Review of Snatched Up to Heaven for Kids

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Saint Bruno
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Review of Snatched Up to Heaven for Kids

Post by Saint Bruno »

[Following is an official review of "Snatched Up to Heaven for Kids" by Jemima Paul, Arvind Paul.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Snatched Up to Heaven for Kids by Jemima Paul and Arvind Paul is a Christian children's book that tells the story of an eight-year-old girl, Emma, who visited heaven in her dreams.

Emma and her younger sister, Bella, are two lovely kids cherished by their parents. Their parents teach them about God and how much He loves them, and they always read the Bible and pray with them before they go to bed every night. One morning, Emma wakes up and shares the fascinating dream she had with her family. Emma had dreamed of visiting heaven with Bella, and she has a lot to tell her sister and parents about her exciting adventures. She even prays to God to let her dream of heaven again. Would her prayers be answered? I am sure kids would like to know what Emma experienced in heaven, so please get this book for them.

I got both the audiobook and the Kindle version of this publication because I was interested in seeing the quality of the illustrations in it. And to my delight, I found them to be colorful and fitting for the narrations therein. The female narrator's voice in the audiobook gave me joy. After I finished the book, I treated my niece to an exciting reading session using the word and audio versions simultaneously. I had to beg her to turn in for the night, so I could use my device to do something else since it didn't look like she would ever get tired of listening to the narrations. I must commend the authors for providing the target audience with a suitable narration for this book. The narrator's reading pace is excellent, and she made the dialogues for each character natural and distinct. I especially liked how I could hear two voices when two characters spoke at the same time.

Furthermore, this book provides a fascinating means to teach children about the Bible and inculcate Christian morals in them. And that is what I like most about the book. This beautiful story would also encourage children to keep doing what is right, as they'll reap the reward of eternal bliss in heaven. I like how the book also tells readers that there's a 'reward' for going against how God wants us to live.

In conclusion, there's actually nothing I dislike about this book. The language is simple and appropriate for children, and due to the book's exceptional editing and narration, I didn't find a single error in it. The story is intriguing, and its message would inspire children to love God, do his will, be conversant with what the Bible says about gaining salvation, and tell others about Jesus. Therefore, I am glad to rate Snatched Up to Heaven for Kids a well-deserved four out of four stars. I especially recommend the audiobook to children between the age of three and ten and, without doubt, believe that it would be a fascinating listening experience for them.

Snatched Up to Heaven for Kids
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Post by Josephe-Anne »

Wow! This book sounds lovely!

I like the fact that you listened to the audiobook and had a great experience reading along while the narrator spoke. I'm sure Christian parents would love for their children to read this!

Thank you for another excellent review, Saint Bruno!
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Nqobile Mashinini Tshabalala
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Post by Nqobile Mashinini Tshabalala »

I am very curious about her dream. I wonder how heaven is depicted in this book but it must have been beautiful for her to want to "go back" again. Awesome review!
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Edria Dayyinah
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Post by Edria Dayyinah »

This is a great book for children to connect more with their faith. I’m sure they’ll gain a lot of valuable lessons from it
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Theana De lima Araujo
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Post by Theana De lima Araujo »

For a minute I thought the title would hold something of an explanation of passing on. I thought that would be an interesting topic for a kids story. This is better, it's just a dream. Thank you for the wonderful review.
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Medhansh Bhardwaj
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Post by Medhansh Bhardwaj »

This book is so good, not only because of the language and narration, but also because it instills religious faith in children from such a young age. This is a very important thing if we want our children to become successful adults. Amazing book, and equally amazing review.
Abigail Baloyi
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Post by Abigail Baloyi »

This book is so exciting to read for children. I think we should even learn to pray and read the Bible with our children if we are Christians. I must get this book for my children. Great review
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Kaleab Wondu
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Post by Kaleab Wondu »

I think this is an exciting and excellent book for Christian children. Including its professional editing/narration, this book seems to have an interesting story. It's expected to be educational. And you appealingly presented the book. Thanks for your great review.
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Post by AntonelaMaria »

I enjoy audiobooks but I have never listened to a children's book. Now you got me curious. Otherwise, this seems like a marvelous book. I love the premise. Great job with the review.
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María Andrea Fernández Sepúlveda
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Post by María Andrea Fernández Sepúlveda »

More kids than we'd like to think experience grief and loss and, I guess for Christian kids, this adventure in heaven might be very comforting. I appreciate the fact that you took the fact to evaluate both formats, and to show the story to a real kid. It enriches your review very much.
Thank you for your fantastic review!
Khodani Muelelwa
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Post by Khodani Muelelwa »

With me being a parent, I always try to find ways to expose my child to something worth believing in. I am definitely going to get this book for my son
Wayne Njoroge
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Post by Wayne Njoroge »

'Snatched up to Heaven for Kids' is an inspirational book that teaches on virtues, morals and values that are based on Christianity. It exploits the childlike imagination within kids to offer a vivid mental picture.
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Amy Luman
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Post by Amy Luman »

Children have very active imaginations. I believe that God can share his home with Emma in a dream and she can share it with her sister. I love that her parents are so supportive.
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Brenda Creech
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Post by Brenda Creech »

This sounds like a delightful children's book! What a wonderful way to teach children about salvation and Heaven! Emma's dream about Heaven must have been exciting and beautiful for her to want to dream about it again! Thanks for the excellent review!
B. Creech
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Kanika Tandon
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Post by Kanika Tandon »

I love reading children books and reviewing them. I especially look for books if they have illustrations that enhance the readability of the book. This book has a beautiful blurb and I am definately intruiged as to what the children experiened in heaven. Nice review.
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