Review by Kristy Mayo -- Toni the Superhero by R.D. Base

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Kristy Mayo
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Latest Review: Toni the Superhero by R.D. Base

Review by Kristy Mayo -- Toni the Superhero by R.D. Base

Post by Kristy Mayo » 29 Apr 2018, 20:41

[Following is a volunteer review of "Toni the Superhero" by R.D. Base.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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The book starts of when the Author R.D. Base introduce the young boy as Toni The Superhero. This is a new book for children who can look at great illustrations colors to keep them read. When a child is introduce to this great book and see the sentence structure. Which has big words to help the child learn how to understand words in the book.They wanted to read more. The author has three young boys of her own and this is a great book for any young boy. The young superhero likes to read books and rescue animals for a living. Many of the illustrations in the book can help a child understand why Toni is a superhero. He likes to play in the yard with his friends. While reading this part can help a young child know that outside playing with friends and running around can keep them more active. Toni likes to help wash dishes with his mother and also likes to sweep and dust. The author describes this in the sentence about the chores Toni is doing. Which can introduce young children to help around the house.

When Toni likes to eat a balance health meal. In today's society the public is trying to let each child have balance meals to stay health. Toni likes to sleep and he is a terrific for being a superhero. This is a great book to read and I love it myself because it reminds me of in my days my mom would have me and my sister either doing homework during the week and chores on the weekends. The author did a good job illustrate the book with colors and big words for a child to read.
The author can help young children understand about being a superhero and helping around the house. These actives help you become an active child. I love the colors and pictures that describes what Toni The Superhero is doing in the children book. Throughout the book the young boy is telling a child that you can be a superhero by helping around the house and having a life with your family and friends.

The book inspires me to read the book to my niece and nephew because they can learn about the different activities they can do when being a child. Having a superhero around is great thing to have so that they can do what ever a child wants to do. I can picture my nephew and niece enjoy playing and using a big imagination while reading this book. The book is an enjoyment to families all around the world. She use the big words to keep the children to read the story better. Reading this book keep me wondering about the different activities that Toni The Superhero was doing. As a young child you can do all kinds of activities to enjoy life. The name of the book Toni Superhero is a great title to introduce what children can do by having a great imagination in their life today.

The author R.D. Base is a great writer who dedicates the book to her family. She has younger boys and family to help her write the book. This is a great inspiration to help any body write a book. The author is comparing her young boys to Toni The Superhero and how they would act if they had super powers. When reviewing this book I can imagine my own children reading it. My niece and nephew enjoy the book while I was reading it to them. They were asking all types of questions on Toni The Superhero. I said to them that children can imagine anything when believing . While adding illustration to a book with colors it will capture the child's eye and their minds would want to learn more about what will happen next in the story.

To close with remarks on Toni the Superhero a child can stay activated while being young at heart when helping out their family. This gives children a great understanding on the help they can do for each other by doing a great deed. When playing with your friends, you can use super power to imagine everything. Many colors as used in this book and I like the way how each page is illustrated. At the end of the book Toni has done all great activities for today and falls asleep. The author enclose that Toni is terrific!

I rate the book a 4 out of 4. It is a great book for the younger generation to read and learn.

Toni the Superhero
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The BookWorm Nagham
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Latest Review: Toni the Superhero by R.D. Base

Post by The BookWorm Nagham » 06 Jun 2018, 02:41

Great review! I think a superhero is a great choice for the main character especially in a children's book. We look up to superheroes, they're role models. And by showing Toni doing regular activities, eating healthy and helping his mothers, the author is setting a great example for kids. I also reviewed this book, check out my review if you like.

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