Official Review: Beyond the Fire by Dewayne A. Jackson

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Re: Official Review: Beyond the Fire by Dewayne A. Jackson

Post by klwoodford » 25 Jul 2018, 23:25

This is a really helpful review, thank you for that! Christian Fiction does not interest me, but I appreciate that you enjoyed and would recommend it. Thank you for the great review!

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Post by Disneyland » 25 Jul 2018, 23:49

'Official Review: Beyond the Fire by Dewayne A. Jackson', is systematic, informative and critical! It does not leave out the main matter of the book!

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Post by Espie » 26 Jul 2018, 00:07

Thank you for such an honest yet objective review.

Belief in God is mostly through faith and "not by sight," which could account for how the character changes were presented in this piece. It is with the same line of thinking that I could also understand why this piece became your favourite even if it didn't meet conventional plot and character development standards enough to warrant your perfect review grade.
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Post by Sarah Tariq » 26 Jul 2018, 00:17

The story is quite intriguing and interesting. Though I am not interested in this genre. However its fans would enjoy it.
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Mungai wilson
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Post by Mungai wilson » 26 Jul 2018, 00:21

Its such an interesting review for a fictional book.what scared me is the big size of the book with many characters in it. I recommend this book to the fast readers.congrats for making it to book if the day

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Post by joycechitwa » 26 Jul 2018, 00:21

Thanks for this review of a Christian trilogy set in an imaginary land called Amity. It's a good read for Christian believers seeking to strengthen their faith; and also appreciate the challenges posed in having to defend your faith during turbulent times. Good does triumphs over evil eventually, so for lovers of happy endings, there's a treat in there just for you. Thank you for this!

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Post by Shrabastee » 26 Jul 2018, 00:26

This sounds like a great book and I would have probably loved the plot and the myriad of characters, but Christian fictions are simply not my cup of tea! I hope other readers will enjoy it.

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JM Hill
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Post by JM Hill » 26 Jul 2018, 00:35

Thank you for your review and what I considered fair warnings. I am not a religious person and I don't think I would adapt well to a story where a particular faith was core. I also get bored very easily when characters aren't well developed and it sounds like there are just too many characters in this book for that to have been possible. I think I will definitely have to pass on this BOTD.
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Post by Asagba90 » 26 Jul 2018, 00:37

Very good review and insight but this book is not for me because I love thing that can be logical explained beyond the intervention of a supernatural being.

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Post by fzab88 » 26 Jul 2018, 00:38

Being a Christian of strong believes I'd like to engage my reading into other Christian believes as well. It seems long and has many characters but I'd give it a read. Thank you for the review. It's detailed and makes one want to know the details written.

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Post by dragonet07 » 26 Jul 2018, 00:38

While I'm agnostic, I don't entirely mind Christian fiction so long as it's well written and well developed. You've certainly made this book sound exciting, but the character development sounds like it could be better and the way in which prayer and religious conversion are used seems a bit off-putting. I won't entirely write it off but, considering it's so long, I think I'll wait and give it a try some other time. Thank you for the very helpful review.
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Post by Ever_Reading » 26 Jul 2018, 00:41

I'm glad this is the BOTD. I've been looking to read more Christian fiction and this one, albeit the negative aspects you mentioned, sounds like a good shot. Thank you for the superb review!
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Post by simplymica26 » 26 Jul 2018, 00:46

Thank you for your thorough review however this is not my cup of tea. I appreciate you enjoyed reading this book and will recommend it to my friends who have the same taste. Congratulations!

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Post by beatrice676+ » 26 Jul 2018, 00:49

Title;Beyond The Fire by Dewayne A. Jackson
the book is all about Christianity and the power of prayer, we get to see that the hearts of the characters are changed and the battles are won which may be a victory from God out of believe in the power of prayer.

harriton muhande
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Post by harriton muhande » 26 Jul 2018, 01:01

the book is very interesting with many characters , it has motivated me since most of the activities in this book are like those affecting most Africans countries . Thanks for that.

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