Official Review: AVA: A Story of Friendship

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Official Review: AVA: A Story of Friendship

Post by Juliana_Isabella »

[Following is an official review of "AVA: A Story of Friendship" by Marianne Shrader.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Ava: A Story of Friendship by Marianne Shrader is a children’s chapter book about a pit bull named Ava. Ava is adopted from a shelter by a loving family. When her family goes on vacation, Ava goes to stay with the kids’ grandmother and great-grandmother who aren’t so sure about dogs, especially pit bulls. Will the three learn to get along or will it be one long week until the family returns?

By far, the best thing about this book was the way the author managed to get inside Ava’s head. From her inability to understand why people are afraid of her to the fun she has tearing up tissues at grandma’s house, Ava’s personality and tone are expressed wonderfully through the writing. This helped me relate to Ava, which I think is especially important because many characters in the book struggle to connect with Ava due to her scary appearance.

I also really enjoyed the pictures in this book. The illustrations seem to be photographs that were converted to look like line drawings. They really helped me understand Ava’s looks and imagine her surroundings as the story progressed.

Unfortunately, I have a couple of complaints about this book as well. First, I don’t believe the book was professionally edited due to the number of errors I found. However, none of the errors were big enough to disrupt the flow of my reading. I also felt let down by the ending of the book. Without giving too much away, I’ll simply say that I think the book would be better if it ended before the final chapter.

Overall, I would rate this book 3 out of 4 stars. Although I enjoyed the book a lot, I couldn’t give it the full four stars due to the issues with editing and the end of the book. I would recommend this story to parents of kids ages six to nine, depending on their reading level. If your kid is feeling nervous or fearful around dogs, this could be a great book for them.

AVA: A Story of Friendship
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Post by Vicky-kooro »

It's great to see that the author made the book simple enough for kids 6 to 9 to read. I enjoyed reading your review

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Post by sirbobthewise »

Oh, I love this premise! I think it’s great that the author is using her platform to help spread a positive image of pit bulls, particularly in relation to having them around children and the elderly. As well, I think it’s great that it targets children in that age range and parents/caregivers. All the more chance to spread the pit bull love! Thanks for the great review.

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Post by Audrine24 »

Its amazing on how we used relate with pit bulls..understanding them. This is a great book,

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Post by Stephanie Elizabeth »

While I like that the author was able to do an excellent job of getting inside Ava's head. I cannot get past the errors, so I think I will pass on this one, but thank you for your honest review.

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Post by LinaJan »

Regardless of the drawbacks named in the review, anything to do with dogs and dog stories - especially if there's a narration from the dog's point of view involved - it goes on my shelf :) The review and the cover of the book had put a smile on my face :) Thank you! :)

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Post by Edwin Amah »

According to the review, it seems the author did a lot of work trying to relate pit bulls as being friendly with people and from the review narrative through pictures the author painted very clear imaginative scenes which I think is a good one.

Those who fear dogs should get hold of this book.

Gracious Ngy88
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Post by Gracious Ngy88 »

It's simplified for children i must say. But for my fear of dogs and the errors I will skip this. Thank for your honest review

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Post by Samgum50 »

I think it's so interesting that the author included Ava's perspective because it's not a very common thing. The book seems very interesting and worth reading. Great review!

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Post by Jachike Samuelson »

I'm a dog lover so I already love this book! But what I love even more is that the story is told from Ava the dog's perspective.

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Post by Mohammed_Sameer2 »

It is a nice review Juliana, that you revel the other side of the dog AVA, its relation with the dad, and the psychological impact of the book, that it reproduces the general view of the nice dogs.
When I read the part of Marianne Shrader's book at Amazon, I noticed a simple, and a poetic description of Ava's life, and its relation with the nature elements, people speeches, and the other doge; it is a nice book. Have a good day.

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Post by Kirsi_78 »

I think I've just found a perfect book for my daughter, so thanks a lot for the review! She is terribly afraid of dogs and it affects her everyday life... there are a lot of dogs in the neighborhood. We'll try this out, maybe it will give some new perspective. :eusa-think:

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Post by Nourhan29 »

The author made id simple enough for kids and fun for adults to read i really enjoyed reading the reviews i had a dog-phobia because i got chased by one and jumped from the first floor to survive but now i have dog-fever , thank you so much.
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Post by Chimdi_3 »

Lovely review.I could almost feel the bubbly nature of Ava.My kids will love to read this book.

Anindita Roy
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Post by Anindita Roy »

Thank you for the great review. "AVA:A Story of Friendship" would help awakening the child within me. The author is a delineator of character, and beautifully frames the thoughts of the young protagonist. The colourful illustrations would help in stimulating the child's imagination.

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