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Victory Ositaorah
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Latest Review: Is This Really Happening? by Amber N. Wilson, LCSW, LCDC

Review of Is This Really Happening?

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[Following is an official review of "Is This Really Happening?" by Amber N. Wilson, LCSW, LCDC.]
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5 out of 5 stars
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Being in a learning environment has never been easy for young children, and they will require plenty of guidance on how to deal with all kinds of situations, particularly situations that are new and dangerous. This book, Is This Really Happening?: What to Do When There's a Dangerous Person at School," will teach readers how Mrs. Woods handles an incident at school.

It was "Popcorn and Movie Day," and everyone in the class waited eagerly for the bell to ring so they could start the day. Josie ran into the class as the bell rang, and seconds later, Jack burst into the classroom, trying to catch his breath. A student asked the homeroom teacher which movie they would be seeing, and the homeroom teacher, Mr. Brockman, informed the class that those who behave will be watching the movie titled "The Squirrel Tales 2." As events unfolded, they heard a muffled bang outside the classroom as they went about their usual academic activities while Mrs. Woods taught. One of the students looked down the hallway and saw someone who looked like Jack's older brother walk by. After reading this book, we will learn the cause of the sound and how both children and teachers addressed this situation.

I found this book to be generally unique, and the fact that it is dedicated to those who have lost their lives too soon due to school violence makes it a unique and enlightening resource. I loved the quality of the pictures, which would make the reading experience interesting and enlightening for children. I like that this book guides both children and teachers on what to do in certain circumstances, as Mrs. Woods did in this book. I loved how the entire school was prepared ahead of time in case of a threat. The pupils' cooperation was also admirable, as it would teach young readers about the value of teamwork. I appreciate the amount of affection exhibited in this book by kids, instructors, and parents.

I have no negative comments on this book, and considering the paragraph above, I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. I also encountered no errors while reading this book, which shows it was exceptionally well-edited. Last but not least, I recommend this book to schools and families with young kids, as it would be most beneficial to them.

Is This Really Happening?
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Areena David
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Post by Areena David »

After the recent increase in school violence incidents, I find that the book is a valuable resource for teaching children how to deal with situations that may be new and dangerous in the educational environment.
Sandre Lamar
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Post by Sandre Lamar »

"Is This Really Happening?" by Amber N. Wilson, LCSW, LCDC. is a crucial resource for young readers, teaching valuable lessons on safety and teamwork in a sensitive and educational manner.
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Slippy Spectrum
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Latest Review: Sister B by David Charles Hart

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Review: Ya know, chère, this here book seems like a mighty fine read! It's all about teachin' young'uns how to handle dangerous situations at school, and that's somethin' mighty important in this day and age. The story follows Mrs. Woods and how she handles a scary incident at her school. Now, I do declare, the pictures in this book are oozing with quality, makin' it a real treat for the eyes of them young'uns. What I appreciate the most is how it guides both the children and the teachers on what to do in such situations, givin' 'em the knowledge to stay safe. And let me tell ya, the love and care shown by the kids, teachers, and parents is truly heartwarming.

Now, lemme give ya my rating, sugah. I gotta say, this book deserves a solid 5 out of 5 stars! It's informative, well-edited, and could be a valuable resource for schools and families. So, if y'all lookin' for a book that'll teach your young'uns about safety in a school environment, this here book is the way to go! Honey, you won't regret it one bit. Dynamic characters, felt alive and vibrant.
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