What was your favorite bedtime story?

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Re: What was your favorite bedtime story?

Post by Bronsone » 27 Jul 2016, 15:24

My mother used to read CS Lewis' The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe to me at bedtime. It was truly my favorite time I can remember spending with her. Lucy, especially became a character with whom I strongly identified. Her curiosity and zeal leap off the page.

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Post by K_Kaori » 28 Jul 2016, 11:06

I remember I had a book filled with stories of Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty etc. I even had a book with Bible stories which had these great pictorial illustrations which made me so intrigued as a child to learn more about B.C. era.

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Post by Boyko Ovcharov » 04 Aug 2016, 03:31

Cinderella & Beauty and the Beast.

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Post by Katie[scarlette]18 » 10 Aug 2016, 23:43

The Velveteen Rabit was my all time favorite books when I was little! I even had the little rabit stuffed animal that I would snuggle with when my mom or grandmother would read out loud to me. I even did a reading of it during forensics competitions. I can't wait to read it to my nieces!

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Post by Lulu_Bear1243 » 11 Aug 2016, 00:45

Go, Dog. Go! was definitely among my favorites! I liked reading it by myself, but it was the best when my aunt read it to me and my older brother.

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Post by Jacque33 » 01 Sep 2016, 15:18

Oddly enough, I was rarely read to before bed, so all I have to go on is my own son's favorites. Right now he loves anything Scooby Doo, but really enjoys "Good Knight, Sleep Tight" and "The Kiss that Missed" by David Melling. Mo Willem is popular with him right now, starring Piggie and Gerald the elephant. I find them a little difficult to read aloud though, similar to my husband's favorite stories of Frog and Dog. I'm willing to read those to him because, let's face it, who can resist hearing that delightful laugh at the end of the day?
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Post by Kjdominque » 13 Sep 2016, 17:34

It may be cliche but my favourite bedtime story was Little Red Riding Hood. I always felt sorry for the poor wolf though. He was just doing what came naturally to him and he got murdered for it. Poor thing. Whereas if that little brat Red hadn't wandered off the path in the first place then the wolf wouldn't have eaten her grandmother and then he would still be alive today.

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Post by catfranie » 17 Sep 2016, 17:35

my favorite bedtime story of all time is Home for a Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown.

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Post by ChelseaD » 17 Sep 2016, 21:21

Mine was definitely Jesse Bear What Will You Wear by Nancy White Carlstrom <3 <3

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Post by Izabella » 22 Sep 2016, 07:56

I read The Gruffalo to my two kids loads as a bedtime story. It's probably not the most appropriate story to tell just before they sleep, but they do enjoy it! The Gruffalo's child is another one that we all enjoy!

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Post by Jeyran Main » 27 Sep 2016, 16:13

I never had a story time book. My Father would sit next to my bed and tell me one of his own stories. There were always animals in the jungle and the Lion was the ruler, and the Fox was always causing trouble. Every night the story would change, but the characters remained the same.
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Post by lily_kh87 » 01 Oct 2016, 14:48

My favorite bedtime story was Hansel and Gretel. My sister used to read it for me every day and I was always amused by it and never got bored :D
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Post by cora_reads » 02 Oct 2016, 09:57

The best bed time story was definitely anything with skippyjon Jones! He is great!

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Post by bruin » 02 Oct 2016, 17:13

I loved when my mom would read The Three Little Bears. I would just watch her face as she would make the different voices for each of the bears and goldilocks. I don't remember what the book looked like, but I do remember how she would read the story with so much enthusiasm.

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Post by Jlow » 02 Oct 2016, 17:24

The night before Christmas.

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