Overall Rating and Opinion of Divergent

Discuss the June 2014 book of the month Divergent by Veronica Roth. While only Divergent--the first book of the series--is the book of the month, feel free to use this subforum to discuss the rest of the series or to talk about the movies, but make sure not to post spoilers unless noted in the topic title.

How do you rate Divergent?

1 star - poor, recommend against reading it
2 stars - fair, okay
3 stars - good, recommend it
4 stars - excellent, amazing
Total votes: 159

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Re: Overall Rating and Opinion of Divergent

Post by Yemurai » 09 Aug 2017, 08:22

I think it was a good book, wonderful character development and good story line in general.

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Post by Sorchadorcha » 24 Jan 2018, 16:55

Divergent was a brilliant book. It's predecessors, however, ruined the series completely. Tris came across as whiny and began to irritate me so much. There were plenty of eye rolling moments and too many cliches for my liking. My advice is to treat Divergent as a stand alone book and not to taint it by finishing the series.
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Post by Patrick1 » 26 Jan 2018, 23:30

The dystopian novel fad in recent years made it difficult to write something fresh in this genre. Divergent succeeded in doing so, to a degree. I was constantly reminded of the targeted age group -- so much sexual tension in the air without anything more than an occasional kiss -- so the range of the story had its limits. But the jealousies, competition, suspicion, yearning to belong to a group, etc., all made the teenage world so real that acne seemed to be an assumed reality even though it was never mentioned. I read all four books, and I saw the three movies.

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Post by S_Mulla » 05 Feb 2018, 15:01

This is one of the few books and movies I did not really enjoy. I felt the story line bland and rather boring. I would not recommend this book to others.

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Post by Hawkite » 06 Feb 2018, 16:06

I know this says Divergent, but it's hard to talk about this book without mentioning the rest of the trilogy, since I believe the ending is paramount. Divergent has a cool premise, a decent if typical protagonist, and some interesting supporting characters. Too bad it's only downhill from there. Insurgent was meh, but Allegiant was so bad I could barely finish it.

Maybe I grew out of it, since I read Allegiant a couple years after Divergent, but based on other people's feedback I don't think I'm alone.

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Post by mcfeealexis » 22 Mar 2018, 18:09

I love the characters and their personalities but I could not understand this utopia world they build. The idea that every one has a dominant or just one personality makes no sense. It was known to help keep the peace but then one faction was in rule of the government. The writing style was great it just did not capture the true idea of what a utopia society should be like.

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Post by atonykamau » 27 Mar 2018, 09:23

I really didn't like the story because I found the plot difficult to understand

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Post by Helen_Combe » 29 Mar 2018, 14:55

I enjoyed the book, mainly for the sexual tension between Tris and Four.
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Post by Lornasandra36 » 29 May 2018, 00:54

A really easy and addictive read!
Divergent is packed with action, anticipation and emotion, and I really throughly enjoyed reading it. A little bit easier than my normal reads, but still just as great!

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Post by BookishCoffeeBlog » 10 Jun 2018, 22:38

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Divergent. It was one of those books that kept my interest throughout. I was constantly wanting to read it, and I finished it in only a couple of days. I think the characters and world were so intricate and well-developed. Overall, the plot was interesting and unique, and the book is in one of my favorite genres, dystopian.

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Post by holsam_87 » 22 Jun 2018, 01:26

Divergent is an interesting take on what the future could hold. I hope that things never come to need factions because that would be a bleak future.
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Joy lily
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Post by Joy lily » 29 Jun 2018, 00:29

I loved divergent.. The different factions make me excited.. I also want to live like dauntless !!! The dauntless wak pretty cool.. I love how they choose their fath but too bad that they have to separate with their family.. family should not be apart althought they have different faction.. that's will make their family perfect for each other..

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Post by Samantha2442 » 02 Jul 2018, 18:45

Divergent is still one of my favourite books, and I've reread the book multiple times. I think Veronica Roth's writing is quite well done, and manages to carry on the plot nicely, while still allowing Tris to have personal characteristics and thoughts. The idea of Dauntless intrigued me right from the start as well, I like the idea of being brave, and how that doesn't necessarily mean large things, but can just mean standing up for someone else who is unable to. At the same time however, I think it's a great message that not everyone necessarily needs to fit into a category, and can be defined by more than one thing.

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Post by AmySmiles » 23 Aug 2018, 14:46

I rate it 4 stars, I thought it was excellent and well written. I really enjoyed it.
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Post by sarbearah » 02 Sep 2018, 17:42

I rate it 3 out of 4 stars. I thought it was a strong beginning for a series. I loved the idea of factions and people getting to choose what "personality trait" they thought was most important for a society. I reread this book often. :)

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