Official Review: Treasure of the magical mine moppets

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Official Review: Treasure of the magical mine moppets

Post by LivreAmour217 » 12 Sep 2018, 13:03

[Following is an official review of "Treasure of the magical mine moppets" by KJ Blocker.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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KJ Blocker's Treasure of the Magical Mine Moppets is a whimsical children's story that teaches the importance of family, friendship, and kindness. The story begins with Tom Powers, a farmer who hopes to end world hunger with Ubercorn, which grows like a forest on the Powers' Farm. Tom cares deeply for his wife, Mary Ann, and their son, Jimmy, but they tend to get lost amidst Tom's big plans for his crop.

When Tom's estranged father, Pappy, suddenly reenters his life, Tom finds himself caught up in a personal vendetta against Pappy held by Mr. Withers, the conniving president of the local bank. To settle an old score, Mr. Withers intends to repossess both Tom's farm and Pappy's salt mine, the latter of which is home to a host of magical beings known as the Mine Moppets. With the Moppets' help, can the Powers family pull together and take down the greedy Mr. Withers?

Treasure of the Magical Mine Moppets is a charming story that is suited perfectly for elementary school children. Reading this book felt reminiscent of childhood favorites such as Charlotte's Web, and I believe that it would be a perfect choice for a bedtime story or classroom read-along. The plot is simple and straightforward, but also detailed enough to spark the reader's curiosity and garner genuine concern for the main characters and their outcomes.

This book also contains some valuable lessons for children, such as the importance of honesty and treating others well. The significance of personal decision-making is also well demonstrated within Tom, Pappy, and Mr. Withers. Each character grapples with life's disappointments in his own way, and their choices ultimately determine whether or not they are able to overcome their respective challenges.

The book is well written as a whole, and contains only a few errors that could be easily corrected. The style of writing and the vocabulary are best suited for elementary school children in third through fifth grade. Children in Kindergarten through second grade would best appreciate the story with the help of a teacher or parent.

I have only one minor criticism of this book, which is that it would benefit from the addition of a few more pictures. The illustrations within are lovely and tie in well with the story itself, but they are sparse and don't include all of the characters. A few more illustrations would provide a more complete feel to the book and enhance the overall enjoyment of the story.

Treasure of the Magical Mine Moppets is a wonderful children's book, and I award it 4 out of 4 stars. I would recommend this book to parents and teachers who wish to share a story that is meaningful, yet simple and fun, with their children or students.

Treasure of the magical mine moppets
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Post by Debjani Ghosh » 13 Sep 2018, 01:44

This seems like an apt book for young children. However, I am not the target audience for this book. Thanks for the review!

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Post by kandscreeley » 13 Sep 2018, 08:08

It's really too bad there aren't more illustrations as the cover is lovely. Still, it sounds like a great story, very enjoyable for the age group. Thanks for a lovely review. I'm pretty far out of the target range, but books like this are still enjoyable from time to time.
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Post by 420waystoreachthesun » 14 Sep 2018, 20:52

I really like the idea behind this book. Thank you for this review.

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Post by Oulababe » 16 Sep 2018, 02:21

I love children's book that contain important lessons like this one. Children need to know the importance of being honest.

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Post by daydreaming reader » 23 Sep 2018, 20:04

This book sounds like a great read for kids. Thank you for your review.
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Post by Kareka88 » 26 Sep 2018, 16:27

Thank you for your review. This sounds like a very whimsical story and would be great for young people as well as those who may, at times, feel like a young person.
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Post by Juliana_Isabella » 04 Apr 2019, 18:15

Thanks for the review. This story reminds me of the plot of the new Mary Poppins movie, which I enjoyed, so I might try this book.

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Post by gali » 27 Apr 2019, 08:21

A YA adventure revolving around a magical world where corn grows high and magical creatures live underground sounds delightful. I loved Charlotte's Web, so it is good to know this book is just as good. That it contains valuable lessons and well edited is another plus. Too bad there weren't enough illustrations. I am not target audience, but I am glad you enjoyed the book. Thank you for the review!
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Post by Bluebird03 » 27 Apr 2019, 08:36

This does sound like a charming story, and I'm glad that it includes some of life's valuable lessons. The good editing is a bonus. Thank you for your very interesting review!

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Post by juliusotieno02 » 27 Apr 2019, 08:39

Children's book isn't part of my genre,but this one reminds me of the good old days when i used to enjoy bedside stories. The review isn't detailed enough though.
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Post by Theresam » 27 Apr 2019, 08:40

This sounds like a great YA book. The story contains life lessons and the illustrations really add to the story. Thank you for the interesting and informative review.

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Post by aolayide » 27 Apr 2019, 08:41

"Treasure of the magical mine moppets" by KJ Blocker sounds interesting and full of lessons for the kids. Although kids would have loved more captivating illustrations if it were included, still, it is full of good morals.

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Post by ObsessedBookNerd » 27 Apr 2019, 08:45

Based on the review I am not sure if this book is something that I would enjoy reading. I like reading children's books. I don't like how it was compared to Charlotte's Web because I didn't like that book. I also am not very interested in the story. I think that I will pass on reading this book.

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Post by Sumbule1 » 27 Apr 2019, 08:47

For me, the story is really enthusiastic and interesting, I wish to dedicate this novel to family that is seeking new settlement and young children on how to be kind and generous. Hope is the best book of the day.

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