Featured Review: Prophase: A Present Tale by Mitchel Street

Discuss the November 2014 book of the month, Prophase: A Present Tale by Mitchel Street.
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Re: Featured Review: Prophase: A Present Tale by Mitchel Street

Post by CaitlinGonya » 07 Jan 2018, 17:06

This sounds like the X-Men and the new TV show, The Gifted. A coming of age story with evolution. The fact that they mention the science makes it even more intriguing, like Kathy Reichs' Virals series. I will check this out.

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Linnea Tanner
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Post by Linnea Tanner » 07 Jan 2018, 17:24

Thank you for your in-depth review of Prophase: A Present Tale by Mitchel Street. With the book cover of a kitten, I was surprised that this was a fantasy. It is not clear from the review at to what type of magic Piper gains or the mystical world she discovers. Thus, I am reluctant to download if there isn't sufficient details on world-building which is alluded in the review.

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Post by britt13 » 07 Jan 2018, 17:25

I was feeling like I might give this one a try despite the magical element because it seemed like a good plot line until I read that the detail is lacking due to over stuffing. That would really bother me. This one is a maybe for me.

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Miriam Molina
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Post by Miriam Molina » 07 Jan 2018, 17:37

This was also BOTD on July 5, 2017. I know for sure because July 5 is my birthday and IIRC also that of the main character, Piper. She turns 18 that day, the day that her powers are to be given to her.

I have yet to get back to the book. But I am definitely interested.

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Post by jaliper » 07 Jan 2018, 17:37

Finally, a book that I can share and relate to! Thank you for this very detailed review. Cheers!

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Rosemary Wright
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Post by Rosemary Wright » 07 Jan 2018, 17:43

Wow! This sounds really interesting. I can't wait to read this coming-of-age novel about a teenage girl with extraordinary powers.

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Post by KatyJS » 07 Jan 2018, 17:47

I like coming of age stories. I scanned the few pages where Piper is wanting to get the day over to talk to Chris. I have to say I was caught off guard with his response.

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Post by Mwanaidi » 07 Jan 2018, 18:10

A teen girl discovers that she has powers in this fantasy tale. Interesting how she struggles to come to terms with her powers. Thanks for the lovely review 😊
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Post by Cutienerdy21 » 07 Jan 2018, 18:24

A story full of wonders, magical powers, and teenage heartbreak? Ooohh! I love it! Another brownie points for this story is Piper. I really wanna meet her and see how she reacts as her world become a twilight zone. But I’m not sure if I like to meet the other characters... I hope they don’t ruin this book for me.
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Post by Zathiron » 07 Jan 2018, 18:44

I didn't expect everything the book had to offer and I can agree with what S dot Lennon said with a little more development and details this novel could be a hit this year. I can recomend it to anyone who likes a good urban-fantasy novel setting.

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Kat Berg
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Post by Kat Berg » 07 Jan 2018, 18:47

With the combination of the sample I read and the review, I am left wondering if Piper's birth mom is the mom that raised her, where the dad came into the picture (because the first couple of pages makes it sound like he died to save her...so maybe a step-dad?). The sample that I read was engaging and seemed to have a good hook, and was mistake free. (always a plus for me!)

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Post by Frenjie » 07 Jan 2018, 18:50

Excellent review! I like Piper's story. To experience such circumstances at a very young age must be difficult and traumatic. But she was able to manage pretty well her life and all the challenges that she faced. I'm quite interested to find out Esther's role in the life of Piper and secrets she knew regarding the protagonist's destiny.
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Post by Naresh607 » 07 Jan 2018, 18:59

Sounds like a typical teenage story where a teenager goes through ups and downs emotionally and physically...
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Post by sctrough1975 » 07 Jan 2018, 19:02

I was only able to read the sample pages provided. I was just getting into the character when my sample ran out. I have to say that is a good way to make a person want to read more. I thought it was a nice story with characters easy to relate to. At times in the beginning of the book, it seemed to be too descriptive. For example, Lisa's boyfriend Chet. Also there were times that it seemed like too much was happening, too close together. She seemed to be a very busy girl playing sports, having swim class when it was snowing the night before, being in a band, etc. I think its a cute story. It drew me in. Something that can be read by an adult and young adult! Wouldn't mind finishing the book.

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Post by shalom113 » 07 Jan 2018, 19:34

Great review! Nice description of main character and how she morphs in development. I especially like the title and how it parallels cell division; great analogy. I would be interested in reading this book and will add it to my bookshelf.

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