Overall Rating and Opinion of "The Alchemist"

Discuss the September 2014 book of the month, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.
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How do you rate The Alchemist?

1 star - poor, recommend against reading it
2 stars - fair, okay
3 stars - good, recommend it
4 stars - excellent, amazing
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Re: Overall Rating and Opinion of "The Alchemist"

Post by jnav0316 » 09 Apr 2015, 10:41

I've read this book and I enjoyed it! It covers all major belief systems and is an easy read. It keeps things so simple, that it's astounding. Compared to Siddhartha (which to me runs along the same message), I like this much more and found it easier to read, follow and imparted more knowledge.

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Post by teacher_jane1 » 15 Apr 2015, 11:57

I really wanted to love this book, but just didn't. It was good and I gave it 3 out of 4 stars, but I found parts of it trite. It seemed to me that the best parts of the book were better expressed in "The Little Prince," or anything by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. But I definitely think it's worth reading this book if only because a huge number of people find it inspiring, and Coelho's influence on contemporary fiction is far-reaching.
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Post by npandit » 18 Apr 2015, 14:09

I really like the genres that Coelho explores, and once I started reading this I wanted to finish it; but somehow didn't quite get the great 'ah ha' moment that others seem to have had. Maybe I read through too quickly and will have to read it again!
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Cee-Jay Aurinko
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Post by Cee-Jay Aurinko » 28 Apr 2015, 13:35

I think this book might've actually changed something in me. Only a few books have touched me on such a personal level as this book did. I'm familiar with some of the content though (blame it on a little manga series called Fullmetal Alchemist). The boy, who goes on a journey for treasure that brings him right back where he started; it's beautiful, inspirational, and many other divine things I can't think of right now.
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Post by kimg77 » 06 May 2015, 19:09

I think the story of personal journey was great.

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Post by minderly » 07 May 2015, 12:45

I feel like I am the only person in the world that did not love this book. I agree with CatGitane that is got boring. It was also pretentious. I read half of the book and gave up...there was so much to spark wanderlust and a need for finding this "bigger thing" in life. It just did not sit well with me.
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avid reader28
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Post by avid reader28 » 10 May 2015, 22:02

Well, I've read it few years ago, and I remember thinking it was quiet plain, I wasn't able to relate to the characters at all, I thought they were one-dimensional, the plot as I remember was quiet boring :?

After I finished the book, it was already very trendy book but I kept hearing snarky comments about the book ad nauseam :lol: .

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Post by secretadmire » 03 Jun 2015, 22:36

This book is one of my all-time favorites! Such a great discussion of philosophy and the meaning of life through the surrealist, magical lens and the arc of a great quest! I love Coelho's writing style, and raced through the book in a single afternoon.

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Post by Emmers00 » 10 Jun 2015, 12:22

On my list, sounds intriguing!
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Circling Turtle
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Post by Circling Turtle » 11 Jun 2015, 12:08

I was quite young when I first read the Alchemist, and found it somewhat boring and pretentious, as acknowledged elsewhere on this thread. However, when I picked it up again some years later for my high school syllabus I read the book in a new light, and was profoundly affected by the central themes of ones 'Personal Legend' and the unity of spirit inherent in all things. It has been quite a while since that second reading, and I can only hazily remember the specifics of the book, but I do know that this book resonated strongly with me and can be said to be one of those novels I've encountered that was essential in constructing my personal ideology. This thread has encouraged me to reread the book, it will be interesting to see the effect it has on me third time round!
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Post by literarycat » 25 Jun 2015, 12:48

This is one book that I keep coming back to over and over again and still learn something new. This was the first book of his that I read and just fell in love. So much so that anytime I see one of his books that I don't have, I immediately purchase it. There was so much wisdom in this novel that it had me thinking for days and raving about it to everyone. It is definitely a 4 out of 4 for me. I feel the need to re-read it again.
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Post by Raksh » 06 Jul 2015, 02:53

I used to keep on getting suggestion to read this book so, took it for reading. I had no expectation as such but hoped it is not sad or very preaching kind of book. I am glad I read it. It is written beautifully...yet very simple in language. No use of big bulky words and complex figure of speech yet intriguing, inspiring, captivating your attention. Even the story is simple and cosy. Everyone one can find oneself in that stage of our life. I loved it. Also it has been made into audio-book which is altogether a very different and pleasing experience. This is how morals and preaching should be done.

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Post by Jazmin17 » 10 Jul 2015, 19:06

I rated this book 3 stars. I thought it was easy to read and the book had a good layout. The author had a god writing style that was easy to follow. The first half of the book I found similar to a fairy tale story. This was different to the typical novels I usually read so it kept me captivated. When I got more then half way through the book it started to bore me a little. It became a little repetitive with nothing exciting happening. I continued to read waiting for something to happen but it continued to be the same. The end of the book was a nice finish. I was able to understand the meaning behind the novel a lot better at the end. The novel is inspiring but I do think it can be interpreted differently by people and the way they relate to the story and visualise it. A friend of mine read this novel and said it was the best book they ever read and left them feeling inspired. I myself did think it had a beautiful message but didn't effect me as much so I do think it has a different meaning and effect on different readers. I would recommend this book to people to read but I would recommend it to certain types of personalities.

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Post by vs9 » 15 Jul 2015, 17:40

This is a wonderful book.

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Post by hannahbm13 » 16 Jul 2015, 19:08

This book seems very interesting to me. Even the title is compelling.
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