What was your favorite bedtime story?

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Re: What was your favorite bedtime story?

Post by Qittie » 04 Jan 2016, 03:50

I always read the same book and still do now since it is the only book I had since I was a kid. All my other books had gone missing or got sold. The book is called "A Hole In Her Pocket and Other Stories" by Grid Blyton. It contains more than one story which are educational and is a good book to teach kids on how to stay humble and not selfish. My favorite story among all the 12 stories from the book was "A Hole In her Pocket" where the little girl never listens to her mother when she told her to sew the hole found in her pocket. She kept on losing things whenever she put stuff inside her pocket and goes out. She then learnt her lesson and sewed her pocket in the end.

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Post by reading-is-awesome » 24 Jan 2016, 14:32

My favorite bed time story was The Emperors New Clothes (not sure who the author is). I love the lesson in the story about how you have to be careful about who you trust and be aware of your surroundings

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Post by Rmwtew23 » 13 Apr 2016, 19:49

Nana Upstairs and Nana Downstairs was my favorite when I was younger. Then Baby Island became my favorite as I grew.

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Post by oreocookie1000 » 22 Apr 2016, 15:36

I loved good night moon , I actually still have it for old times sake , I found the book really calming and I loved reading as a little kid so I would continuously read it over and over again.

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Post by NotNowImReading » 07 May 2016, 00:54

My favorite bedtime stories are Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat in the Hat, and The Cat in the Hat Comes Back. Dr. Seuss was a master at rhythm and timing and I especially love his use of made-up nonsense words. They make my daughter giggle and that makes it fun for me to read.

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Post by anneloretrujillo » 04 Jun 2016, 22:37

When I was litle, we used to have a giant book of classic children's stories. My dad would always read one to us before we went to bed at night. My favorite was always Rumplestiltskin! When he asked which story we wanted to hear, that was always my answer. Although, now that I'm older, it doesn't exactly seem like the best bedtime story!

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Post by jedodds » 11 Jun 2016, 19:57

My favorite book as a kid was The Little Engine That Could. A few years ago Scholastic had a large hardcover edition of this book. I cherish reading this book with my own children. It sends a timeless message about how determination is can get you far. Through believing in himself, the Little Engine That Could accomplished more than the big strong engines. A powerful message to send today's children. I often read this to my students. We talk about how excercising your "try muscle" can get you far in life. :techie-studyingbrown:

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Post by barb429 » 11 Jun 2016, 20:44

As a child my favorite bedtime story was The Lion's Haircut by Jennifer Giddings. It's long out of print, but my father used to read it to me every night and really holds a special meaning to me.
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Post by Dula » 13 Jun 2016, 06:23

When I was a child my favorite bedtime story was "The Enchanted Wood" by Enid Blyton. Every night before sleep I use to read few pages of it.

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Post by nitebyrd44 » 26 Jun 2016, 21:43

When I was a child my parents had a book called The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes.....It had a lot of the Bible stories I had heard in Sunday School and each store was one page only. The pictures were very impressive as well. I remember my dad reading this book over and over to us. I began to memorize some of the stories so I could read them myself!

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Post by AbbyFinco » 02 Jul 2016, 19:44

I loved My favorite foodles. There were stories and rhymes in this book. My favorite rhyme was aken drum. I am not sure how to spell the first name. My favorite story was the turnip.

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Post by erica_bvs » 10 Jul 2016, 17:17

I liked the dr. Seuss books the most. Green Eggs and Ham, Hop on Pop, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish were my favorite. The rhymes made me feel happy before bed.

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Post by Cowabunga18 » 17 Jul 2016, 01:15

I loved rainbow fish and Dr. Seuss books. Now I know that his books have meaning and are great for kids.

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Post by CatInTheHat » 24 Jul 2016, 19:52

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Post by klbradley » 24 Jul 2016, 20:19

I had an old book when I was young, and I remember it was completely falling apart. It was called Caps for Sale although I have no idea who the author is. I would love to find that one again for my son. I'm not sure what I liked so much about it, but it was the only one I would request.
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