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Nickolas Farmakis
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Review of Jerry & Friends

Post by Nickolas Farmakis »

[Following is an official review of "Jerry & Friends" by Christina Kyriacou.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Jerry & Friends by Christina Kyriacou is a short book giving information to young children about stray cats and ways that one can help them. The author uses a simple and informal tone to express her ideas to the reader.

The book is written from the perspective of a cat called Jerry. Jerry comes from a different world, where all cats have a place to sleep, sufficient food to eat, and someone who loves and cares for them. The writer explains that the problem is that there are too many stray cats but not enough homes to adopt them. A cat must be trapped in a safe way that does not harm it, and then if it is male it must be neutered and if it is female it must be spayed. Then, after the cat is cleaned from ticks and fleas, the cat is nipped on its ears so that other rescuers know that the cat has been neutered or spayed. The writer advises readers to build cat shelters away roads for stray cats, as well as to take a stray cat home with them and keep it safe if they find one in urgent need of a home.

I enjoyed many of this book's characteristics. To be more precise, I found no grammar or spelling mistakes in the text, thereby proving that the book was professionally edited. I also liked the author's simple and informal tone, which helps young readers easily understand her points. Moreover, the writer takes time to explain some words that children will find difficult to comprehend, which not only helps them follow along with the book but also improves their vocabulary. What I liked most about this book was that the author's thoughts were based on facts and statistics, thus making the solutions she provided more believable, persuasive, and realistic.

What I disliked most in the book was that it was too short, as the author did not add sufficient detail in order to expand her ideas and explain her opinions enough.

This book is more suited for young children who love animals. Readers who are interested in helping stray cats will find the text particularly useful.

In summary, I rate this book with 3 out of 4 stars. This is because it was impeccably edited, realistic, and simple. I did not rate it with a perfect score due to the lack of an adequate explanation of the writer's thoughts.

Jerry & Friends
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Post by Ghuddie »

Perhaps the book will help Children understand how to help real humans, not just stray cats. Good review.
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Asiaa Szn
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Post by Asiaa Szn »

This is a good book not just for children but young adults too. To teach how to love cats and care for them. Nice review
Chinenye Achilike
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Post by Chinenye Achilike »

If cats could read, I'm sure they'd be applauding this book.
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Post by CleverSpider001 »

A book written from the point of view of a feline should be fun to read. Thank you for the lovely review.
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Post by Ricarda »

If it’s like the review says, then I think every classroom needs a book like this. And I’d love to read it myself. I though the spayed and neutered thing was the other way around. Even I learned something new.
Mariam K 7
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Post by Mariam K 7 »

The review says, that the writer does not explain the stories adequately. In my opinion, this is because it is a children’s book and the facts are more easily assessed. Though, The review is still good, thanks!
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Raymond N
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Post by Raymond N »

Thank you for your honest feedback. This is an unusual storyline, but great.
Sarah Sonbol
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Post by Sarah Sonbol »

I think that being short may be helpful for young children to think by themselves for solutions to help stray cats. In my opinion, we don't have the right to sterilize animals so I don't think that it is a really good soultion. I hope there are other ideas that would prove to be helpful in the book. Thanks for the honest review.
Janelydia Mwangi
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Post by Janelydia Mwangi »

A book that teaches a moral lesson is not just educative but also entertaining. The use of Jerry's perspective takes the children to their fantasy world where the impossible is possible. In addition it creates awareness in them that humans have rights and so do the animals in this case the stray cats.
The book also gives them a problem to solve in the adults world- what can be done to provide a home for the increasing homeless cats? The adults are also given a challenge through the eye of the adult.
Muhammad Anwer
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Post by Muhammad Anwer »

Interesting and educative book for the young minds. A nice way to educate the people how to take care of their pets. Jerry and friends deserves our due attention. We should devote some hours to enjoy this short but interesting , lierary piece.
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Avi Shi
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Post by Avi Shi »

Apart from a story , this book literally contains a lot information about cats . Good one to read. Thank you for the review. I must read this .
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