Official Review: Thank You, Me by Ellie Oop

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Mallory Whitaker
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Official Review: Thank You, Me by Ellie Oop

Post by Mallory Whitaker »

[Following is an official review of "Thank You, Me" by Ellie Oop.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Ellie Oop's book, Thank You, Me, encourages children to look at their bodies as the miraculous creations that they are. Each one of its brief poems is dedicated to a different body part.

The poems begin with a cutesy nickname for the assigned body part, such as "squeezers" for hands or "huggums" for arms (but these are followed by the anatomically correct terms). The poem then goes on to mention the various uses and functions of the body part. Most of these are simple, such as your mouth "licks jams and jellies / giggles and snickers." However, they can also be more complex: "My round middle…feels my lungs breathing / buttons my belly / feels my heart beating."

Each poem is nine lines long. Even though there's no rhyming, they have a delightful cadence and rhythm. Alongside each poem is an illustration of a young girl using the body part discussed. These colorful illustrations look like watercolor paintings and are aesthetically pleasing. The only possible critique I could give for this book is that I wish it hadn't been the same girl on every page. I think it would have been nice to show boys and girls with diverse backgrounds. However, I'm not going to hold that against the book.

Thank You, Me is great for teaching body awareness, especially for readers between the ages of three and six. Parents will enjoy reading this aloud to their children and helping them figure out all of the amazing things their bodies are capable of doing. In addition to learning the names of body parts, the book's rich vocabulary offers parents an opportunity to explain potentially new words, such as "puckers," "wobbles," and "dangles."

I like that the book included body parts that aren't typically mentioned in books like this, such as the skin, bones, and torso. At first, I thought the nicknames were a little obnoxious. However, when I read the book aloud to my three-year-old, we ended up having a lot of fun with them.

In this 38-page book, I only found one error, and I believe the book was professionally edited. I cannot think of a single reason this book doesn't deserve 4 out of 4 stars.

Thank You, Me
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Post by Teddyquam »

How cute! I could only imagine the fun I would have with my neice, using my Huggums to give her a big bear hug!
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Post by Kierstenfaddis »

I love that the book talks about body parts that are not normally listed in other books it's a good learning tool for all the body parts there functionality and to show how special your body is to you and you should take care of it

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Post by sirbobthewise »

Wow! I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of a book quite like this before, but I am all for it. I love the idea of teaching young ones about body awareness and how to respect the body for the gifts that it gives us. As we get older, it sometimes gets harder to love and appreciate our “round middle,” but it’s so true that every aspect of our body is a miracle. I know this book is for children, but it’s definitely a good reminder for all of us. If I am able to have kids sometime in my life and I read this book to them, I can even imagine myself telling them, "This round middle gave me you!" :) Thanks for a terrific review!

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Post by Samgum50 »

Great review! This is perfect for teaching children about body positivity.

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Post by Nedbrian »

Wow, this book just reminds me of how we had to learn the different parts of our bodies with rhyme. I bet kids of today would love these poems with its very easy to follow lines as explained by the reviewer.

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Elvis Best
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Post by Elvis Best »

Sounds like a fun way for kids to learn about their body. Thanks for your review
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Post by Priyanka2304 »

The concept of the book is so lovely and innocent. Kids will learn a lot from this wonderful book and may start loving themselves more.

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Post by Topsey »

This sounds so lovely. I wish I had had a book like this read to me when I was young. It’s so great that we are encouraging girls to embrace who they are more. Great review!

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Post by gatuguta2030 »

Samgum50 wrote:
15 Jun 2020, 00:49
Great review! This is perfect for teaching children about body positivity.
I can't agree more.

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Post by Echez_ »

Wow so adorable! I believe this kind of book would obviously help to boost the self esteem of kids. I like your review though!

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