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Latest Review: No Rushing when Brushing by Humairah Shah

Review of No Rushing when Brushing

Post by Cecilia_L »

[Following is an official review of "No Rushing when Brushing" by Humairah Shah.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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No Rushing When Brushing is an educational children's book by Dr. Humairah Shah. It includes two stories: "Sam and the Sugar Bug" and "Leila Visits the Dentist." As a children's dentist, the author shares his expertise, instructing young children about proper dental care and what they can expect during a visit to the dentist. Shah illustrates healthy and unhealthy dental practices by contrasting the teeth-brushing habits of siblings Sam and Leila.

The 25-page children's book features flawless editing and colorful, cartoon-like illustrations by Javier C. Gonzales III. The two-story read is the first in the Alan and Burke Books series and is recommended for children ages five through nine.

I especially like the author's creative attention to detail in these delightful stories. By illustrating how the sneaky "sugar bug" was able to take residence in Sam's mouth plus the habits to prevent future invasions, the book will motivate young readers to practice healthy dental hygiene. Likewise, when Leila visits Dr. Jane, each part of the office visit is explained, which gives the story a reassuring tone. Children will also enjoy the accompanying illustrations. The tiny sugar bug appears more mischievous than menacing, and the pictures detailing Leila's dental appointment will go a long way in assuaging potential fears.

There isn't anything I dislike about the informative picture book nor any reason not to award it a perfect score. In addition to the superb editing and professional presentation, the formatting is ideal for full-screen viewing of the lovely illustrations.

I am pleased to rate No Rushing When Brushing 4 out of 4 stars. It is insightful, informative, and comforting. The book would make a wonderful gift for young children anticipating their first dental appointment or pediatric dentists beginning their practice. In addition to the targeted audience, I recommend it to caregivers, teachers, and parents.

No Rushing when Brushing
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Post by Emah22 »

Thanks for the awesome review. This book will be very good for children to create awareness in them about the importance of dental hygiene.
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Post by Gwrites208 »

The book is quite informative then. I think I should be able to learn some insight about tooth care from there. The illustrated story is indeed captivating to help children learn about dental care.
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Post by Blessing E »

One thing I've come to place so much value on is the review if books. This is because it gives me an idea of what book I may enjoy and subsequently add them to my to read list. The title says it all
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Post by humairah »

Thank you for the wonderful review! I hope the book will help us improve oral health of our children in a fun way. I would appreciate it if you would review the book on Amazon.
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Post by Shernell20 »

Having dental hygiene is important and I for one think so if I do say so myself.I really like this children's book it's educational and interesting.
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Post by dsndsw »

This review was enjoyable. I look forward to reading this book and sharing it with my nephews and nieces.
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Post by Sheren Manuel »

It's a big help for those kids who didn't want to brush their teeth. Or sometimes they rush it coz they want to finish it now they finally realized that brushing their teeth didn't have to do as fast as they want.
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Post by Sogzy d_Optimist »

The title says it all. I should be able to recommend this book to kids that don't see any need for brushing. Thanks for the review.
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Post by abenny042 »

The book is really awesome it help the children and even the grown up take good care of their teeth
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Post by mj2022 »

The book is a must-must buy for those who care about their kid's dental hygiene and health. The author has done an amazing job in using the right words, images, character and an overall- story, that can encourage a child to brush his/her teeth regularly. We first started reading the book to our 3 + years old daughter, and since then, we have seen the influence the story had on her. The author has used a very artistic approach, because not only did we see our child connect with the book, but we also saw the positive impact of the story. I think every story has a purpose, and if the purpose of this book is to encourage kids to brush their teeth and not rush through it, the author has done a wonderful job and met that purpose. Furthermore, it also sheds a light on oral health. In simple words, "a very valuable book that should be added to every child's book collection".
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Post by Ezidimma 01 »

Thanks for the review. A Book teaching children about the importance of healthy hygiene, amazing.
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Post by Lantana Mohammed Shani »

Thanks for the perspective review, The book is really telling us that, it's not all things teachers will thought you in.And I think this is the best way for children to learn how dental check up is very important,in other words this book is really helpful and educative. I really appreciate this,keep up the good work.
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Post by Jen Nghishitende »

Thank you for this review; this book sounds excellent and timely for me as I struggle to have my daughter brush her teeth properly every day. Maybe a bright and cheerful book like this about dental hygiene by an actual dentist might help.
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Post by Elenimo Chembe »

An interesting and educative book for kids. Dental health is something that is essential indeed. Thanks for the review.
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