Featured Official Review: Bellamy the Bumblebee by Jeannie Cronin

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Katie Canedy
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Featured Official Review: Bellamy the Bumblebee by Jeannie Cronin

Post by Katie Canedy »

[Following is an official OnlineBookClub.org review of "Bellamy the Bumblebee" by Jeannie Cronin.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Bellamy the Bumblebee, written by Jeannie Cronin, is a book about a bumblebee that is too scared to fly. His wings are smaller than his friends’ wings, which makes him feel that he cannot fly as well as they do. Bellamy’s mom notices that he is feeling down and does everything she can to cheer him up and encourage him to fly. Will his mom be successful? Will Bellamy become confident enough to fly? Readers will have to pick up a copy of this book to find out.

The message that the author used in her book was one of inspiration and courage. I am sure that every child in the world has had their share of feeling inferior to their peers. Playground bullies, popular kids, and academically gifted classmates are some of the most well-known pressures that young children face. Jeannie understands that a child’s confidence can be destroyed from these pressures and wrote a book that shows kids that it is okay to be different. Even though I am an adult, I was able to relate to this story’s message on a personal level.

I loved the illustrations that were in this book. They stood out on their own away from the words, allowing readers to focus on the pictures without distractions. I found this unusual for a children’s book, but it was more enjoyable this way. The facial expressions on the bumblebees were my favorite part of the illustrations, as these expressions connected with the words of the story.

There was nothing that I disliked about Bellamy the Bumblebee. It is a great story with a powerful message. Children between the ages of four and eight will likely enjoy this book the most. Parents that have children with special needs may also enjoy what it has to offer.

I am giving this book a maximum rating of 4 out of 4 stars. Only two spacing issues were present in the book, but it did not affect my enjoyment at all. As such, I believe that it was proficiently edited.

Bellamy the Bumblebee
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Post by Dman_1996 »

Kids will be drawn to this book because of the bright, visual look. I cannot wait to get this book and share it with my nieces and nephew. Congrats on being BOTD!
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Post by marski24 »

it is good for growing children and there is a good values impated in here especially it is a children's books.
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Post by OBC Reviewer »

It sounds like a great inspirational book for little kids. Thanks for the descriptive review
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Post by smolbird »

Even though I'm an adult, I simply love reading children's books. They convey messages in a way that children can easily digest but it can also be a simple reminder for adults. Thanks for the lovely review.
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Post by soenaryo »

Interesting book and every parents get obligated to buy for this one, especially for Parents that have children with special needs.
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Post by lyraangela_28 »

It's a nice and interesting book! This book will definitely good for the kids and mostly to the kids who are not confidence in everything. And not also for the kids, but also for all the people who has an insecurities to themselves like me. I'm sure this book will encourage them to be confident and love yourself. This book is kinda great huh! 😉 :wink:
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Post by Chizioboli »

This reminds of me of a cartoon my son watches. This book like you said would encourage any child to have courage and be confident.
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Post by Krishnajee100 »

I would like to read this story to my little brother. It is based on some very important matters of a child's life and I must say that this review is so good, that it made me to read this book.:)
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Post by WADonnelly »

This seems like a really sweet and great book for children. Great review!
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Post by Mtracey »

This book was super adorable and I would love to read it to my niece as a bed time story.
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Post by zainherb »

It sounds like an inspirational book for both children and adults. We all need to know that it is okay to be different.
Great review!
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Post by RayRuff »

Gosh, this sounds really cute! I am sure kids would love this.
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Post by jessica122008 »

From the first the title sounds interesting to read. Also the moral lesson of the story will definitely appreciate the reader ang the story listener.👏
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Post by Petruschka1 »

Bellamy the Bumblebee sounds like a great book for young children. The title of the book alone makes me want to read it. It also has an important message for children and adults alike, that is to overcome their fears and to follow their dreams.
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