Overall Rating and Opinion of "Gone Girl"

Discuss the October 2014 book of the month, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

How do you rate Gone Girl?

1 star - poor, recommend against reading it
2 stars - fair, okay
3 stars - good, recommend it
4 stars - excellent, amazing
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Re: Overall Rating and Opinion of "Gone Girl"

Post by Jausten11 » 27 Oct 2015, 13:55

I enjoyed the different views in the book, from her POV and from his. There were twists and turns that were unexpected. You favor one character then hate them then love them or respect them. The ups and downs that the book takes your emotions is worth the read alone!

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Martha Cox
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Post by Martha Cox » 27 Oct 2015, 14:07

I rate the book 4 stars because it is well written and has lots of plot twists in it. But I was very disappointed in how it ended and mostly disappointed in Nick. I ended up hating both characters in the end.

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Post by Jausten11 » 29 Oct 2015, 08:25

Martha Cox wrote:I rate the book 4 stars because it is well written and has lots of plot twists in it. But I was very disappointed in how it ended and mostly disappointed in Nick. I ended up hating both characters in the end.
Me too. When I was done I was disappointed in him. I just thought she was flat out crazy.

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Post by Aithne » 07 Nov 2015, 13:05

I read an extract of this book when it was making headlines a few years ago for a creative writing workshop but never read the full novel. The extract felt slow but layered with mystery. Looking at the ratings here, it seems like a decent read. Might have to check it out.

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Post by CrescentMoon » 08 Dec 2015, 20:03

I thought this book was very interesting. I had mixed feelings about it when I first read it. I didn't like it at first because I really did not like the main characters but I think that is the point so it was understandable not to like them.

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Nevada Robertson
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Post by Nevada Robertson » 03 Jan 2016, 14:47

I thought it was an okay book the characters had interesting ways of dealing with situations that I wasn't particularly a fan of. Hopefully in the next book my feelings will change or they may stay the same.

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the wisdom to see
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Post by the wisdom to see » 05 Jan 2016, 15:56

I have picked this book up several times to read and I just cant do it. I could not stand Nick and just couldn't read it. Several people told me the book is a good read and to stick with it... didn't happen. I am not certain why this book turned me off but it did. Glad other people liked it though!

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Taylor Razzani
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Post by Taylor Razzani » 15 Jan 2016, 23:25

I envy everyone that got to read this book spoiler free. I had it ruined for me, to be fair she asked first if she could reveal the big secret and I stupidly said yes. All I could think about when I was reading was when the big twist was coming.

Apart from that I thought the book was definitely a page turner. I enjoyed how the characters unfolded, mostly because I ended up hating both of the main ones. It sounds strange, but I love to hate characters when they have some depth to them, not just boring, one dimensional characters.

The twists and turns kept me reading when I probably should have put the book down. The only issue I had was going into it knowing the big secret, it took some of the enjoyment out of it unfortunately.

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Post by hkachelmeier » 19 Jan 2016, 08:12

I gave it a 2 out of 4 but I was on the fence about giving it a 1 out of 4. I really cannot decide whether I liked the book or not. It made me angry, which a good book is supposed to make you feel something, I guess. I just was so frustrated during the entire book that at times I thought I wasn't going to finish it. Even after having given it to family members and having them read it, I'm still not sure what my feelings are on the book

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Mia Couture
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Post by Mia Couture » 21 Jan 2016, 21:07

I loved this book! I find most books predictable, and I can usually figure out the twist, and when I do, I'm usually disappointed. But this book kept me guessing, right up untill the very end! The writing was outstanding and made me want to read everything by Gillian Flynn. 4 stars!

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Post by Paliden » 23 Jan 2016, 18:32

2 stars. I really didn't like Nick at all and was very disappointed in the ending. I enjoy twist and turns but really prefer books that end well.

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Post by CCtheBrave » 15 Feb 2016, 00:17

L_Therese wrote:I really loved Gone Girl. I enjoyed the misdirection and the layering of the story. It allowed the characters to become that much more vivid because the reader got to really see how their minds worked. I actually read the book awhile ago (which is probably why I'm the first to reply here) on the recommendation of a friend who was also just blown away. I thought the book as a whole was super intense, which made it really hard to put down.
a lot of my friends have read this book, as well (somehow i haven't read it yet) and they all swear by it's quality. your short description makes me finally want to pick it up and give it a try! i like layering within a story, it keeps me interested.
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Post by Skoraeus » 18 Mar 2016, 05:55

A no doubt 4 stars. I love mystery thrillers sort of genres, but this is completely out of the ordinary intense novels that you read elsewhere. This have a 'soul' of its own, its twists and plots just keeps u going for more. Couldn't resist and even sacrificed my night time just to continue reading. A really good novel that deserves nothing but compliments.

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Post by Prisaneify » 28 Mar 2016, 15:22

This book was a great thriller in my opinion. I really loved how the characters developed and how your perceptions of the characters genuinely change throughout the book. The nice little twist towards the end with the strangers at the cabin/hotel location was really enjoyable. I love how she really committed to the role of victim and was so sneaky enough that she genuinely got away with acting however she pleased. Awful character, but great for the drama.

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Post by ceg-reynolds » 02 Jun 2016, 15:37

I actually read Gone Girl a while back with a book club. I really enjoyed the book and it had some twists and turns you didn't see coming. It's always nice to read a book that you can't easily figure out! I would definitely recommend reading this book.

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