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Latest Review: Toni the Superhero by R.D. Base

Review by daylaylay_16 -- Toni the Superhero by R.D. Base

Post by daylaylay_16 » 07 Jul 2018, 15:10

[Following is a volunteer review of "Toni the Superhero" by R.D. Base.]
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The book, “Toni the super hero” by R.D. Base, is a children’s book made for only little ones who are starting to learn how to read for the first time. This is not for old children who have perfected the language and reading skills over time. However, both parent and older siblings can sit down to teach the young one how to read with this book.

This is a perfect practice build to learn not only how to read but how to speak coherent language. It is perfect for any child that are beginning school for the first time as well. This will give them a sense of becoming smarter as they practice. It is best to be read first by an adult reading to them. Once that is complete, you can then allow the child to take their time in learning each word by sounding them out.

Another idea would also give them a chance to practice their writing if they are curious what any of how to spell any word. Even telling them the meaning of each word by giving them the definition of new words. The book itself is colorful with a role model character. He wears a cape with glasses and gloves that are all colorful.

This gives the child a sense of heroism as by saying “you are your own hero when you are good”. The character is older which will give the child a chance to look up to someone as they are most often impressionable at a young age. Seeing someone who has more years ahead is awesome to a child because they are seen as the “cool” kids so to speak.

To them, the older kids are like a master Jedi who works with the light side. Teaching the child about being nice, having good manners, being respectful, physical activities, and even eating healthy that helps a child learn that being healthy is a good thing. I believe is a key component for a child’s growth development to start learning how to eat fruits and vegetables over junk food and that exercise is good for the body to stay strong physically.

The writing is simple, there is no grammatical mistakes in the writing. It is colorful for a picture book. However, I suggest that this could be much better use if the book had a much more interactive approach like maybe a game to it or even allow teachers to give their young students a chance to learn on their own or even make useful flash cards by highlighting the words that are “bigger” words children don’t normally use. Any child under the age of five is able to learn new words and read when needed to. I give this book 4 out of 4 for being a great children’s book. I suggest to parents who want to read to their kids or have their kids learn to read get this book for them as it’ll teach them to read and become a good mannered, clean, respectful healthy person.

Toni the Superhero
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