Reason behind the creation of the factions? Do they work?

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Re: Reason behind the creation of the factions? Do they work

Post by RooneysReviews » 11 Sep 2015, 16:48

The factions were created to take the power away from the people and let them be easily controlled by a corrupt leadership. Similar to many popular books these days (The Hunger Games), this system does work for a while. However, it's inevitable that people are going to become unhappy with being repressed this way. That is when rebellion starts to be appealing and the system falls apart. So in a way, yes, the factions have worked for a long time and kept an unfair distribution of power. Once cracks start to form, though, the whole system deteriorates rather quickly.
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Post by anonanemone » 23 Sep 2015, 14:52

I think the factions are a form of institutionalized extremism. This was done to give people specifically assigned areas to strive for and direct their attention. It seems that people that are moderate or that do not otherwise fit well are tossed aside into the factionless and become unseen by society as a whole.

I do find it interesting the particular traits that were chosen for the factions.
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Post by Mares Nest » 04 Jul 2016, 11:00

They factions would never work in the real world. You just can't bend or confine the mind like that. Whatever we say, in the end we thrive on change and chaos. We get bored of one thing if it's done too often. Having to do the same thing every single day would either drive a person crazy or make them rebel. We are humans, raging with curiosity and emotions, we can't make ourselves that fixed. Nothing living in nature is that fixed.

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Post by George30 » 19 Sep 2016, 05:43

Factions were created because humans are never really content with anything. They will always want more. Be more have more but never give more. Each one thinks of themselves to be special when they are really just one of many. The system was created to try to correct all of thet. Ironically, the creators are also humans (so you know how that went). But, saying that, i still believe that the creators had good intensions.

Personally, i think that the idea of the system is genius. And it would have made life so much more fulfilling knowing what your role is and doing it. Not knowing more makes you not want more, thats what i believe.

There are lots of other stories where this kind of system is also used (eg. Hunger games; the giver; etc) and as you might have guessed already. The system went down in the end because, well, there humans. But the thing is these humans from these stories are different from us who live in the real world. Let's be real. We are more stubborn, self centered, and we cant control stating our stupid opinions. We dont like being controlled in any way. So will it have worked in real world? No. It wont even be considered

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Post by Taylor Razzani » 20 Sep 2016, 20:17

I think the creation of the factions is interesting to think about. You can choose where you believe you belong and contribute to society using the talents of that group. I think in the beginning it would have been a good idea, even giving the power to the selfless Abnegation leaders. Let's be honest, politics sometimes could use leaders that are more willing to act in the best interest of others before themselves. But it's in human nature to stray from your better attributes. Abnegation might do some things that seem to be for the greater good but are repressive and unfair, Erudite could use their smarts to try and find a way into power, or Dauntless could use their strength to overthrow any of the other factions. It might have started out as a way to find peace and balance in the world, but people had to ruin it. :roll2:
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Post by zero_macabre » 30 Sep 2016, 05:26

I think that the factions were meant so that everyone will be 'classified' so everything will be neat and orderly. They wanted it to be a perfect society with a perfect system to group everyone. Personally, I feel that it worked, sort of. It did manage to sort the people out according to their interests and what they want to do. However, it definitely had flaws. The Divergents could not 'fit' into this system as they were split personalities.
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Post by Naval Aulakh » 09 Jul 2017, 08:17

The factions were made to help keep peace and arrange and to keep up the adjust. But I don't think it work out as the story unfolded.
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Post by magicquill » 24 Jul 2017, 03:40

They were created to maintain peace and order. But in the end it just created conflict and division. It will not really work because it created confusion and destroyed the balance in the world.
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Post by Mallory Whitaker » 28 Jul 2017, 12:57

Withstanding the knowledge we gain from the rest of the series, it did seem like a genuine desire to create a better society in the first book. Like they were created with the idea of a Utopian society in mind. I think it keeps like-minded people together and creates a balance in a community, especially since they are given the freedom to choose. I do think they should be older when they choose because a sixteen year old's desire could be very different from even a twenty year old's desire. The isolation is what hurts society. Grouping people together unfortunately pits groups against one another. It's human nature.
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Post by Yemurai » 08 Aug 2017, 14:46

I think the factions were created to ensure order in the world, but I just think they were simply limiting people's potential. Obviously it did not work as a result.

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Post by Shaggy-Reads » 10 May 2018, 12:50

The factions were created on a basis of peace and unity for a better society. Just that realm of thinking is wrong as all people are complex and not just one side of a personality. The exclusion of certain traits to join a specific faction was doomed from the get go. The factions were about a sense of control for the government while being different is not encouraged. The way Tris wanted adventure and her brother wanted to learn more and more showed how people are more than the faction they are born into. They had no freedom but that one point in time where they could choose a new faction or stay in the one they were born to. That doesn’t speak of freewill or choice as once you choose that’s it. The concept makes me think of middle school dances and how kids separate themselves into their groups by race, beliefs, gender, and interests. We do much the same but it makes nobody happy. Inclusion of all is the only way we can succeed together. We have to stop judging and start accepting others for who they are and where they are on their life journey.

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