Official Review: Granny Franny's Big Red Bus

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Official Review: Granny Franny's Big Red Bus

Post by JKO »

[Following is an official review of "Granny Franny's Big Red Bus" by Sonia Beldom.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Granny Franny’s Big Red Bus by Sonia Beldom is a children’s book that follows Granny Franny as she looks to surprise Jax and Ronny on their birthday. The story starts with the children asking Granny Franny to take them on an excellent treat on their birthday that comes up the next week. Granny Franny promises to surprise them and thinks of the perfect surprise.

Inspired by her childhood fun memories, she comes up with a brilliant idea to purchase a shiny red-painted double-decker bus, but there are two problems: she can’t drive a coach, and the available bus for sale is miles away. After solving the distance problem, she gets the bus and meets Thinkerbell, a talking bell attached to the bus. With the help of Thinkerbell, can Granny Franny learn how to drive, overcome all the obstacles during her journey back, and make it in time for Jax and Ronny’s birthday? What other surprises await the children?

In my opinion, children’s books are mediums in which we, as adults, can connect with children and pass a message across in a way that they’ll appreciate its significance. That said, there should always be an essential lesson for children to learn while reading, and much to my delight, this book justified that requirement. I felt that children could learn a lot about resilience and not giving up, as portrayed by Granny Franny, in her efforts to overcome the obstacles she faced while returning with the bus. With this book, children can also develop the spirit of helping other people in their time of need.

Additionally, another central piece of a children’s book is its ability to be understood by its readers. I figure the writer made a fantastic showing in such manner by including beautiful diagrams that make sure to get the thought of youngsters. The language of the writer was furthermore praiseworthy, as he utilized a casual composing style along with Thinkerbell’s comical inclination that makes certain to reverberate well with kids.

Also, I found nothing to despise in this book, and I enjoyed reading it to my nephew. This book makes sure to take youngsters on an excursion through their minds. The book is additionally expertly edited, although I anticipated nothing less given its length and scarce words. I rate Granny Franny’s Big Red Bus four out of four stars, and I prescribe it to kids between the ages of four and eight.

Granny Franny's Big Red Bus
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Elvis Best
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Post by Elvis Best »

Granny Franny sounds like a very likable character for a children's book. Thank you for this lovely review. Good job!
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Unique Ego
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Post by Unique Ego »

Children books are just ways authors and adult in general can relate and relive their childhood experiences. Beautiful review.

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Post by Priyanka2304 »

That's such a unique name for the kids to relate. Thanks for the review.

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Post by ivana7 »

This sounds like an amazing adventure story! Thank you for the review!

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Post by Ms_Rita30 »

Teaching kids to be resilient and not to give up easily on tasks is one of the most difficult things to do. But it gives great joy when they eventually learn. I am glad there are writers out there trying to pass the message in diverse entertaining ways. Good job on your interesting review.

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Post by Magnify3 »

Sometimes children hive up easily. This is a good book to twach them resilience. Thanks for thus review!

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Post by Christieee »

It seems that even adults can learn a valuable lesson from Granny Franny. Resilience is a trait that everyone should adopt.

I enjoyed your recommendation.

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Post by _znb_k_ »

it teaches valuable lessons to children .To not give up easily on something and it’s always fun to read children books because it reminds us of our childhood.thanks to the author another great experience.

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Post by Valkyrie9 »

What fun! This sounds like it would be an exciting ride for both young and old readers. Thanks for the honest review.
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Post by Honest-reviewer »

Looks like it’s a great book for kids. I would like to read this one. Thanks for your wonderful review !

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Ruth NGO
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Post by Ruth NGO »

Its a nice book for children, I love children and hope that one day I will also write a book for the children.

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Post by FannyNang »

This book has a lot to teach adults and children. It’s a good book for kids who love adventure.

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Post by Anngladys »

I enjoyed reading your review! So well written and detailed. This looks like a good read for both children and adults - the lessons apply to all!

Patrick Maina1
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Post by Patrick Maina1 »

Grannies are the real deal.Any story around them is a big yes for me.Nice review.My kids will love this

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