Allegiant - Potential SPOILERS

Discuss the June 2014 book of the month Divergent by Veronica Roth. While only Divergent--the first book of the series--is the book of the month, feel free to use this subforum to discuss the rest of the series or to talk about the movies, but make sure not to post spoilers unless noted in the topic title.
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Re: Allegiant - Potential SPOILERS

Post by zjones99 » 21 Jul 2015, 22:22

I get where Roth was coming from and ending the series this way, but I think there are other ways that would have worked better. I mean it was really cool and I really loved it at the time. Now that I think back on it I am kind of left with questions and wondering if that was really the ending she should have gone with.

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Post by ashley_claire » 22 Jul 2015, 06:47

By the end of the book, frankly I really didn't even care about Tris anymore so I had no feelings about her death. I actually think the movies are doing her character much more justice than the books and I'm excited about where the next movie is heading. As for the explanation for the factions and beyond the wall, it could not have been less interesting. I feel like Roth was at the point where she just needed to wrap up some loose ends and that was the only motivation for writing.

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Post by courtney8847 » 08 Sep 2015, 21:49

I have to say I wasn't really fond of the ending. *spoiler* Some author's can kill of characters and have you feel sad at the end, but still be happy with the overall book. I think killing off the main character is just a poor move in any book.

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Post by courtney8847 » 08 Sep 2015, 21:49

I have to say I wasn't really fond of the ending. *spoiler* Some author's can kill of characters and have you feel sad at the end, but still be happy with the overall book. I think killing off the main character is just a poor move in any book.

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Post by courtney8847 » 08 Sep 2015, 21:49

I have to say I wasn't really fond of the ending. *spoiler* Some author's can kill of characters and have you feel sad at the end, but still be happy with the overall book. I think killing off the main character is just a poor move in any book.

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Post by Morgan_Malone » 23 Sep 2015, 03:55

I wasn't particularly happy about the ending. I understand why the series ended that way and all it was supposed to symbolize, but that doesn't mean that reading that ending was easy :cry:
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Post by jstrem15 » 08 Mar 2016, 16:44


This may not be the popular view on this book but it is how I viewed the book. Allegiant is the final book in the Divergent Series. While the first two books in this series were page turners, the last book did not meet expectations for a couple of reasons. First, this book was the only one that switched back and forth from Tris to Four's point of view. Second, this book did not maintain the characterization that had been developed in the previous two books. Both of these facts decreased the overall enjoyment of the book.

While many books can pull of telling the same story from several points of view, this book did not do a good job. The reason it did not work is based on the similarity of the characters in this book. Many times it was not immediately evident which point of view was taking place. If the characters were as different as they were portrayed in the previous two books, it would have been more successful.

Four (Tobias) seemed to be a completely different character from the character portrayed in the first two books. In the first two books, Four was the rational one of the two main characters. In the third book, the author seems to have taken majority of the rationality away. Four is suddenly acting on complete impulse and making poor choice after poor choice. Tris' character also is portrayed differently in the third book. She is suddenly the rational one, making hard but right decisions. While this is different than the previous two books, the argument could be made that she simply developed since the previous two books into a more mature character. I do not think the same can be said for Four's character. It is uncommon for characters to regress to a form that has never been experienced within the same series.


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Post by Sarah_Khan » 08 Mar 2016, 19:26

I really liked this series and specially the last book. I'm not sure how I feel about the ending though. I mean I'm not thrilled about how it ended but I don't see another way the author could've ended the series without it being just like every other YA novel with that theme. I actually liked that the ending brought some much needed emotion into the series.

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Post by alexandrajim » 17 Jun 2016, 19:20

Allegiant is the last book in the Divergent series.

This book ruined the entire series for me.

To briefly explain, I enjoyed Divergent. It was different, good. I only read it because I heard it was becoming a movie, but it was still something I had enjoyed. It was worth my money and my time. So I read Insurgent. What was so great about the first book sort of dwindled in the second. I started to not like the main character so much. I felt there were issues with the idea of the Divergent series all together. But when I start a series, I finish a series. So I read Allegiant.

I really shouldn't have.

At the end of the second book we find out about what's going on behind the fence.


This idea has been brewing for two books now. I would assume that it would be something crazy. I hadn't expected a zombie apocalypse or anything truly outrageous, but I had expected something.

Not the entire Divergent concept meaning having pure genes or being genetically damaged.

The people behind the fence. The Bureau of Genetic Welfare. They made all of them. It was an experiment.
"A few centuries ago, the government of this country became interested in enforcing certain desirable behaviors in its citizens. There had been studies that indicated that violent tendencies could be partially traced to a person's genes-a gene called 'the murder gene' was the first of these, but there were quite a few more, genetic predispositions toward cowardice, dishonesty, low intelligence-all the qualities, in other words, that ultimately contribute to a broken society."

Okay. No.

To base the last book of a series around being genetically pure or damaged makes no sense.

It left more questions that answers, it made for a slow moving book when two books before it included a lot of action, and unnecessary drama between the main characters. It's the let down of all let downs.



Tris was frustrating.

That's the nicest way I can put it.

