Review of The Adventure of Sockboy

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Daniel Oscar
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Review of The Adventure of Sockboy

Post by Daniel Oscar »

[Following is an official review of "The Adventure of Sockboy" by Karl "Ultrakarl" Cottle.]
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Regardless of what we think, emotions make us human. The ability to cry, laugh, feel depressed, and enjoy the moment is what makes us stand out from other creatures. However, some people think it's a crime to be vulnerable, and the protagonist of the book The Adventure of Sockboy by Karl "Ultrakarl" Cottle felt that way.

One morning, waking up from sleep, the boy thought of how cold his legs felt and rushed to cover them with his socks. Then suddenly, an idea occurred to him that, like his feet, he could also cover himself with a sock to shield himself from the world. He quickly made this big sock and this became his costume. He enjoyed this costume for a while, then he began noticing that he couldn't do things the way he previously did them. What he felt would be his comfort zone was the antithesis of anything comfortable. He is forced to learn the biggest lesson of his life.

Even though I'm an adult, coming across a children's book with such a powerful message is very fortunate. Unlike other children's books, the author went outside the norms to pass a powerful message with an interesting storyline. The book is very easy to read and decipher the message it contains. The vocabulary it contains is a very easy one to understand. This is the precise definition of what a children's book should be. The pictures were good, the storyline was magnificent, and I learned something touching while reading this book.

There wasn't even a single thing I could point out that the author did wrong. This is the perfect bedtime story for children. I won't blame children for being scared of getting vulnerable; rather, I will blame today's society, which calls for people to not express their emotions. Kids would learn from books like The Adventure of Sockboy that it is okay to feel things and express them. The author clearly illustrated that the saying "experience is the best teacher" can't be wrong. Sockboy learned how affectionate his mother's hugs can be after he missed them. We often don't value what we have until we lose it.

I can't see any reason to rate this book 4 out of 4 stars after all the positive things I mentioned earlier. I'd advise parents to get this book for their children. It is easier to catch them young, especially male children who are told that men are supposed to be superheroes and not be vulnerable. The book was exceptionally well edited. I'd be so pleased to read another work by this author.

The Adventure of Sockboy
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Chimereucheya O
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Post by Chimereucheya O »

Some idea he had - covering himself with a sock. This review is enlightening and I believe the book is, too. Some many of us have this emotional issues and we can't help it because of the way the world is. It is nice to see an author teach the importance of remembering we're humans and that being emotional is part of being human.
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Mozi Ken
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Post by Mozi Ken »

Covering himself with socks? Funny! I would like to read the story about this, and what vital lessons it teaches. This book must be really illustrative for you to describe it this way. Congrats on BOTD
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Post by Elijah0007 »

It's strange; I was immediately drawn in by the first paragraph and despite the book cover, I still didn't guess it was a book for children. I would read it regardless. Nice review.
White Edwin
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Post by White Edwin »

At first, I never imagined this to be a children's book. I was intrigued by how the review started it was so captivating and piqued my interest. Emotions are something difficult to hide. Thanks for the great review.
James Goodman
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Post by James Goodman »

While the plot sounds funny to me, I think this book still has a lot of messages to be passed. I love that the words used were simple and straightforward. This review was well written. Keep it up!
Adaeze Joan
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Post by Adaeze Joan »

I totally agree with you, the ability to cry, laugh, feel depressed, and enjoy is what makes us stand out from other creatures. I enjoyed your review and would definitely love to read this book.
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Post by Oluchii »

The society not allowing the male gender show vulnerability is a problem will still face and I admire the author for portraying this from a child's perspective. Although this is a children's book,I would like to read this. Thanks for such a great review .
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Post by Jelly_J »

I enjoyed reading your review, it is true that some people shield themselves and never want to live their comfort zone. I would love to read this book to see how the boy rescinds his decision. I believe children have a lot of lessons to learn from reading this book. Great review.
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Post by Eliwamala »

This book may have a humorous premise, but I believe it contains important messages to share with its readers. What I really like is how straightforward the language is. This critique is exceptionally written. Exemplifying excellence!
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Ebi Robert
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Post by Ebi Robert »

Now I understand better why the title is the way it is. Sockboy? Wow! I think the actions of the character is reflective of what a child could do, though it somewhat sounds unthinkable. Well, I can but say this sounds interesting and will worth the read.
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Post by Amarachinwankwo_ »

I like the message that this book conveys, we need our kids to know, early in life that it’s okay to express yourself and your feelings. I completely agree with you, emotions are what makes us human! Thank you for such a detailed review. Great job.
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Post by Francis_Reads »

This is a perfect book for the age grade. It is better to teach them to value things and people around them earlier enough. This is a good value they need to imbibe while growing up.
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Ozioma Miriam
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Post by Ozioma Miriam »

I like reading children's books because of the way vital lessons are taught simply. The Sock Boy is white an interesting title for a book. I'll like to read it. Your review was good
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Post by ExcellenceAwuzie »

This book is quite humorous especially the part the boy thought of covering himself with a socks.
Thanks for this great review.
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