Review of The Hummingbird & The Narwhal

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Ivana Tomaš
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Review of The Hummingbird & The Narwhal

Post by Ivana Tomaš »

[Following is an official review of "The Hummingbird & The Narwhal" by Annie Higbee.]
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Sometimes friendships are found in the most unexpected places. The Hummingbird & the Narwhal by Annie Higbee is a children's book that shows this flawlessly.

The story follows a hummingbird and a narwhal who, apart from visible differences, have a lot in common. One day, by chance, these two animals meet. Strong winds pushed the hummingbird from her path to Maine. In all this disarray, she landed on a narwhal in the arctic, which at that moment came to the ocean's surface. He also accidentally deviated from his path and got separated from his family of narwhals, who usually migrate together. The animals became friends very quickly; they discovered how alike they were and realized how they could help each other.

First of all, I must commend the author and illustrator Annie Higbee on this wonderful children's story because it is one of the best I have read recently. The concept is very engaging; the author sends a message about the importance of kindness and friendship through an unusual selection of animals. I think that narwhals and hummingbirds are animals rarely seen in literature, particularly children's literature, which makes this book even more authentic and unique. In addition, I like the way the animals recognized their similarities and the ways they could help each other. Furthermore, the writing style seems proficient, experienced, and lyrical, and reading the author's perfectly assembled sentences is a real pleasure. Additionally, the illustrations throughout the book are truly gorgeous and complement the text very nicely. Most illustrations appear to be painted with crayons, but effortlessly, subtly, and delicately. The course of the story can be easily followed through the pictures. I would also like to stress that the editing quality seems exceptional, considering I did not encounter any errors.

There frankly isn't anything I didn't like about the book. Every aspect of the book has been executed with the utmost precision, and I have nothing negative to accentuate or criticize the author.

All things considered, I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. I don't have a single good reason to give it a lower rating because I enjoyed everything about it. I would recommend the book to everyone who likes fables, illustrated stories, and stories with important lessons. Although this is primarily a children's book, I think many adults will enjoy it, specifically because of its refined and skilled writing style. I would also suggest to all English teachers to include this book in their curriculum if possible.

The Hummingbird & The Narwhal
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Patty Allread
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Post by Patty Allread »

I like your enthusiasm for this unique-sounding book! So unique, in fact, I had to look up what a narwhal is. The illustrations sound delightful.
Chinedum Chijioke
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Post by Chinedum Chijioke »

Authors should continue to write books that encourage people to be kind like this one did. Thanks for the review.
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Ma Kristine Dakoykoy Rennie
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Post by Ma Kristine Dakoykoy Rennie »

Your review of "The Hummingbird & the Narwhal" is incredibly detailed and glowing! It's clear that you found a lot to appreciate in both the storytelling and the visual elements of the book.
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Kshitija Sonawane
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Post by Kshitija Sonawane »

The reviewer is right. This is my first time hearing the word Narwhal and I know only minimal things about hummingbirds. In this age of competition and rat race for everything, it would indeed be beneficial if kids read books like these, which would encourage them to help each other excel. Trying to pull each other down will keep everyone down but if they try to uplift each other, they will reach new heights together. Congratulations to the author for BOTD and best wishes for future projects.
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Sushan Ekanayake
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Post by Sushan Ekanayake »

'The Hummingbird & the Narwhal' by Annie Higbee is a heartwarming children's story about unexpected friendships and the beauty of similarities amidst differences. With enchanting illustrations and a lyrical narrative, this tale is perfect for teaching kids about kindness and cooperation. Congratulations on being BOTD!
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Kirsten Wheeler
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Post by Kirsten Wheeler »

A really great review. I completely agree with you on the illustrations - they are magical. I love that you can see the canvas texture and the mixture of media - oil paint, charcoal, and crayons. The images are so engaging without being flashy and in-your-face.
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Meghan Soderholm
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Post by Meghan Soderholm »

This book confirms there is beauty in everything and everyone. It's a powerful lesson for everyone to embrace, and what better to carry the message than through a thoughtful children’s book. Thank you for writing such an insightful review!
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Aang Krishna
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Post by Aang Krishna »

Thank you for absolutely detail & pleasant. The Book teks about wonderful friendship from the heart and makes differences something that strengthens their friendship even more. Nice lesson&congrats.
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Jorge Leon Salazar
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Post by Jorge Leon Salazar »

This story has as protagonists a hummingbird and a narwhal. It sends a message about the importance of kindness and friendship. The writing style is an attractive feature in this work. It is aimed at anyone who likes fables, illustrated stories and stories with important lessons, especially children.
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Rahul Singh 29
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Post by Rahul Singh 29 »

The book shows us that friendship transcends the boundaries of space and time, and that we can find true companions in the most unlikely places. The hummingbird and the narwhal are both creatures of flight, but in different mediums. They share a common spirit of adventure and curiosity, but also face different challenges and dangers. They teach us that we can learn from each other's experiences and perspectives, and that we can help each other grow and overcome our fears. The book also shows us that friendship is not limited by distance or separation, but rather by the strength of our bonds and memories. The hummingbird and the narwhal may not see each other again, but they will always remember and cherish their time together. The book reminds us that friendship is a precious gift that we should treasure and nurture, and that we should always be open to new and unexpected connections. Thanks for sharing this nice review. Congrats on #BOTD!
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Victory Ositaorah
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Post by Victory Ositaorah »

I love this books ideology and also the fact that the author was able to use such a wonderful story to depict the relationship between a Narwhal and Humming bird. Congrats on BOTD.
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María Andrea Fernández Sepúlveda
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Post by María Andrea Fernández Sepúlveda »

What a wonderful premise! I hope kids and adults alike can learn to embrace the differences and realize that we are all much more alike than it seems. The illustrations seem fabulous, too. Thank you!
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Margi zuu202
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Post by Margi zuu202 »

The book teaches about friendship, kindness how it can be found in an expected places two critters who looked similar but are from different word that ended up building friendship and love and kindness such a nice story I will recommend it 💯☑️
Sakshi A Soni
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Post by Sakshi A Soni »

Thank you so much for your heartfelt and positive review of "The Hummingbird & the Narwhal" by Annie Higbee. I'm delighted to hear that you found the concept engaging and appreciated the author's message about the importance of kindness and friendship, conveyed through the unique choice of animals. It's wonderful to know that you enjoyed the proficiency, experience, and lyrical quality of the writing style, finding it to be a real pleasure to read. I'm glad the illustrations complemented the text nicely, and your recognition of the exceptional editing quality is greatly appreciated. Your 5-star rating and recommendation to a wide audience, including English teachers, are truly valued. Thanks again for taking the time to share your positive experience with the book. Happy reading!
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