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Sue's Decision (SPOILERS)

Discuss the July 2014 book of the month, Love, Lust, and Other Complications by P M George.

Sue's Decision (SPOILERS)

Post Number:#1 by Scott
» 08 Jul 2014, 19:10

Please note, this topic will contain spoilers.

What did you think about Sue's decision at the end? Do you think she made the right decision in moving? Would you have done the same thing or not?

I think the decision did not make sense. I think throughout the book Sue was chasing Mike with the intensity of a schoolgirl with a crush. However, I think that if I was madly in love or a had huge crush like that, there's a good chance I would do the same kind of thing. I guess that's why they call it being madly in love.

In terms of literary art, I think it took a little away from the story in that Sue was struggling with being too forward and doing all the chasing instead of playing the game of letting the man do some chasing throughout the story. Since she was doing this through the whole story, what has she really learned? How has her character developed?
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Re: Sue's Decision (SPOILERS)

Post Number:#2 by gali
» 09 Jul 2014, 05:46

I think that she made the right choice. She was in madly in love, so it was only right that she moved in with him. I would do the same in her place and in fact did. Sometimes, one should let the heart leads.

I think that her struggles added to the story. It enlightened the conflict that some women have of how to act in a relationship. I myself don't like playing games in a relationship and while I dated my husband didn't wait for him to call me. :wink:

I also liked the fact that Sue was more liberal than her daughter. Quite a reversal of roles.
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Re: Sue's Decision (SPOILERS)

Post Number:#3 by denise_burke
» 17 Jul 2014, 13:12

I think Sue did the right thing. Opportunities like that don't come around often in life. Taking chances is what makes life exciting! And that's what keeps you feeling young.
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Re: Sue's Decision (SPOILERS)

Post Number:#4 by autumnmarie
» 22 Jul 2014, 22:29

I suppose right up until Sue met with her therapist there were plenty of practical quandaries that had me leaning towards her not going along with Mike. Then the therapist seemed to disparage every one in a single session. In reality, do we dismiss all our worries at the drop of a hat? Maybe not. But what makes the story so refreshing is that you cannot always predict Sue's actions. Also, the fact that the story ends after her final decision attests to the raw dynamic of Sue and Mike's "real life" romance. There was no happily ever after, there was just a choice. In relationships there will always be choices, sometimes these choices will lead to happiness, sometimes they won't. Hanging on no matter the outcome ultimately determines the prosperity of a relationship.
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Re: Sue's Decision (SPOILERS)

Post Number:#5 by Mickaila
» 20 Aug 2014, 02:03

I wasn't happy with her decision because it just seemed like it wasn't a good idea, but it wasn't like I was writing the story so oh well. I kind of feel like the author gave unnecessary conflict that took away from the story. I wonder if I didn't agree because my dis-attachment from the story (I could do the same if I was in love... maybe) or because of how headstrong Sue was that it made her disregard some things.
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Re: Sue's Decision (SPOILERS)

Post Number:#6 by booklovingolfer
» 24 Aug 2014, 11:24

I didn't agree with the decision. I didn't feel like Sue and Mike's relationship was solid and was based solely on their physical relationship. I am unsure of why the author made both Sue and Mike so independent and settled in their lives, but then all of a sudden Mike wants to uproot to New Zealand.
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Re: Sue's Decision (SPOILERS)

Post Number:#7 by Sweet_Lullaby
» 26 Nov 2014, 15:13

I'm not sure I agree with Sue, because it seems that their relationship wasn't very...deep? I don't really know how to describe it, but it didn't feel right.
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Re: Sue's Decision (SPOILERS)

Post Number:#8 by Ian63
» 22 Mar 2015, 00:49

I am with Sue decision,,she was right at her place.
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Re: Sue's Decision (SPOILERS)

Post Number:#9 by Naval Aulakh
» 09 Jul 2017, 07:42

I think Sue made the best decision. Openings like that don't come around regularly in life. I f I would have been at her place, I would have done the same.
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