She's the perfect experiment. What the Bureau wanted when they set out on their meddling. She is all the factions and she's great and blah. I lost interest in Tris' story in Insurgent. She shoots Will - her friend - in book one. She then can't hold a gun in book two. Cuts off her hair. Becomes reckless. She became unlikable. She needed to get over her issues and move on. She's a soldier. In this book I just didn't care. There was nothing to care about.

There were no stakes until the last part of the book.

Tobias (Four)

I hated him in this book.

He was whiney and annoying and I didn't like it.

Four is supposed to be badass. Only has four fears, he's a teacher, and a warrior. He's a fighter. In this book, he finds out he is genetically damaged. He then crumbles. He thinks all that matters is that he's not perfect like Tris is.

He's limited.

I get it was put in there for him to realize it doesn't matter about what people say he is, but how he actually is.

But it took an infuriatingly long time for him to get there.

Tris and Tobias:

I hated Tris and Four’s relationship.

Half the time they were arguing with each other and the other half they were just ignoring each other. I’ve always thought their relationship was a mess, but this book really displayed the issues of their relationship.

They can never agree with the other.

The Ending:

I hadn't expected the ending. I did not see it coming. Which, I don’t perceive as a good thing. I didn’t see it coming, because it was literally the worst thing an author could do in a book. It made no sense to the story.

It ruined the entire series for me.

Lead Up to the End:

In being around the Bureau, Tris finds out there's a plot brewing.

The Bureau wants to wipe everyone's memory in Chicago.

So instead, Tris decides to get the memory serum to erase everyone's mind in the Bureau of ever creating genetically pure and genetically damaged people in the first place.

Even though every character in the book finds it wrong to wipe everyone's memory in Chicago, they decide to just turn around and do it to the Bureau. Tris repeatedly justifies herself by saying that they’re doing it for “better” reasons.


So they have to get the serum, but to do that, they have to get past death serum.

Which will you know, kill them.

So they offer up Caleb, because why not? Because he just did a terrible thing and deserves to die for it. So Caleb decides he’ll do it as long as Tris forgives him. So she "forgives" him.

Everything’s getting ready, Tris goes to shoot everything up. Four goes to Chicago to get ready to wipe one of his parents memory’s in case everything goes to hell on Tris’ side. But of course, last minute, Tris being the hero she is, decides to take Caleb’s place and get past the death serum instead. Which of course, she does.

Because she’s Tris and she’s just so awesome and Divergent.

So she gets into the room and what happens?

Oh yeah, that’s right. She gets shot by a guy in a wheelchair.

Lets just go back a few books. Tris has made it past - shot wounds, simulations, truth serum, advanced serums, and a death serum - and how does she die? She dies by getting shot by a guy in a wheelchair, multiple times.

Without even considering that, the fact that Roth thought that killing Tris off was a good idea appalls me.

The worse thing an author could do is kill off a main character. I would possibly understand it better, if Tris died in a justifiable way and for a justifiable reason. But she didn’t. Nothing was solved, nothing.


Everything in this book pissed me off.

I especially hated having to listen to Four’s emotional tirade after Tris dies.

He's this huge ball of guilt and walked around wanting to erase his memories because it hurt so bad.


Weak plot, which wasn't fully fleshed out. Annoying characters who did things for no reason. Death of a main character who didn't need to die but was killed anyway. The entire book was a mess.


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Post by Clifora » 24 Jul 2016, 03:11

I absolutely loved the ending of Allegiant. Usually, stories always have a happy ending, like a fairytale. The heroine and hero always live happily ever after. It is so common that nearly all the endings of every book I've read was predictable. Problems are always solved and they live a perfect life.
However, for Allegiant, there wasn't that 'happy ever after' ending. Although the ending got me all teary, I like how it's not so 'cliché' as some other books.
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Post by fari30 » 10 Aug 2016, 10:50

I was spoiled the week it came out and put off reading it for a year. However, when I did read it, I found it to be immensely slow and boring and the writing really bothered me. All in all, didn't like it at all.
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Post by Mallory Whitaker » 15 Dec 2017, 16:31

Dani226 wrote:
24 Oct 2013, 10:37
I am not going to post any spoilers, but wanted to warn people just in case something came up in another post. Has anyone read it yet? I just finished and I think my heart is still aching :cry: . Although it wasn't exaclty what I was expecting, I did think it was an amazing ending to an overall amazing story. Sometimes, when things are wrapped up in a neat little bow, it can make the story seem less important somehow. I think there were important lessons to be learned about bravery, sacrifice, and love, and I think Veronica Roth did a brilliant job!
I agree, I think it can be way more annoying when things are tied up way too neatly. It just doesn't seem realistic. I also think this was a great ending because it stayed true to Tris's character. I wasn't surprised in the least that this was how she'd want things to end. I also read in another post that it helps solidify Four's development and I really agree with that too.
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Post by BookishCoffeeBlog » 10 Jun 2018, 16:20

If I am being honest, I was not the biggest fan of the ending. I thought that it felt a little unnecessary and I didn't like how many of the characters were acting around the situation.

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Post by holsam_87 » 22 Jun 2018, 01:30

The ending made me sad. All that work for a bleak outcome.
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Post by Taekwondoqueen » 13 Aug 2018, 21:51

I agree with you on that. I do wish that there was a different ending to this book rather than just killing everybody off. I think that Veronica Roth was way too eager to kill everybody off and have that be it. I did enjoy reading this book and I did not expect any of what came.

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