikh07 -- Toni the Superhero

Post by Rumiza_Shaikh07 » 20 Jul 2018, 05:37

[Following is a volunteer review of "Toni the Superhero" by R.D. Base.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Living in the today's world, where technology is scaling heights and pacing hard and fast, kids end up holding tablets in their tender hands before holding a book. Although there are numerous children books out in the market nowadays, most of them are either language builders or based on general knowledge or for that purpose related to social ethics and mannerisms. These are designed as stories which usually include a particular matter of concern, interacting with the young readers, giving out solutions and making resolutions, giving out teachings, etc. Another media for kids is animated movies and comics, etc. These movies and comics revolve around one principle concept, of superheroes. Clearly, nothing or no one amazes kids as much as superheroes do. I can relate very well to this being a hardcore Power-Puff Girls fan myself as a toddler. Toni the Superhero by R.D Base does just this, it aptly gives out the superhero concept to your kid, and behold, not even all that unrealistically!

Toni doesn't flash neon lasers at enemies or flies a bus drowning in some river to rescue people. If you are the kind of parent who wants to shell up your child from unrealistic fancy imaginations, this one is your pick for sure. Toni, just like other regular children of his age, does secondary household chores like cleaning , helping his mother wash dishes and goes swimming, playing out with his friends, eating , etc. He reads, and this one feature may encourage your child to read just like their superhero. Toni does all the activities our kids do in real life and the book doesn't stress much upon his super powers.

A superhero on a quest to achieve ordinary tasks defines Toni right. From a young age itself we begin training our kids to perform simple day-to-day chores like cleaning, eating, dressing up, playing games, etc. Our kids are very receptive to out commands and carry out the tasks we ask them to accomplish obediently, Toni will inspire them to take on these little challenges with great zeal as the idea of a superhero doing work similar to them will surely drive them with excitement to accomplish their tasks. The Author has done a great job making the lead of the story a superhero, as kids love characters with special abilities and thus the book is sure to gather a huge mass of these young audiences. Toni is a superhero for sure as he wears the superhero dress code - the eye-mask, the cape, yellow boots, and the superhero letter 'T' on his costume. He flies as well. He loves to rescue animals, and is shown using his super-powers on occasions which prove his sensitive and socially concerned side. He loves eating and will teach kids the importance of healthy food. On the playground with other kids, Toni is just another young boy running around and playing with the other kids just like they do. I appreciate the author for designing Toni's character in a way much relative to our kids which will make them find this book very interesting to read.

Caring for animals, helping mother, being kind and helpful to friends and other sensitive ethics are aptly stressed upon into this book and hence it is a recommendation to make your child read it. Short and simple sentences, wide illustrations, less page count (30 pages only), makes this book a perfect read for children who are stepping their first into the world of reading. Short and full of fun, this story isn't your typical traditional plot novel, but then that is a benefit because the intention here is to make kids begin reading and then hold up to it and not just look at the large number of pages and drop the idea to read any further. Illustrious artwork and graphics compliment well with the text, so the kids know how well their imagination matches with what the author is actually trying to say.

Toni the Superhero has earned 4 out of 4 stars for being extremely kids-friendly and thus doing complete justice to the genre. The character Toni sure does win hearts with his superpowers and simplicity together. Superpowers which amaze kids and simplicity which relates to them are two shining stars of this book which your kids must surely see. Short sentences, easy vocabulary and pictures are a great way to get your kids to begin reading their first on their own and develop interest into it at the same time.


Toni the Superhero
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