Review of What Easter Really Means

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Rishaunda Lynnette Britton
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Review of What Easter Really Means

Post by Rishaunda Lynnette Britton »

[Following is an official review of "What Easter Really Means" by Darrylynn Fabrizius.]
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Mollie, a six-year-old girl, is excited about the Easter celebration and really wants to know who invented it and what it's all about. There are questions popping up in her head about this subject, and she soon meets Grandma for answers. From here begins a conversation that is so fun and enlightening.

What Easter Really Means is a children's story written by Darrylynn Fabrizius. I appreciate the drive behind writing this story. Just like some of the author's grandchildren, there are several Christian children who do not really understand what Easter is. They think it's all about eating, drinking, and having lots of fun. Well, these are great ways of making Easter Day more memorable, but there is something deeper that made this day even possible, and that should be our major focus.

So this book does a great job of teaching children how Easter came to be and for whose honor it's being observed. The story is very engaging. It is crafted in a way to make readers feel present and involved in the conversation between Mollie and Grandma. There are even spaces left for the readers to introduce themselves and also share the outcome of their conversations with their parents and grandparents about what Easter is all about.

The story also notes the significance of Easter for our eternal fate and destination as Christians. The illustrations, done by Jason Velazquez, are great and add depth to the story. The language is simple, making it easy for children to read and understand the information shared in this story. The absence of grammatical errors made my reading smooth and memorable.

I rate this book five out of five stars for the easy-to-understand explanations of what Easter truly is and for the exceptional editing. I found no issues in this book, so there is no reason to deduct any stars from the rating. What Easter Really Means is recommended for Christian readers aged six to eight years.

What Easter Really Means
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Ajay Rudrapati
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Post by Ajay Rudrapati »

I am very much awaited to read this book, Your review motivated me to read this book ASAP. The way you inculcated the details of the book in a very clear manner is impressive. Thank you
Daniel Chigozie ANI
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Post by Daniel Chigozie ANI »

It is a good one, for everybody to understand the celebration that attached to Easter, and the sacrifices our Lord Jesus Christ paid for we to be save and believe in the real faith of Christianity.
Anil Baade
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Post by Anil Baade »

You've explained very well about the book and you have mentioned the content of the book very nicely. I'll definitely start reading this book.
Sweeter Parker
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Post by Sweeter Parker »

You did an incredible job with this review. You explanation of the book is convincing. I'm most likely going to check this book out, even if it's not my type of book. Great review!
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Vinay Penubothu
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Post by Vinay Penubothu »

Thank you for your detailed review! Your insights have piqued my interest, and I'm excited to dive into the book. Your review convinced me it's a must-read. Thanks for sharing your thoughts - they've inspired me to explore further.
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Post by Christianking »

am very much awaited to read this book, Your review motivated me to read this book ASAP. The way you inculcated the details of the book in a very clear manner is impressive. Thank you
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Alex Lynn
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Post by Alex Lynn »

The premise of Mollie's curiosity about Easter and her conversation with Grandma to understand its deeper significance is appealing. Your appreciation for the author's drive to educate children about the true meaning of Easter is noted. The focus on going beyond the surface-level celebrations and emphasizing the religious significance of the day is considered a strong point of the book.
Brittany Stephens
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Post by Brittany Stephens »

I'd really like to read that book it's seems to be a very pleasant fun book great review by the way
Brittany Smith
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Post by Faith Job »

It is a very fun book. Just make sure you read it when you can take notes. I really enjoyed reading this book.
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Prakhar 121
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Post by Prakhar 121 »

"What Easter Really Means" by Darrylynn Fabrizius is a delightful children's story that beautifully explains the significance of Easter. Through engaging conversations between Mollie and her Grandma, young readers learn about the true meaning of Easter and its importance in Christianity. The book's illustrations by Jason Velazquez enhance the storytelling, and the simple language makes it accessible for children. With no grammatical errors and a clear message, this book earns a perfect five-star rating. It's highly recommended for children aged six to eight who want to understand Easter better.
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Biswajit Barman 1
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Post by Biswajit Barman 1 »

The book serves as an educational tool for children, offering insight into the origins and meaning of Easter beyond the traditional festivities of egg hunts and treats. Fabrizius skillfully weaves together a narrative that engages young readers while imparting valuable lessons about faith and spirituality.
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what a good story! I can't wait to read whole pages and know what the Easter celebration is about.
cause I think this book gives education to children as young readers to understand what Fabrizius tries to teach about all lessons beyond faith and spirituality.
Chinenye Achilike
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Post by Chinenye Achilike »

This book is timely to help not just children but everyone understand about Easter, especially since the celebration is just around the corner. Great review.
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Daisy Lou
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Post by Daisy Lou »

Thank you for your insightful review of "What Easter Really Means" by Darrylynn Fabrizius. It's heartwarming to see how the story effectively educates children about the deeper significance of Easter beyond the festivities, engaging them in a meaningful conversation with Grandma. With its captivating narrative, simple language, and beautiful illustrations, this book serves as a valuable resource for young Christian readers, earning a well-deserved five-star rating.
Daisy Lou :character-ariel:

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